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Allagash St. Klippenstein (aged in bourbon) released

Allagash St. Klippenstein bottles

Allagash St. Klippenstein, a new barrel aged stout, releases today at the brewery in Portland, Maine.

The base beer is a big 11% alcohol by volume imperial stout that has beer aged in bourbon barrels. Allagash St. Klippenstein is hopped with Chinook and Northern Brewer hops.

This beer has notes of vanilla, coconut and oak.

Allagash St. Klippenstein is named for one of the brewery’s favorite made up holidays. Apparently – that day is December 16th, which means free ham in the break room (day).

Available in 750 milliliter bottles starting February 1st at the brewery, and distribution later this month.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged. Bourbon)
Hops: Chinook, Northern Brewer

Availability: 750ml Bottles
Release: February 1, 2016

11% ABV

Image via Allagash Brewing

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Avery Callipygian, Barrel-Aged #35

Avery Calliphgian Barrel-Aged Stout

Avery Callipygian Barrel-Aged Stout looks to be the 35th entry in the brewery’s on-going Barrel-Aged Series.

Bottling to occur in April, Avery Callipygian Barrel-Aged Stout features vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, cocoa, coffee, and bourbon barrel-aging.

No 35. She was twerking well before the word was in our vernacular. A true trailblazer. A mover and a shaker of monumental proportions. Our muse and inspiration for this full-bodied, bodacious , and well-rounded stout. You know we love big stouts and we cannot lie!

Avery Callipygian Barrel-Aged Stout will be a 12 ounce bottle offering. Limited as every release in the series.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Cocoa Nibs, Coffee, Vanilla Beans. Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 12oz Bottles
Release: Spring, 2016

17.1% ABV

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Avery Tweak Batch 2, January 31st

Avery Tweak 2016

Avery Brewing’s Tweak, you might know by another name –Meph Addict. The name (referencing Mephistopheles) was changed because it sounded a little too close to a recreational drug you hopefully have never used. (Read the label description.)

Avery Tweak is Mephistopheles Imperial Stout, with a chunk of coffee thrown in. If you haven’t geeked out enough, the brewery aged in four months in bourbon barrels. Batch #2 is ready to as we kick off 2016. This edition a little boozier than Batch #1 (by more than 2% ABV).

Our very own Parker, of the cartoon cat loving variety, created this cult classic character back in our 17th season. Appearing in several episodes under another stage name that was deemed inappropriate, our executive producers and editors decided that a name change and further character development – a 4-month hiatus in bourbon barrels – were necessary to satisfy our more ardent and demanding viewers.

Batch No. 2 of Avery Tweak will be available in 12oz bottles in the tap room starting January 31st, 2016.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Coffee. Barrel Aged. Bourbon)
Availability: 12oz bottles
Distribution: AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, IL, KS, KY, MA, MN, MO, NE, NJ, NM, NY, OK, PA, SC, TX, VA, WA, WI, and WY.

Return: 1/31/16

17.5% ABV

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Creature Comforts Emergence coming in February

Creature Comforts Emergence

We had a sneak peek of upcoming Creature Comforts Emergence at Atlanta’s Nuit Belge this past weekend. This beer will be the brewery’s first large bottle release of 2016.

This release is an American wild ale, that has been fermented using at least four strains of Creature Comforts house Brettanomyces yeast. The wild ale has been resting in wine barrel until it was bottled in January, 2016.

Creature Comforts Emergence will be a 750 miliiter bottle offering. The brewery has not announced the exact release date.

Style: American Wild Ale (Barrel Aged. Wine Aged.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Release: TBA

?? ABV

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Wicked Weed Oaxacan released

Wicked Weed Oaxacan

Wicked Weed Oaxacan, an amber sour ale, has been released. The beer joins the brewery’s ongoing Canvas Series.

The creation of Wicked Weed Oaxacan starts as lighter bodied amber, soured using the brewery’s house mixed culture, then aged in organic Blue Agave Tequila barrels with grapefruit and lime zest.

Once the beer was ready, it was blended again with additional grapefruit.

Distribution of Wicked Weed Oaxacan started this week across the brewery’s territory. Available in 500 milliliter bottles.

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Grapefruit, Lime Zest. Barrel Aged. Tequila)
Availability: 500ml bottles
Release: Late January, 2016

?? ABV

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New Holland Dragon’s Milk Reserve Vanilla Chai ships soon

New Holland Dragon's Milk Reserve Vanilla Chai

New Holland Dragon’s Milk Reserve Vanilla Chai hits shelves at the end of January. Part of the Dragon’s Milk Reserve Series.

New Holland Dragon’s Milk Reserve Vanilla Chai is an imperial stout (like the year-round base edition) aged in bourbon barrels for three months, with vanilla chai spice.

The brewery will start shipping this beer by the end of the month, in 12 ounce bottles. Different editions of Dragon’s Milk Reserve will release throughout the year.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Vanilla Chai Spice. Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Hops: Glacier, Nugget
Malts: 2 Row, Munich, Caramel, Crystal, Black, Chocolate, Flaked Barley

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Seasonal release
Launch: Late January, 2016

11% ABV, 31 IBUs