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Terrapin Moo-HooChiato Joining Coveted Series

Terrapin Moo-HooChiato

Terrapin Beer Company’s (Athens, GA) fourth offering in their Reserve Series will be Moo-HooChiato, a chocolate espresso milk stout.

For this release, brewery co-founder Spike took a new approach on the brewery’s chocolate milk stout, Moo-Hoo. Moo-Hoo features cocoa nibs from Olive and Sinclair in Nashville, Tennessee. The nibs, along with the addition of Jittery Joe’s Coffee (the same found in W-n-B) will surely make Terrapin fans drool.

Like your favorite cup of Cafe Mocha, Moo-HooChiato “Chocolate Espresso Milk Stout” put you in the right state of mind. take in the aroma of expertly roasted espresso from Jittery Joe’s and let your taste buds melt into the flavor of Olive & Sinclair’s award winning chocolate. Brewed with lactose sugar for a creamy mouth feel and a touch of sweetness, this is a Barista’s wish come true. 

In the Beer Street Journal video below, you’ll see Spike talk about recent release Imperial Pumpkin Porter, plus hint at the next couple of Special Reserve Series releases.

Style: Milk Stout (w/ Coffee, Chocolate)
Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft. Limited Release.
Arrival: TBA

6.1% ABV

Terrapin Imperial Pumpkin Porter Joins Reserve Series from on Vimeo.

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Cult Classic Avery “Tweak” To Be Bottled

Avery Tweak

Avery Brewing’s Tweak, you might know by another name -Meph Addict. The name (referencing Mephistopheles) was changed because it sounded a little too close to a recreational drug you hopefully have never used. (Read the label description.)

Tweak is Avery Mephistopheles Imperial Stout, with a chunk of coffee thrown in. If you haven’t geeked out enough, the brewery aged in four months in bourbon barrels.

Our very own Parker, of the cartoon cat loving variety, created this cult classic character back in our 17th season. Appearing in several episodes under another stage name that was deemed inappropriate, our executive producers and editors decided that a name change and further character development – a 4-month hiatus in bourbon barrels – were necessary to satisfy our more ardent and demanding viewers.

Batch No. 1 of Avery Tweak will be available in 12oz bottles. Potential November, 2014 release.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Coffee. Barrel Aged. Bourbon)
Availability: 12oz bottles
Arrival: ETA November

15.5% ABV

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Shut Up Donny! Triple C “The Dude Imbibes”

Triple C The Dude Imbibes

If you’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, or trade with someone there, add this to your “need it” list. Triple C Brewing is releasing The Dude Imbibes in October.

A beer suitable for The Dude, The Dude Imbibes is an imperial milk stout, aged in rum barrels and coffee beans.

Man that rug really tied the room together. We call thls Imperial Milk Stout, The Dude or Hls Dudeness, and maybe sometimes. Butler. Its entirely aged in Rum Barrels for 6 months, and then aged on whole coffee beans, you could even call It El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. Shut up Donny.

Triple C The Dude Imbibes will be available in 22oz bottles.

Style: Imperial Milk Stout (w/ Coffee. Barrel Aged. Rum)
Availability: 22oz Bottles
Arrival: October, 2014

9.5% ABV

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Sierra Nevada Coffee Stout

Sierra Nevada Coffee Stout

A future release from Sierra Nevada (Chico, CA), Coffee Stout. The stout is brewed with cold brewed coffee.

A cup of Joe and a bold beer can thwart the winter cold, so we blended them for the ultimate warmer. Our Coffee Stout is a fusion of dark roasted malts and rich, cold-brewed coffee for layers of bittersweet, fruity, dark chocolate and caramel-like flavors.

We are currently working on release details for Sierra Nevada Coffee Stout. (i.e. 6 pack release vs. mixed packs.)

Style: Stout (w/ Coffee)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Arrival: TBA

6.9% ABV 

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Ballast Point Victory at Sea Returns Friday. Brewery Teases Year Round

Ballast Point Victory at Sea

Ballast Point Brewing Victory at Sea returns this Friday. The imperial porter is brewed with vanilla beans, and coffee. It never sticks around very long.

Our Victory at Sea Imperial Porter is a bold, smooth brew with just the right amount of sweetness. We infused this robust porter with whole vanilla beans and San Diego’s own Caffe Calabria coffee beans. The subtle roasted notes and minimal acidity of the cold brewed coffee, balances perfectly with the sweet caramel undertones of the malt, creating a winning combination for your palate.

Ballast Point Victory at Sea is available in 22oz bottles and draft. The brewery teased fans this week by saying it might become a year round offering. We can always hope.

Style: Imperial Porter (w/ Coffee, Vanilla Beans)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft. Limited Release

10% ABV

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Stone’s New Collaboration, Born from Homebrew Winner

Stone Xocoveza Mocha Stout

Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, CA) loves to collaboration. Their Collaboration Series has been quite busy in the first half of 2014.

Coming soon to the series Xocoveza Mocha Stout, a creation of Chris Banker, the Stone AHA Homebrewer AHA Homebrew Competition Winner. Since this beer is meant to mimic the flavors of Mexican coffee, the duo brought in Mexican craft brewery Cerveceria Insurgente.

Xocoveza Mocha Stout is first a milk stout, brewed with chocolate (from ChocoVivo), cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee (from Mostra Coffee) and chilies.

Look for Stone/Chris Banker/Insurgente Xocoveza Mocha Stout in 22oz bombers and draft. Release dates and distribution to follow.

Style: Milk Stout (w/ Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Coffee, Chocolate, Chilies, Lactose)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: TBA

6% ABV