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Alaskan Cran-Spruce Ale, A Rough Draft Export Offering

Alaskan Cran-Spruce Ale

Alaskan Cran-Spruce Ale takes aim at bottles in the near future. Cran-Spruce Ale is a part of the brewery’s Rough Draft Export Series. Each offering is a small batch, experimental offering.

Alaskan Cran-Spruce Ale is brewed with cranberries and spruce tips. The brewery has not officially announced this beer yet.

Style: Herb/Spice Beer (w/ Cranberries, Spruce Tips)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Release: TBA

5.2% ABV

Note: This is a “first look” preview. Details are subject to change at anytime by the brewery. 

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Terrapin Maggie’s Blackberry Cobbler Coming in May

Terrapin Maggie's Blackberry Cobbler

Terrapin Maggie’s Blackberry Cobbler will be the next offering in the brewery’s Special Reserve Series. A sister beer, or at least partially inspired by Terrapin’s Maggie’s Peach Farmhouse Ale. Brewed with fresh blacberries and graham crackers.

Maggie’s Blackberry Cobbler Imperial Farmhouse Ale is made with fresh blackberries and graham crackers for a taste you won’t soon forget. Reminiscent of the smell in Granny’s kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, this beer is liquid dessert after a home cooked meal.

Terrapin Blackberry Cobbler will be available in 22oz bottles in May, 2015.

Style: Farmhouse Ale (w/ Blackberries, Graham Crackers)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft. Limited Release
Release: 22oz Bottles, Draft

5.55% ABV

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Duclaw X-10, Brewed with Cantaloupe

Duclaw X 10

Duclaw X-10 is the tenth entry into the brewery’s eXile Series. For this release the brewery took a saison and added cantaloupe.

 Both flavor and aroma are dominated by cantaloupe backed by vibrant citrus fruit & subtle spicy flavors derived from a custom blend of Belgian yeast strains used in its creation, and balanced by a bready malt character and subtle hop bitterness that last through to the beer’s refreshing, dry finish…

Duclaw X-10 releases at all the brewery’s locations starting April 8th.

Style: Saison (w/ Cantaloupe)
Hops: Tettnang, Golding
Malts: Pilsner, Vienna, and Rye Malt; and Torrified Wheat

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Release: 4/8/15

6% ABV

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Burnt Hickory Mudhoney, A Liquid Tribute

Burnt Hickory Mudhoney

Burnt Hickory Mudhoney was first brewed in 2011 as a tribute to the band. Now, it looks like the brewery is aiming to release a new round of bottles.

In case you find yourself unaware of Mudhoney, the band got its start in Seattle in the late 80’s. They were first signed to SubPop Records (same label that signed Nirvana.) Their debut EP was Superfuzz Bigmuff.

Burnt Hickory Mudhoney is an American Brown Ale brewed with honey. The brewery has not yet announced this beer.

Style: Brown Ale (w/ Honey)
Availability: 22oz Bottles.
Release: TBA

?? ABV

 Note: This is a “first look” preview. Details are subject to change at anytime by the brewery. 

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Bell’s Oberon Coming to 12oz Cans

Bell's Oberon Mix Image

Bell’s Oberon is already available in 16oz cans. Coming this summer, you’l drink Bell’s Oberon in 12oz cans as well.

“Cans can go more places than glass and it’s a much more convenient packaging option – we believe our fans will really enjoy this new option,” said Laura Bell, Bell’s Vice President.

Bell’s Oberon is already available in bottles (6 packs, 12 packs), mini-kegs, and 16oz can 4-packs. 12oz cans will be available in 12 packs at launch. New for your wheat drinking pleasure is Bell’s new Spigelau glass.

Style: American Wheat Ale
Release: Summer, 2015
Distribution: All Bell’s Distribution states.

Oberon is available year round in Florida, Arizona, southern California, southern Alabama and Puerto Rico.

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DuClaw H.E.R.O. 2015 Winner Announced

DuClaw HERO 2015

DuClaw Brewing has announced the winner of their H.E.R.O homebrew competition – Jalapeño Business, brewed by Mitch Kreis of Pasadena, Maryland.

Mitch did a fantastic job balancing the heat of the pepper, hop bitterness, honey sweetness, and malt backbone to create a truly unique IPA. Congratulations, Mitch, you’ve earned it by beating out a tough field!

DuClaw  Jalapeño Business will be available in a limited run of 22oz bottles, and draft. Every penny of the sales goes to charity. Bankshot Brown Ale, brewed by Mark Girard of Annandale, Virginia was the runner up in the competition.


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Brooklyn Blue Apron Ale, A Bottle Potential

Brooklyn Blue Apron

Brooklyn Blue Apron Ale is a new, potential big bottle from the Brooklyn, New York brewery.

Blue Apron Ale has a deep brown color and a palate redolent of oranges, caramel, bread and chocolate, with Belgian yeast adding a hint of spice. 100% bottle re-fermentation gives the been a lively natural carbonation. Best served at 50° F, Blue Apron Ale is a fine accompaniment to beef, lamb, roasted game, cured meats, ruben sandwiches and good cheese.

Broolyn Blue Apron Ale will be bottled in 750ml bottles. The brewery has not yet announced this offering.

Style: Belgian-Style Ale
Availability: 750ml bottles, Corked & Caged
Release: TBA

7.2% ABV

 Note: This is a “first look” preview. Details are subject to change at anytime by the brewery.