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Boulevard Imperial Stout “X” Coffee, February 10th

Boulevard Imperial Stout Coffee Ale

Boulevard Brewing Company (Kansas City, MO) has a big release year ahead of them. There are new year round offerings, new seasonals, and a lot of movement in their Smokestack Specialty Series.

Boulevard Imperial Stout “X” – Coffee will the first new Smokestack offering, arriving in February. The 2015 lineup is highlighted by not only two releases of Love Child (the sour/wild ale) but Imperial Stout “X.” Boulevard will use a key ingredient to change the base imperial stout to create new offerings throughout the year.

As a special treat for lovers of big, complex stouts, Boulevard Brewing Company offers the 2015 Imperial Stout “X” Series. The “X” factor stands for a key ingredient brewed into each of several limited releases plan throughout the year. This edition was infused with Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee from our Kansas City neighbor, The Roasterie, lending this robust Stout at subtle wine–like smoothness.

Boulevard Imperial Stout “X” Coffee will be available in 750ml bottles February 10th in Kansas City, other cities shortly after.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Coffee)
Availability: 750ml bottles, Draft. Limited release.
Arrival: February 10th, 2015. (KC first)

11% ABV

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Bell’s Smitten Cans Coming in February

Bell's Smitten Cans

Bell’s Brewery (Comstock, MI) fifth can offering will be Smitten Rye, shipping in February.

Last year, Bell’s kicked off the can lineup with Two Hearted and Oberon cans. Winter White and Best Brown have joined the fray. In February, comes the spicy Smitten Rye Golden Ale. 16oz cans arrive in February, alongside draft and 12oz bottle offerings.

Style: Rye Beer
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. 16oz Cans (New). Seasonal.
Return: February, 2015

6% ABV

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Image via Bell’s Brewery 

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Fonta Flora Vestige Wither Wild Ale, February 7th

Fonta Flora Vestige Wither

Fonta Flora Brewery (Morganton, NC) will release Vestige Wither American Wild Ale alongside Vestige Bloom on February 7th.

Vestige Wither is aged in red wine barrels with fennel bulb, and 100% Brettanomyces fermented. Wither has been conditioning for seven months.

500ml bottles of Fonta Flora Vestige Wither releases on February 7th, 2015.

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Fennel BulbBarrel AgedWine Barrels.)
Availability: 500ml Bottles
Release: 2/7/15

5.8% ABV

Note: There is a subtle label misprint. The brewery confirms this is red-wine aged. 

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Troeg’s Cultivator Cans Launch in February

Troegs Cultivator Cans

Troeg’s Brewing (Hershey, PA) releases Cultivator, the brewery’s spring seasonal, in cans for the first time next month.

The helles bock (spring bock) launched just a year ago into the brewery’s seasonal lineup. As the nation waits for spring, those in Troeg’s distribution territory can slam Cultivator in cans.

Emerging from springtime’s fertile ground, Cultivator celebrates the start of hop-growing season as sprawling fields of hop rhizomes climb and tether to hop bines. This spring bock delivers hints of toasted grains, fresh baked bread and delicate floral hops.

Troegs Cultivator Helles Bock cans arrive in February, 2015.

Style: Helles Bock
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. 12oz Cans
Release: February, 2015

Image via Troegs

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Second Self Brewing Can Launch: April

Second Self Can Line

If the time tables hold, Second Self Brewing Company (Atlanta, GA) will release their first cans in April, 2015. The brewery opened their doors in November, 2014, with the immediate desire to can as soon as possible.

This week, Toucan Mobile Canning has been in house, testing 12oz can fills of Thai Wheat.

Second Self plans to can Red Hop Rye, Thai Wheat, and Saison this year.

As far as Georgia cans are concerned, SweetWater, Terrapin, Red Brick, Creature Comforts, Coastal Empire, Macon Beer Company, Red Hare, and Orpheus Brewing have cans in their lineup, with Wild Heaven and Monday Night to join the aluminum revolution in the near future.

Image via Second Self Brewing Company

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Fonta Flora Vestige Bloom, February 7th

Fonta Flora Vestige Bloom

Fonta Flora Brewery (Morganton, NC) will release Vestige Bloom, a wine barrel aged wild ale.

Vestige Bloom: Appalachian Wild Ale: Kiwi Funk is this beer’s proper name, a wild ale with a mix of funky bacteria and yeasts. Aged in white wine barrels with North Carolina grown kiwis from Fox Farms.

500ml bottles of Fonta Flora Vestige Bloom releases on February 7th, 2015.

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Kiwis. Barrel Aged. White Wine Barrels.)
Availability: 500ml Bottles
Release: 2/7/15

5.8% ABV

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Nebraska Ardent Son Coming in February

Nebraska Ardent Son

Nebraska Brewing Company (La Vista, NE) is expanding their Inception Series in 2015. Potential upcoming offerings include Blanc is the New White, and Runnin’ the the Devil.

Nebraska Ardent Son, a Belgian golden ale is coming in February. The beer is aged in Chardonnay barrels, similar to Blanc is the New White.

A Belgian Golden Strong fermented with Ardennes yeast forms a fantastic base which is further enhanced by a 6 month maturation in Chardonnay barrels. The core of this beer is enjoyed by our fans in many forms. We feel that this interpretation furthers the crisp Belgian-like qualities fantastically.

Nebraska Ardent Son will be available in 750ml bottles.

Style: Belgian-style Golden Ale (Barrel-aged. Wine Barrels.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Release: February, 2015

11% ABV