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Guinness Irish Wheat launches in Brewer’s Project Series

Guinness Irish Wheat bottle

Guinness Irish Wheat is available nationally this month, part of the brewery’s ongoing Brewer’s Project Series.

A departure from the stout that is synonymous with the name Guinness, the lineup has been home to Rye Pale Ale, and Antwerpen Stout recently.

The recipe is mainly comprised wheat harvested from the southern part of Ireland, plus a touch of stout malt. Guinness Irish Wheat and their Stout share the same yeast. The Irish Wheat is fermented at a higher temperature, which gives off clove and banana esters.

Guinness brewer Jasmin Winterer originally hails from Germany, home of the hefeweizen. The style is very prevalent in her creation; full of citrus and banana.

 “I wanted to help create the best wheat beer outside of Germany,” The style is familiar, but if you look closer, you’ll see how we made it distinctly Guinness – this beer uses 100% wheat sourced in Ireland and the very same yeast that goes into our world famous stout.” Jasmin Winterer, Guinness Brewer

Guinness Irish Wheat can be found nationally starting in April, in 11.2 ounce, six pack bottles. ERP $9.99.

Style: Wheat Ale
Hops: Mount Hood, Amarillo
Malt: Irish Wheat, Stout Malt

Availability: 11.2oz Bottles
Debut: April, 2017

5.3% ABV, 21 IBUs

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Raspberries & strawberries. Jackalope Brewing Lovebird is back in cans

Jackalope Brewing Lovebird

Jackalope Brewing Lovebird, a limited release hefeweizen, has been canned once again.

Creating Lovebird requires nearly 200 pounds of strawberries, and raspberries. Perfect for drinking in rounds of two, or with someone you love.

The fruit adds a tartness and berry aroma, as well as a slightly pink color to the brew.

Jackalope Brewing Lovebird is available in limited quantities around Nashville, Tennessee in 12 ounce cans, and draft.

Style: Hefeweizen (w/ Strawberries, Raspberries)
Availability: 12oz Cans. Limited Release
Latest Return: Late March, 2017

4.4% ABV, 12 IBUs

Image: Jackalope Brewing

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SweetWater Grass Monkey hits shelves in February

SweetWater Grass Monkey 6pack

SweetWater Grass Monkey is a new seasonal on deck from the Atlanta, Georgia based brewery.

The brewery recently released Squeeze Box, a follow-up to this summer’s extremely popular seasonal release – Goin’ Coastal (brewed with pineapple). Coming soon – SweetWater Grass Monkey, a wheat ale.

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The early spring seasonal features a base wheat ale brewed with lemongrass, plus a healthy dose of Lemondrop hops in both the boil and dry hop phases of the brewing process. According to the brewery, the light malt bill allows the piney, grassy, and lemon flavors shine.

Spring got sprung with this funky monkey. We dropped a big stash of Lemondrop hops into both the kettle and the dry hop – delivering a big citrus blast – and topped it off with a Lemongrass addition for a refreshing twist. Light in body with bright citrus notes, this is an extremely complex but very easy drinking brew.

SweetWater Grass Monkey will be available in both 12 ounce and 16 ounce cans, as well as draft until April, 2017.

Style: Wheat Ale (w/ Lemongrass)
Hops: Lemondrop
Malts: 2 Row, Wheat

Availability: 12oz, 16oz Cans, 12oz Bottles, Draft. 
 February, 2017

5.4% ABV

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Samuel Adams Hopscape debuts

Samuel Adams Hopscape

Samuel Adams Hopscape, a hoppy American wheat ale slated for January, is hitting shelves.

The Boston, Massachusetts based brewery has two new seasonals headed to shelves over the next few months. The first – Hopscape. The base beer is an American wheat ale, brewed with four bold and juicy hops – Chinook, Centennial, Zeus, and Citra. The result is a soft wheat ale, with strong notes of pine and citrus.

The citrusy, piney, and resinous notes that the hops contribute to Samuel Adams Hopscape make it the perfect pairing for spicy foods, while its crisp wheat character balances the spice. 

Samuel Adams Hopscape will be available starting in January in 12 ounce bottles, cans and draft.

Style: Wheat Ale
Hops: Chinook, Citra, Centennial, Zeus

Availability: 12oz Bottles, 12oz Cans. Draft. Seasonal Release.
Debut: January, 2016.

5.5% ABV, 30 IBUs

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Lagunitas Fandom Ale available nationwide at Buffalo Wild Wings

Lagunitas Fandom Ale

Lagunitas Fandom Ale is available at Buffalo Wild Wings locations across the country. This wheat ale marks the 39th release of the “Fusion” craft beers series from Lagunitas. Fandom Ale will be the first offering in the series to be distributed nationwide.

Lagunitas designed Fandom Ale, a hoppy pale wheat ale, as a sessionable option for the avid sports fan.

Fandom Ale is the 39th of our ‘Fusion’ craft beers, a special series in which we brew unique recipes in batches with very special limited releases that reflect a true fusion of the creativity and ideas of our brand. We worked to come up with something approachable, interesting and fun for sports fans.” -Karen Hamilton

The beer developed after multiple surveys of Buffalo Wild Wings guests indicated their fan favorites are easy-drinking, full flavored, wheat beers and pale ales. Lagunitas describes Fandom Ale as a fusion of wheat beer and pale ale, with a subtle citrus aroma, and flavor that pairs well with Buffalo Wild Wings hot sauces and spices.

You can find Lagunitas Fandom Ale in over 1,200 Buffalo Wild Wings locations nationwide for a limited time, as well as various bars within typical Lagunitas distribution.

Style: Wheat Ale
Limited time, Buffallo Wild Wings  
November 2016

5.5% ABV

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Hi-Wire Pink Drink coming to cans this month

Hi-Wire Pink Drink

Hi-Wire Pink Drink, a fan favorite, has now been canned.

Previously on draft, Hi Wire Pink Drink is a kettle soured wheat ale brewed with lemongrass and raspberries. The end result is a pink beer, thanks to the berries (the brewery mentions pink lemonade).

…an ultra crushable tart whe at ale with lemongrass & raspberries; simple, refreshing, & pink.

Hi-Wire Pink Drink will debut at the brewery’s South Slope location on September 9th in 16 ounce cans. Limited distribution to follow.

Style: Wheat Ale (w/ Raspberries, Lemongrass)
Availability: 16oz Cans, Draft.
Debut: 9/9/16

4.2% ABV

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Reformation Brewery Lark, brewed with prickly pear

Reformation Brewery Lark

Reformation Brewery Lark is shipping this week – a new draft only entry in the brewery’s Adventure Series.

Lark is a wheat beer, featuring prickly pear nectar introduced post fermentation. The nectar comes from Arizona Cactus Ranch, a 100 year old cattle range.

“We’re celebrating humor and invention with this beer,” says CEO Spencer Nix. “It was made on a lark for our Keeping Room as an in­house draft Pioneer. It was well received, so we decided to share the gift with a market release.”

Reformation Brewery Lark is a draft only offering, for the month of July.

Style: Wheat Beer (w/ Prickly Pear)
Availability: Draft only
Debut: July, 2016

4.8% ABV

Image: Reformation Brewery