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Boulevard’s 2015 Lineup Reveals New Offerings


Boulevard Brewing Company (Kansas City, MO) 2015 lineup reveals quite a few new offerings on the way.  The Smokestake Specialty Series will see the most new activity next year, with two editions of the popular American wild ale, Love Child being released.

The break down:

Heavy Lifting IPA – April, 2015. Year round

The Calling IPA – February, 2015. Smokestack Series, Year- round.

Spring Belle Saison – March – April, 2015. Seasonal.

Funky Pumpkin – Sept – Oct. Seasonal

Snow & Tell – Nov-Dec. Seasonal.

Imperial Stout X – Brewed with coffee. February, 2015

Love Child #5 – American Wild Ale. May, 2015

Imperial Stout X – Aged in Rum Barrels. June, 2015

Collaboration #5 – With brewery TBA.  July, 2015

Imperial Stout X – Style TBA, September, 2015

Imperial Stout X – Style TBA, December, 2015

Love Child #6 – American Wild Ale, December, 2015

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Flying Dog Rum Barrel Aged Gonzo Makes Appearance

Flying Dog Rum Barrel-Aged Gonzo Imperial Porter

Flying Dog Brewery (Frederick, MD) will release Rum Barrel Aged Gonzo Porter tonight, exclusively at Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore, Maryland. This is the only place to snag this new offering until it releases at the brewery next year.

Our believed Gonzo Imperial Porter, a tribute to the late, great Hunter S. Thompson, aged for three months in South American rum barrels. Released for the first time in limited production.

Previous versions include Whiskey Barrel Aged Gonzo. Flying Dog Rum Barrel Gonzo will release in 750ml bottles sometime in 2015.

Style: Imperial Porter (Barrel Aged. Rum.)
Availability: 750ml bottles
Arrival: Draft (12/16/14, Max Taphouse Exclusive), Bottles, 2015

11.8% ABV

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Boulevard Crown Town Ale Released

Boulevard Crown Town Al

Boulevard Brewing is proud of the Kansas City Royals. This year they almost took it all home. Crown Town Ale signifies the achievements of the team, and the loyal fans that surround it.

October of 2014 will forever be remembered in Kansas City as a time when the entire community united in support of our home-town team. Crown Town Ale is our toast to their inspiring journey and the remarkable achievements of our boys in blue; a golden blonde ale with bright citrus notes and just a hint of bitterness.

Boulevard Crown Town Ale will only be available in Kansas City, Missouri. The brewery has not set a release date. Due to copyright and trademark laws, the beer has no mention of the baseball team on the label.

The Royals finished 89-73 on the season.

Style: Blonde Ale
Hops: Lemon Drop, Saphir, Northern Brewer, Magnum
Malts: Pale, Honey, Munich

Availability: 750ml bottles. Kansas City, MO only
Arrival: 12/16/14

6.2% ABV


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Modern Times Launching Four Can Seasonals in 2015

Modern Times Seasonal Cans

Modern Times Beer (San Diego,CA) will launch a seasonal can lineup starting in March, 2015.

There will be four hop forward offerings the brewery calls “kickass,” targeting the fruit forward flavor spectrum.

The beers are as follows:

  • Oneida – with Hallertau Blanc. March-May.
  • Aurora – Equinox hops. June – Aug.
  • Booming Rollers – Citra. Sept-Nov.
  • City of the Sun – Motueka/Mosaic. Dec-Feb, 2016.

Each of the seasonal releases will arrive in 16oz, 4 pack cans, and draft throughout the brewery’s distribution area.

Read moreModern Times Beer

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Dogfish Head 20th Anniversary Beer Coming Next Fall

Dogfish Head Tap Takeover

Dogfish Head (Milton, DE) will cross the 20 year mark in 2015. The brewery has added a 20th Anniversary beer release, slated for September. The style of the beer has yet to released.

Dogfish Head opened its doors in June, 1995 with Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats based in Rehoboth Beach. At the time it was Delaware’s first brewpub.  The first batch was Shelter Pale Ale.

In 2002, the brewery expanded to the production facility in Milton, Delaware. Additionally, the brewery built a distillery on the second floor of the original brewpub.

Growth has been steady ever since.

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New Holland Plans Four Dragon’s Milk Releases in 2015

Dragon's Milk Logo

New Holland Brewing has four different Dragon’s Milk releases in 2015. Two of the offerings appeared for the first time in 2014.

More info on each of the releases will become available closer to launch. Expect 22oz bottles.

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Surly Doomtree Beer Headed to Cans

Surly Doomtree Beer

Surly Brewing recently teamed up with local hip-hop group Doomtree in honor of their farewell tour. The band just finished the eight day blowout yesterday.

Doomtree joined Surly in the brewhouse in order to make an unconventional, bastardized style. The style ended up being a well-kept secret until it was party time. The result is Surly Doomtree Beer, a dry-hopped, bitter beer. An unusual take on something traditional? Fits them both quite well.

Surly started with homebrewing in the garage. Doomtree making some noise a basement. Careful what you do in your spare time, man. That stuff just might end up taking over your whole life.

A decade later, Doomtree meets Surly. Instant crush. We’re both indie and strong-willed. We love Minnesota and we are allergic to focus groups. We don’t have a formal professional outfit between us.

We convene at the brewery to scheme. Working in extreme secrecy, we decide to make a beer. Team Surly suggests a “bastardized style” that will build on the classic, but buck convention. Doomtree cannot nod vigorously enough. We know this style. Guided by instinct, we came up with this dark, gold, toasty aromatic, subtly spicy, bitter enough, dry-hopped brew. Best enjoy it cold in a spare room with new friends – Dessa

Surly Doomtree kegs have made their debut, and 16 ounces cans are on the way.

Style: English-style Bitter
Availability: 16oz Cans
Arrival: Early 2015

5.7% ABV

Note: This is a “first look” preview. Details are subject to change at anytime by the brewery.