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Tombstone Pizza creates pizza flavored beer with New Belgium

Voodoo Ranger Pizza Beer

Tombstone Pizza has teamed up with New Belgium to create a limited edition Voodoo Ranger Pizza Beer for National Pizza Day April 7th.

Tombstone Pizza is a frozen staple in freezers across America. We’ve put down hundreds over the years after a night of drinking. We’re pretty sure Tombstone knows and now wants in on the beer action too. Introducing Voodoo Ranger IPizzaA.

Yes, we have an IPA that tastes like pizza. Actually, according to Tombstone’s PR company, they tell us the beer is a New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA base, brewed with tomato powder, oregano extract and “other natural flavors.” Per the company, “this brew is a blend of all the flavors of a pizza (a crispy crust, tangy tomato sauce, savory herbs and spices, with a finishing pepperoni kick of heat.) So basically a hoppy pizza.

The finishing pepperoni kick of heat will make you reach for another slice… or another pint.

IPizzaA Beer debuts on National Pizza Day on April 7th, which is ironically not March 14 (3.14) for a very limited time for $49.99 per 4-pack in un-named select markets. If that price is too steep for you, feel free to sign up for a free 4-pack of the beer and forthcoming new Tombstone Pizza flavor here from now until launch day.

Style: IPA (w/ Tomato Powder. Oregano Powder.)
Availability: 16oz Cans. Limited Release.

Debut: 4/7/24

7% ABV