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SweetWater Wookie Down emerges from the Dank Tank this week

SweetWater Wookie Down joins the brewery’s Dank Tank Series starting this week.

Recently the Atlanta-based brewery re-brewed Pulled Porter from the Dank series. This was the first time the brewery canned a Dank Tank release. Now apart of the same series is SweetWater Wookie Down, an imperial red ale.

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This forthcoming release is brewed in celebration of the brewery’s annual 420 Fest,  held every April in downtown Atlanta. You might recall 420 Fest Double IPA from 2015.

This edition is an imperial red ale, big on tropical citrus flavors and a sweet malt body.

Dressed to get pressed at the fest, El Dank took one whiff of his stash of Simcoe, Mosaic and Waimea hops and dove straight in. Feeling no pain with lots to gain, El D saddled up next to a big bodied mahogany/red beauty of an ale looking to mingle a blast of his stash of tropical citrus aromas with her big bodacious sweet maltified booty. Overindulging as always, Danko peaked at 7.6% ABV, causing him to spin with the spinners ’til he spun out and was left face up in the field. Eyes open but case closed.

The 2017 fest lineup includes Widespread Panic, Ween, and Slightly Stoopid.

SweetWater Wookie Down is a draft and 16 ounce can release, starting in mid-March.

Style: Imperial Red Ale
Availability: 16oz cans, Draft.
Debut: Mid-March, 2017

7.6% ABV, 82 IBUs

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AleSmith My Bloody Valentine: pours red, 6.66% ABV

Alesmith My Bloody Valentine

AleSmith My Bloody Valentine, the bloody red distant cousin of the brewery’s Halloween beer Evil Dead Red, is back in action.

Valentine’s Day either brings joy to some, or misery to others. Perhaps that speaks to the versatility of this beer. The red ale is appropriate colored for the Hallmark holiday, with an appropriate/inappropriate 6.66% alcohol by volume.

It has intense notes of caramel, toast and bittersweet chocolate, balancing an intense bouquet of floral hop aromas. The finish leaves a pleasant, full-bodied sweetness on the palate that leaves you pining for more!

AleSmith My Bloody Valentine is available in 22 ounce bottles and draft in January, and February.

Style: Red Ale
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft
Distribution: AZ, CA, CO, CT, IL, MI, NV, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, RI, TX, VA, WA, Wi
Latest Return: January, 2017

6.66% ABV

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Left Hand Rye on the Prize coming in July

Left Hand Rye on the Prize

Left Hand Rye on the Prize is on the horizon in Longmont, Colorado. According to local distributors, the beer is slated to arrive across the brewery’s entire distribution footprint in July.

As the name suggests, the imperial red ale features a hefty helping of rye malt.

Left Hand Rye on the Prize will be a draft and  22 ounce bottle offering.

Style: Imperial Red Ale / Rye Beer
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft
Release: July, 2016

8.5% ABV

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Clown Shoes Evil Crawfish started as a mis-ordered beer

Clown Shoes Evil Crawfish

Clown Shoes Evil Crawfish hit shelves in late November, 2015. No, it doesn’t have actually crawfish in it.

The beer started with someone asking for Eagle Claw Fist (the brewery’s imperial amber) but ordered it wrong – as Evil Crawfish. The joke has become it’s own beer, with Eagle Claw Fist in mind.

Once upon a time a man walked into a bar where a friend of our’s was tending the taps. He tried to order an Eagle Claw Fist, but got it wrong and asked for an Evil Crawfish. When we heard the story, after much laughter, we knew one day we’d make the beer. Finally, here it is, built off of ECF, but cleaner, meaner, less bitter, and dry hopped with Citra, El Dorado, and Mosaic.
9% ABV.

Clown Shoes Evil Crawfish is available in 22 ounce bottles.

Style: Imperial Red Ale
Hops: Citra, El Dorado, Mosaic

Availability: 22oz Bottles
Release: Late November, 2015

9% ABV

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Anchor Big Leaf Maple Returns

Anchor Brewing Company’s Big Leaf Autumn Maple is the brewery’s fall seasonal and it has been released. Anchor Brewing Company Big Leaf Autumn Maple is an autumn offering that is a malty red ale, brewed with maple syrup. The brew was inspired by the BigLeaf Maple tree, native to California. Rope and baskets have been made from the bark, and custom guitars from it’s unique wood. Maple syrup from this iconic tree makes its way into this red ale.

Style: Red Ale (w/ Maple Syrup)
Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Cascade
Malts: Caramel, Pale

Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft. Aug-Oct

6% ABV