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Oskar Blues Death by Coconut Releases in 19.2oz Cans in July

Oskar Blues Death by Coconut

Oskar Blues Death by Coconut is being packaged this week in 19.2oz cans.

Oskar Blues Death By Coconut was first introduced during Colorado Craft Beer Week in March of 2014. The beer is a collaboration with Oskar Blue’s Jason Buehler, and Shamrock Brewing Co.’s Keith Hefley.

The base beer is an Irish porter, aged on dried coconut and dark chocolate.

Oskar Blues Death by Coconut is available in 19.2oz cans in Colorado.

Style: Porter (w/ Coconut, Dark Chocolate)
Availability: 19.2oz Cans
Release: July, 2015

Image via Oskar Blues

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Dogfish Head Higher Math, a 20th Anniverary, 20% ABV Beer

Dogfish Head Higher Math Test Batch

Dogfish Head (Milton, DE) celebrates 20 years of brewing this year. They will celebrate off-centered, and accordingly.

Rumors have been swirling about this upcoming beer, and officially confirmed in the Wall Street Journal that the Dogfish Head Higher Math is coming in October.

The base beer is a golden ale, fermented with cherries on cocoa nibs, finishing at a bold 20% alcohol by volume. The strongest beer in the the brewery’s history.

Due to it’s high ABV, that will eliminate a small list of states that Dogfish Head currently distributes to from getting the the anniversary offering. Good rule of thumb for figuring this out – if you don’t currently receive Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA, then you won’t see Dogfish Head Higher Math on your shelves.

Below, the first test batch of this behemoth was revealed this week (June 23rd). It looks like the beer will have a nice red color from the cherries.

More info to come closer to release.

Style: American Strong Ale (w/ Cherries, Cocoa Nibs)
Release: October, 2015

20% ABV

Image via Dogfish Head

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Boulevard Imperial Stout X – Aztec Chocolate Launches

Boulevard imperial Stout Aztec Chocolate

Boulevard Brewing Company (Kansas City, MO) is releasing variations of their Smokestack Series Imperial Stout this year. Imperial Stout X – Coffee has already come and gone, making way for Boulevard Imperial Stout X – Aztec Chocolate.

Boulevard Imperial Stout X – Aztec Chocolate features cinnamon, dried pasilla negro and ancho chiles, plus cacao nibs.

The second installment, Imperial Stout X – Aztec Chocolate, takes inspiration from traditional drinking chocolate referred to as Xocoatl. The ancient Aztecs held chocolate in such high regard that in addition to its place as a holy drink in ceremonies, cacao beans were a form of currency…

Boulevard Imperial Stout X – Aztec Chocolate is now available in 750ml bottles.

StyleImperial Stout (w/ Chocolat, Cinnamon, Chili Peppers.)
Availability: 750ml bottles, Draft. Limited release.
Arrival: June, 2015

11% ABV

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Terrapin Liquid Lunch Peanut Butter Jelly Porter, Side Project #25

Terrapin Liquid Lunch

Terrapin Liquid Lunch Peanut Butter Jelly Porter is the brewery’s Side Project #25. The Athens, Georgia based brewery shipped this new offering this week.

Taking a page from another peanut butter offering, Liquid Bliss, the brewing team has made your favorite lunch as a kid, boozy. We are assuming the crusts are cut off. We’re talking raspberries here people.

Cut off the crust and unwrap the flavor of this fruit centric beer. Hand crafted using real raspberries, “Liquid Lunch”  Peanut Butter Jelly Porter combines all the elements of a familiar lunch time snack.

Terrapin Liquid Lunch is now available in 22oz bottles.

Style: Porter (w/ Peanut Butter, Cocoa Nibs, Raspberries.)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft.
Release: 6/11/15 (Shipped)

7.7% ABV

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Westbrook Mexican Cake Hits Shelves Again

Westbrook Mexican Cake

Westbrook Brewing (Mt. Pleasant, SC) has a hit on their hands with Mexican Cake their first anniversary beer first released in May, 2012. The imperial stout is aged with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, and habanero peppers.

People couldn’t get enough of it, so Westbrook brought it back in 2013, alongside some barrel aged offerings.

Here in May, 2015, Westbrook Mexican Cake is in distribution, quietly (or not so quietly) hitting shelves where the brewery distributes. This is your official heads up.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Cinnamon, Habanero)
Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft. Limited Release, May each year.

10.5% ABV, 50 IBUs

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Stone Xocoveza Extra Anejo, a Quingenti Release

Stone Xocoveza Extra Anejo

Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, CA) released a collaboration – Xocoveza Mocha Stout last year. The beer was a creation of home brewer Chris Banker, who brewed with not only the Stone team, but Cerveceria Insurgente from Mexico.

Stone Xocoveza Extra Anejo will grace the brewery’s coveted Quingente Millilitre Series, a souped-up version of the original release. In addition to the cocoa, coffee, peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg that was added to Xocoveza Mocha Stout, Stone has aged this edition in both red wine barrels and tequila barrels.

The base beer is the recipe of 2014 Stone Homebrew Competition winner Chris Banker, an intensely flavorful milk stout brewed with coffee and spices to mimic the rich flavors of Mexican hot chocolate.

Stone Xocoveza Extra Anejo will be available in 500ml bottles in very limited quantities.

Style: Milk Stout (w/ CinnamonNutmegCoffeeChocolateChiliesLactose. Barrel Aged. Tequila. Wine Barrel Aged.)
Availability: 500ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

12.2% ABV

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Barrel Aged Wild Heaven Height of Civilization Now Available

Wild Heaven Height of Civilization

Wild Heaven Height of Civilization, the brewery’s barrel aged Civilization Barleywine has officially hit shelves. 

In 2014, the brewery purchased Dulce Vida Organic Tequila barrels ahead of this release. Wild Heaven Height of Civilization spent four months aging in the barrels prior to bottling.

The base beer, Wild Heaven Civilization Barleywine, brewed with dried Prussian lemons, Iranian hibiscus, tart cherries, cranberries, and cocoa nibs that have been re-hydrated in Four Roses bourbon.

Wild Heaven Height of Civilization is available in 750ml bottles for a limited time.

Style: Barleywine (w/ Lemons, Hibiscus, Cherries, Cranberries, Cocoa Nibs. Barrel Aged. Tequila.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles. Limited Release.
Release: May, 2015

12+% ABV

Below, the beer enters the barrel in late 2014. 

Wild Heaven Height of Civilization