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Deschutes looks to team up with Hair of the Dog once again

Deschutes Collage 2

Hair of the Dog finds themselves in the collaborative spirit since again in Deschutes Collage 2.

The first edition – Collage #1, debuted in May of 2012. The result of the two pacific northwest powerhouse breweries was incredible. Hair of the Dog blended their Fred and Adam beers, while Deschutes contributed Stoic and The Dissident. So much character packed in a 12 ounce bottle.

Now it looks like the brewing world will soon see the second in the series, another 100% barrel-aged ale.

Deschutes Brewery and Hair of the Dog Brewing Company bring you another artistic collage of cask-aging alchemy. This encore collaboration delivers notes of vanilla, caramel and molasses with roasted accents and complex malt character.

Deschutes Collage #2 will be a 22 ounce bottle release. Neither brewery has announced this release yet.

Style: American Strong Ale (Barrel Aged)
Availability: 22oz Bottles.
Debut: TBA

?? ABV 

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New stout cocktail: Boulevard Imperial Stout X Manhattan

Boulevard Imperial Stout X Manhattan

Boulevard Imperial Stout X Manhattan is ready to join the brewery’s Smokestack Series.

Recently, the Kansas City, Missouri based brewery expanded their well-known Smokestack Series to include a few entries with new treatments. The most recent example – Rye-on-Rye Sazerac. (Brewed to mimic the cocktail.)

Boulevard Imperial Stout X Manhattan incorporate the base imperial stout, aged in Jefferson’s Manhattan barrels, that were used age the cocktail

As a special treat for lovers of big, complex stouts, Boulevard Brewing Company offers the 2016 Imperial Stout “X” series. The “X” factor stands for key variables added to each of several different limited releases throughout the year. This batch was aged in cooperage that had been used to barrel finish Jefferson’s Manhattan cocktail, boding k an oaky/vanilla character with notes of earthy spice.

On shelves now is a sazerac inspired edition of Rye-on-Rye, also a part of the Smokestack Series.

Boulevard Imperial Stout X Manhattan is a 750 milliliter bottle release.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Barrel Aged.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Debut: Late August, 2016

14.4% ABV

Ed note: The alcohol by volume may prohibit distribution in some states. Image: Boulevard Brewing

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Carolina Bauernhaus 18 Mile Red Grand Cru bottles debuted this week

Carolina Bauernhaus 18 Mile Red Grand Cru

Carolina Bauernhaus 18 Mile Red Grand Cru bottles will be available starting this week. The Anderson, South Carolina based brewery debuted their first bottles in June.

Carolina Bauernhaus 18 Mile Red Grand Cru is the brewery’s Belgian-style red sour ale, brewed with rye malt, and aged for six months in Tempranillo barrels. The souring Lactobacillus bacteria was isolated from opuntia fruit by SouthYeast Labs in La France, South Carolina.

This is a sour red ale brewed with NC heirloom rye malt fermented and aged for six months in a single regional wine barrel. This ale has a bright acidity and is filled with dark fruit notes and an oaky character. The acidity is drawn from a strain of native lactobacillus, a blend of local yeasts, and a pair of Brettanomyces strains.

22 ounce bottles will be on sale in the brewery’s tap room starting August, 23rd.

Style: American Wild/Sour Ale (Wine Barrel Aged)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft. (Tap room)
Debut: 8/23/16

7.2% ABV

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A french aperitif creates upcoming Allagash Emile

Allagash Emile

Allagash Emile will soon grace the Portland, Maine based brewery’s small bottle series. Another wild beer with a great backstory.

The American sour/wild ale has been aging in oak foudres that once held Pineau des Charentes, a French aperitif. The drink is essentially a fortified wine that is blended with a clear brandy and matured.

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Allagash Emile (named for the man that proportedly created the sibling to cognac, is a fermented Allagash house yeast, then aged in foudres with Lactobacillus and Pediococcus.

The color of mature rosewood with ruby highlights, Emile carries the aroma of black currants and elderberries with hearty, earthy undertones. Notes of both dark chocolate and dates infuse the taste, making for a beer that’s part France, part Belgium, and all Maine.

Allagash Emile will be a 12.7 ounce bottle release. The brewery will announce a release date in the near future.

Style: American Wild/Sour Ale (Foudre Aged. Pineau des Charentes.)
Hops: Northern Brewer
Malts: 2-Row, Red Wheat, Special B, Local Oats, Midnight Wheat

Availability: 12.7oz Bottes

7.2% ABV

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Victory Java Cask Rye sounds just as amazing

Victory Java Cask Rye

Last year, Victory Brewing Company released Java Cask, a coffee bourbon-barrel aged imperial stout. It was nothing short of amazing. It picked right up where Dark Intrigue left off. Now, Victory Java Cask Rye looks to wow drinker once again.

Victory Java Cask Rye is described the same as it’s boozy predecessor, but this time featuring rye whiskey barrels.

For now, that’s all we know surrounding this release. The first was incredible, this new iteration is just as promising.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Coffee. Barrel Aged. Rye Whiskey.)

Availability: 750ml Bottles
Debut: TBA 

14.3% ABV

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Chardonnay meets monkey in Victory Sour Monkey Remix

Victory Sour Monkey Remix

Just as Victory Sour Monkey hits shelves again for the second time Victory Sour Monkey Remix surfaces, a barrel aged edition of the sour/wild ale.

The base beer for this is the very well known Victory Golden Monkey, the brewery’s Belgian-style tripel ale, brewed with Westmalle yeast. Victory Sour Monkey takes shape thanks to extended fermentation using Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus (hitting shelves again now).

Victory Sour Monkey Remix takes things a step further with Chardonnay barrel-aging.

Now usually we don’t do this, but sometimes an instant classic is just begging for a Remix. Chardonnay barrel aging puts a whole new spin on our already tastefully twisted Sour Monkey, with notes of vanilla and oak, rounding out its lemony tart tang and dry finish. Experience this exclusive, next level evolution of our beloved Golden Monkey for yourself.

Victory Sour Monkey Remix will be a 750 milliliter bottle conditioned release. The brewery has not officially announced this beer.

Style: American Wild Ale (Chardonnay Barrel Aged)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Debut: TBA

9.5% ABV

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Jester King bottles CRU 55, a “grand cru” sour red

Jester King CRU 55

Jester King CRU 55 goes on sale today at the brewery in Austin, Texas. Fair warning, there is not a lot of this one.

Back in February, 2013, at the genesis of the brewery’s spontaneous fermentation program, there was an extra 130 gallon puncheon ready to be filled. Jester King tapped RU55 Barrel Aged Sour Red Ale for the barrel.

That beer has sat in the brewery’s barrel room for three years. In February, the brewery filled 900 bottles of the aged “grand cru” edition the sour red. A rare treat.

Jester King CRU 55 is a 375 milliliter bottle offering, at the brewery starting on August 12th, 2016.

Style: American Wild/Sour Ale (Barrel Aged)
Availability: 375ml Bottles. $14/Bottle

Debut: 8/12/16

?? ABV

Image: Jester King Brewery