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Creature Comforts Curious 6 joins lineup April 30th

Creature Comforts Curious 6

Creature Comforts Curious 6 will be available to-go during a special tour on April 30th, 2016.

This sixth edition in the Curious Series starts as another one of the brewery’s very popular releases – Emergence, that has aged on Georgia peaches. In case you are’t familiar, Emergence is an American wild ale, fermented with the brewery’s house mixed culture yeast strain, aged in wine barrels.

Creature Comforts collaborated with Fort Valley, Georgia based Pearson Farms for Curious 6, selecting fresh peaches at the perfect time in order for the fruit to really pop in this beer.

“When drinking The Curious No. 6 you can expect the aroma to be as if you’ve sunk your teeth into the best peach you’ve ever had,” said Head Brewer and Co-Founder David Stein.

Above, brewmaster Adam Beauchamp pours Beer Street Journal a preview taste of this upcoming release. The peaches really do shine in this edition. Honestly, while you could very much cellar a wild ale, maybe considering drinking this one sooner rather than later. Keep those fresh peaches on the forefront of this beer.

Creature Comforts Curious 6 is limited to just a few hundred bottles, tour release only.

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Peaches)
Availability: 500ml Bottles
Release: 4/30/16

7% ABV

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Green Flash Lustrous Frumento with Coffee kicks off new series

Green Flash Lustrous Frumento with Coffee

Green Flash Lustrous Frumento with Coffee will join a new, elite Barrelmaster’s Reserve Series on May 21st.

The Cellar 3 facility currently houses over 1000 oak barrels, including four, 50-Barrel foudres. Brewmaster Pat Korn thought it was time he dipped into his personal stash at the facility and give the public a taste. Thus, the debut of the Barrelmaster’s Reserve Series.

Green Flash Lustrous Frumento with Coffee is a 100% bourbon barrel-aged “black ale” (as Green Flash describes it), featuring coffee from San Diego based Mostra. The beans are Sumatran and and Brazilian, chosen to compliment the oak barrel-aging.

The beer has rested in the barrels for 30 months, gaining plenty of spicy oak, vanilla and caramel notes. After being deemed “ready” by the Barrelmaster himself, a beautiful cold brew coffee made from a blend of Brazilian and Sumatran beans from San Diego coffee roaster, Mostra, is added to intensify and compliment the rich caramel and vanilla from the barrels.

Green Flash Lustrous Frumento with Coffee is a limited, 750 milliliter bottle offering at the Cellar 3 Facility in San Diego on May 21st. The brewery tells Beer Street Journal that a limited amount of this beer will hit distribution.

Style: American Strong Ale (w/ Coffee. Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Release: 5/21/16

13.1% ABV

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Boulevard Love Child No. 7 now available

Boulevard Love Child No. 7

Boulevard Love Child No. 7 is hitting shelves now. The 7th interation of the brewery’s on-going wild/sour beer.

Each release is of course different, a blend of wood aged and stainless steel aged sour beer. Boulevard Love Child No. 7 is a blend of various vintages of Flanders-style our red ales.

#7 resembles more of the Love Child #4 & #5 editions, then what you tasted in #6 (which was a blonde sour base).

We reached out to Jeremy Danner, Ambassador brewer for Boulevard, asking him to describe this new release..

While it’s a return to a more familiar interpretation, I’d hesitate to make direct comparisons between earlier releases as we’re not really trying to create the exact same beer each year, rather we’re offering up a blend of what we feel is the best sour beer we have on hand at the time.

Boulevard Love Child No. 7 is a 750ml bottle offering, corked and caged.

Style: American Wild Ale (Barrel AgedWhiskeyWine Barrels)
Arrival: April, 2016

?? ABV

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Wicked Weed Dark Age, a 12% monster hits shelves

Wicked Weed Dark Age bottles

Wicked Weed Dark Age is the newest barrel-aged offering from the Asheville, North Carolina brewery. While this is the first time in bottles, this beer geek pleasing stout was one of the first beers released at WIcked’s downtown brewpub.

There have been a lot of wild and funky beers hitting the market from Wicked Weed lately. This release is a bit of a break from the funk. Dark Age is a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout. It’s big – 12.7% alcohol by volume.

Humanity’s path out of the Dark Age is one without end. This path carries us away from the mystical to the measurable, from the magical to the mathematical, and is a meticulous tale of progress from madness to method. Yet, we still find wonder in the Magic, and the extraordinary potential in the Mystery. Out of this yearning for the old ways, Dark Age Imperial Stout emerges from the whisky barrel, it’s dark malt complexity and bold, yet balanced, sweetness, softened by its mystical evolution in oak.

Wicked Weed Dark Age is a 12.7 ounce bottle offering. Hitting shelves across the brewery’s entire market now.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 500ml Bottles
Release: April, 2016

12.7% ABV

Image via Wicked Weed

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Cigar City Hapax Legomenon, one of the brewery’s most unique

Cigar City Hapax Legomenon

Cigar City Hapax Legomenon is a future release by the Tampa, Florida brewery. The brewery already has a repertoire of unique beers, but this upcoming release is pushes the boundaries a bit.

Cigar City Hapax Legomenon begans as a Belgian-style tripel ale aged in gin barrels. After some barrel time, the brewery blended in some grapefruit sour ale. The result? A one of a kind addition to the brewery’s lineup.

Hapax Legomenon refers to a word or from that occurs only once in a document. And often, it is a word that you will only find one time in an author’s entire oeuvre. For example, Shakespeare used the word “satyr” exactly once in all of his writings. This beer began as a Belgian-style tripel aged in gin barrels. After some time in barrels, we blended in some American Grapefruit Sour Ale. When it’s all said  and done, we think we can safely say that this will be the only occurrence of a gin barrel-aged Belgian-style triple blend with an American grapefruit sour ale to be found in our oeuvre.

Cigar City Hapax Legomenon will be a 750 milliliter bottle release. The brewery tells Beer Street Journal they aren’t sure how much will be released at this time.

Style: American Wild/Sour Ale (w/ Grapefruit. Barrel Aged. Gin.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Release: TBA


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Troegs Barrel Aged Flying Mouflan available again March 28th

Troegs Barrel Aged Flying Mouflan 2016

Troegs Barrel Aged Flying Mouflan Barleywine will be available once again on Monday, March 28th. The barleywine has been aged in a combination of bourbon barrels and virgin oak.

Troegs Barrel Aged Flying Mouflan Barleywine will be available to purchase in single bottles, 4-packs, and cases.

Style: Barleywine (Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 375ml Bottles
Latest Release: 3/27/16

?? ABV

Image via Troegs

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Wicked Weed Marina fruit sour joins lineup

Wicked Weed Marina

Wicked Weed Marina has joined the Asheville, North Carolina brewery’s lineup.

Marina is a blonde sour ale has been aged in wine barrels with apricots and peaches.

Wicked Weed Marina is a blonde sour ale aged in wine barrels with over one pound per gallon of peaches and apricots. The result is a delicate, hazy-gold ale with deep stone fruit character.

The brewery tells Beer Street Journal that the expanded barrel capacity is allowing this beer to be released a few times this year. Marina is a 500 milliliter bottle offering.

Bottles are available now at the brewery, distribution starts the last week of March.

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Peaches, Apricots)
Availability: 500ml bottles
Latest Return: Late March, 2016

6.5% ABV