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Martin House Kafkaesque, An Ambitious Beer

Martin House Brewing Co. is releasing a new seasonal that they have dubbed the “most¬†ambitious and confounding¬†beer” they’ve ever produced. This is Martin House Kafkaesque.

To make sense of the beer, you need to understand Franz Kafka. Most well known for works like Metamorphosis, and The Trial, a lot of his works carry themes of alienation, and psychological brutality. The existential writer’s stories are chaotic, and sometimes takes a few readings to really understand his approach. Makes a bit of sense when you under Martin House’s new beer.

Kafkaesque is Imperial, Smoked, Black, Rye, Oaked, Raspberry IPA. Surreal, detached, confusing. Franz wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Martin House Kafkaesque will be available on January 15th, at The Pour House in Fort Worth, Texas. First tasters get the unique glass below.

Martin House Kafka Glasses

One thought on “Martin House Kafkaesque, An Ambitious Beer

  1. A bit of overkill, imho.

    Doublesmoked in upturned bottles. Infused with apricot-rhubarb puree. Lost and found. Blessed by all the existing religions. Sold once a year for 3 hours in a remote location disclosed 2 hours prior to the event only to the special lottery winners.

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