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Fort Worth, Texas

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Martin House Sour Pickle Beer is now in cans

Martin House Sour Pickle Beer

Martin House Sour Pickle Beer is back in action at the Texas brewery. This time for good.

Back in August, the Fort Worth-based brewery partnered with nearby Best Maid Pickles on a pickle/pickle collaboration. Martin House used their Salty Lady Sour Gose and incorporated Best Maid’s dill pickle brine in the brewing process. Additionally, Best Maid created a craft beer pickle modeled after Martin House’s gose.

The end result is a refreshing and pickle-y sour/salty combination that will certainly hit the spot during these hot summer days.

The brewery also has limited variants of this pickle beer, which include Bloody Mary, Xtreme Hot, Xtreme Sour.

Martin House Sour Pickle Beer is available in 12-ounce cans and draft.

Style: Gose (w/ Dill Pickle Brine)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft. Year-round Release.
Debut (Draft): August 2019

5.5% ABV

Image: Martin House

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Martin House Brewing teams up with local ice cream company

Martin House Melted Strawberry and Waffle Cone Ice Cream Ale

Martin House Brewing Melted Strawberry and Waffle Cone Ice Cream Ale releases this week in Texas.

The Fort Worth based brewery has teamed up with local Melt Ice Cream to create an ice cream inspired beer. The base beer uses strawberry puree, and crushed waffle cones.

Martin House Brewing Melted Strawberry and Waffle Cone Ice Cream Ale is available in 6-pack cans and draft starting this week.

Style: ???   (w/ Waffle Cones. Strawberries.)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Debut: Late July 2019

5.5% ABV

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The borders of hell meet in Martin House Acheron

Martin House Acheron

Martin House Acheron, the Fort Worth, Texas based brewery’s barrel-aged imperial stout, is now available in cans.

Does this beer look and sound a little death metal to you? Acheron in Ancient Greek means “River of Woe”, one of the rivers of Hades in Homer’s The Odyssey. In Dante’s Inferno, the Acheron river forms the border of Hell. Like we said… metal.

Martin House Acheron dark, burly, and boozy. The 12% alcohol by volume imperial stout is unblended, aged six months in whiskey barrels. The brewery finished it with a touch of brown sugar, balancing the bitterness and increasing the ABV.

…this 12% abv stout will satiate your sinuous desires for something bold, burly, boozy, and barbarous.

Martin House Acheron is available in 12 ounce cans, in 2-packs. Think of it as two extra ounces when compared to the traditional 22 ounce bomber.

Style: Imperial Stout (Brown Sugar. Barrel Aged. Whiskey.)
Hops: Columbus
Availability: 12oz Cans
Debut: Mid-February, 2017

12% ABV

PIC: Martin House Brewing

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Martin House Counter Clockwise Swirl now in can

Martin House Counter Clockwise Swirl

Martin House Counter Clockwise Swirl is now in cans. A perfect beer for dessert lovers.

Martin House Counter Clockwise Swirl is a blonde ale brewed with oats, as well as cacao nibs and vanilla beans. It’s a bit bigger than your average blonde ale, finishing at 8.4% ABV.

We at Martin House think there is no reason a blonde ale can’t be elevated to an alluring and enchanted treat. In true Martin House style, we’ve taken a silky smooth oatmeal blonde ale and added flavors usually found only in a dark beer. s

Martin House Counter Clockwise Swirl is available on draft and 12 ounce cans, in March only.

Style: Blonde Ale (w/ Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla Beans)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Release: March, 2016

8.4% ABV

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Martin House Collaborates with The Toadies Again [UPDATED]

Martin House Bockslider

Martin House Brewing Company is on the cusp of releasing their second collaboration with rock band, The Toadies.

Last year, the brewery released Rubberneck Red (named for their 1994 album, Rubberneck). This weekend Bockslider, will be the followup collaboration.

“We had such an amazing experience working with The Toadies last year on Rubberneck Red. The partnership soon turned into a friendship and we are honored to do it again this year. We found inspiration for Bockslider when we saw Vaden drinking another Texas-made bock beer after last-years batches of Rubberneck Red were all sold-out.

Martin House Bockslider is a spring bock, an easy drinking, lightly hopped beer. Toadies and Martin House will host a Bockslider Beer Launch on Sunday April 26th at Martin House Brewery in Fort Worth. The Toadies will be on hand to play a full set outside the brewery.

Cans of Martin House Bockslider are now on shelves in June, 2015

Image via Martin House

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Martin House Kafkaesque, An Ambitious Beer

Martin House Brewing Co. is releasing a new seasonal that they have dubbed the “most ambitious and confounding beer” they’ve ever produced. This is Martin House Kafkaesque.

To make sense of the beer, you need to understand Franz Kafka. Most well known for works like Metamorphosis, and The Trial, a lot of his works carry themes of alienation, and psychological brutality. The existential writer’s stories are chaotic, and sometimes takes a few readings to really understand his approach. Makes a bit of sense when you under Martin House’s new beer.

Kafkaesque is Imperial, Smoked, Black, Rye, Oaked, Raspberry IPA. Surreal, detached, confusing. Franz wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Martin House Kafkaesque will be available on January 15th, at The Pour House in Fort Worth, Texas. First tasters get the unique glass below.

Martin House Kafka Glasses

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New Cans from Martin House Brewing

Martin House Brewing (Fort Worth, TX) has released two new cans this week – River House Saison, and Pretzel Stout 

Pretzel Stout: Made with a large quantity of sourdough pretzels, this new spin on a traditional stout is as black as oil with a gradually evolving roasty and salty malt flavor. It’s almost like you are drinking a pretzel.
River House Saison: Floral, citrus, spicy notes complimenting a crisp, very dry, almost champagne-like mouth feel. It’s the perfect session beer delivering tons of flavor in a very “light” beer.
Both offering are available in 12oz cans. Those looking – see this off-premise customer map