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Magic Hat, A Hollywood Scream, A Pumpkin Ale

Magic Hat Wilhelm Scream Pumpkin Ale

Summer isn’t here yet, but consider this a heads up for fall. (Or late summer when pumpkin ales hit shelves.)

Magic Hat Brewing is working up a fall offering, Wilhelm Scream Pumpkin Ale. The name “Wilhelm Scream” refers to a Hollywood sound effect that has been used in more than 200 movies over the last 70 years. (Including Star Wars.) Watch the compilation below, you’ll know it.

Due to be packaged in 12oz bottles and draft.

Style: Pumpkin Ale
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft
Arrival: TBA

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Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Could Shift To 12oz

Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin

Nothing is ever official until the brewery announces it. Remember that, always.

Shipyard Brewing has two pumpkin offerings released every year - Pumpkinhead and Smashed Pumpkin. Recently, the brewery added Pumpkinhead in cans, for fall drinking portability. There was also a Barrel Aged Smashed Pumpkin released recently.

It looks like the imperial pumpkin edition, Smashed Pumpkin could also be available later this year in 12oz bottles too. No word on the fate of the 22oz option.

Style: Imperial Pumpkin Ale
Availability: 22oz Bottles. Fall Seasonal (Currently)

9% ABV

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Duclaw Unleashes Pumpkin Retribution on Halloween

DuClaw Pumpkin Retribution

Duclaw Brewing (Maryland) is ready to release a Halloween edition of their sought after barrel aged beer, Retribution. Pumpkin Retribution drops on October 31st.

The base is the 11.5% ABV imperial stout aged in bourbon. It has been sitting in oak barrels flavored with pumpkin spice for six months.

Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with rich aromas of espresso and dark chocolate, and smooth roasted malt flavor, aged for 6 months in charred oak bourbon barrels with pumpkin spice to add the natural vanilla and caramelized sugar flavors of the wood, and the cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger essence of the spice to the beer.

On tap at Duclaw’s various locations on October 31st.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Pumpkin. Barrel Aged. Bourbon)
Availability: Draft only. October 31st

11.5% ABV


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Brewer’s Alley Oh My Gourd! 10/29

Brewer's Alley Logo

Brewer’s Alley will release Oh My Gourd! Pumpkin Ale on Tuesday, October 29th.

Brewed with more than 500 pounds of locally grown butternut squash and beautifully spiced, Oh My Gourd! Pumpkin Ale is a wonderful addition to this festive season.

Style: Pumpkin Beer
Availability: Draft. Fall seasonal

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Mother’s Chocolate Pumpkin Released

Mothers Squashed Chocolate Pumpkin Porter

Today, Mother’s Brewing Company will release their second pumpkin beer, Squashed, into the Springfield market. This beer has only been seen in the tap room before now, and never in package.

The beer base is a porter, brewed with cocoa nibs, pumpkin pie spices, locally grown butternut squash and pumpkins and aged in rum barrels.

“We love pumpkin beers and really wanted to make this beer again,” said Jeremy Wicks, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Squashed is complex and yet extremely balanced. We’re really excited to get this beer out into the market for our fans to enjoy.”

Style: Pumpkin Beer (w/ Cocoa Nibs, Squash. Barrel Aged. Rum.)
Availability: 22oz bombers. Limited draft. Seasonal release.

7.4% ABV,  28 IBUs

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The Beloved Saint Arnold Pumpkinator Returns 10/14

Saint Arnold Pump Release

The very sought after Saint Arnold Pumpkinator will be released again on October 14th. The imperial pumpkin ale sells out just as fast as it arrives.

22oz bombers hit retailers on the 14th, with kegs hitting bars that week. Check #Pumpkinator on Twitter to find out where. (If you are lucky enough to live close enough to the distro area.)

Style: Pumpkin Beer (MolassesBrown Sugar, Spices)
Hops: Cascade, Liberty
Malts: Caramel, Two Row, Black,
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft. Fall seasonal

10% ABV

Fun Fact: The amount of pumpkin in Pumpkinator could make 437 Pumpkin Pies.


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Southern Tier’s Newest Pumpkin Offering Arrives

Southern Tier Warlock

Southern Tier’s second pumpkin offering of the season is hitting shelves. Pumking, easily one of the most talked about pumpkin beers in craft beer came out in July.

Warlock compliments Pumking, as an imperial stout brewed with pumpkin. It boasts a big roasted malt flavor and aromas of pumpkin pie. Limited offering in 22′s and draft.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Pumpkin)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft. Fall Seasonal

8.6% ABV