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21st Amendment El Camino (Un) Real, a 3-way Cali collab

21st Amendment El Camino (Un) Real

21st Amendment El Camino (Un) Real, a three way collaboration with Firestone Walker and Stone Brewing will soon return.

The last time the world saw this collaboration was in 2011, when Stone Brewing released 12 ounce bottles of the unique beer. El Camino (Un) Real is a dark ale, brewed with fennel seeds, chia seeds, peppercorns and figs.

The name plays a massive importance in this beer. El Camino Real is a 600 mile stretch of road in California that connects 21 Spanish Missions. Missionaries and Native Americans grew crops like chia and fennel along the stretch. 21st Amendment El Camino (Un) Real brings three California breweries together in one can, plus a little history to boot.

Offering a glimpse into what many feel is the “real” California, the El Camino Real wends through the state’s coastline, mountains, fertile farming valleys, and traffic-heavy urban and suburban areas. And of course, you’ll also find the 21 California Missions, reminders of Father Junípero Serra’s and the Spanish missionaries’ attempts to convert the indigenous California residents to Catholicism.

21st Amendment El Camino (Un) Real will be a 12 ounce can and draft release.

Style:            (w/ Fennel Seeds, Chia Seeds, Peppercorns, Figs)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Debut: TBA

9.5% ABV, 76 IBUs

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NoDa Captain Peanut Butter’s Chocolate Revenge marks 5 years

NoDa Captain Peanut Butter's Chocolate Revenge

NoDa Captain Peanut Butter’s Chocolate Revenge debuts next week, part of the brewery’s 5th anniversary celebration.

The Charlotte, North Carolina based brewery is crossing the 5 year mark with a new can release everyday of the week. Monstro, NoDa’s barrel-aged imperial stout will be first, followed by NoDa Rye Z’D, a rye IPA. Then… it just gets a little weirder.

NoDa Captain Peanut Butter’s Chocolate Revenge, an imperial porter brewed with cocoa nibs and peanut butter graces the brewery’s taproom on Tuesday. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter.

A big, malty and smooth Imperial Porter brewed with a massive load of cocoa nibs to give dark chocolate notes and roasted peanut butter to add a rich twist to this imposing dark beer.

NoDa Captain Peanut Butter’s Chocolate Revenge is a taproom only release, in 16 ounce cans on October 25th.

Style: Porter (w/ Cocoa Nibs, Peanut Butter.)
Availability; 16oz Cans. Taproom.
Debut: 10/25/16

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Creature Comforts Crescendo, an extremely hoppy taproom can

Creature Comforts Crescendo Creature Comforts Crescendo

Creature Comforts Crescendo, a brand new India Pale Ale, will debut soon at the brewery in Athens, Georgia.

Thanks to the addition of a new brewing vessel, Creature Comforts can squeeze in a little extra brewing. The brewery plans on spending that extra time creating special release canned offerings for the taproom.

Among the first – Creature Comforts Crescendo. This new IPA promises to be quite hoppy. 4.75 pounds of hops per barrel, kind of hoppy. Crescendo touts El Dorado, Galaxy, plus an experimental hop known as Grungeist. This new variety boasts peach, lemon, and passion fruit flavors. Creature chose this hop on smell alone.

Creature Comforts Crescendo signals the start of a series of taproom only releases, available as a “souvenir beer” on select tour days. Each release will change, as the brewery dreams up the next flourish of creativity.

Crescendo is already in the tanks at the time of this article. Expect a late-October release date.

Style: IPA
Hops: El Dorado, Galaxy, Grungeist

Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft. Taproom Only.
Debut: Late October, 2016

7.2% ABV

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NoDa Rye Z’D, canned celebrating 5 years

NoDa Rye Z'D

NoDa Rye Z’D is returning Noda Brewing’s lineup this month, in cans for the first time.

The seasonal imperial IPA has been featured on draft in the past. A rye heavy, 7-hop India pale ale that is hard to put down, and hard to forget. The Charlotte, North Carolina based brewery crosses the 5 year mark this month and is celebrating by releasing a few new cans.

A solid malt backbone with a hefty amount of rye to further the grain bill, NoDaRyeZ’d has a 7-hop blend that accentuates the spiciness of the rye and gives the beer an American IPA flavor, aroma and substantial bitterness.

NoDa Rye Z’D will be available in 16 ounce cans right after the release of NoDa Monstro, on Monday, October 24th.

Style: Rye Beer/Imperial IPA
Availability: 16oz Cans, Draft. Taproom release.
Debut: 10/24/16

8.65% ABV

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NoDa Monstro is back after two years, now in cans

Noda Monstro cans

NoDa Monstro, the Charlotte, North Carolina’s barrel-aged imperial stout, will return once again. This time in cans.

The first release of NoDa Monstro was in 2014. The stout was aged in Pappy van Winkle barrels. In 2016, the barrel of choice is Heaven Hill.

Neptune said to the sea these should be a terrible Monstro, born from its deepest depths. It should be stout with the strength of a whale. this is that beer… of toasted barley mass, rounded out by the vanillas, molasses and oak of bourbon barrel aging. Enjoy the deep.

NoDa Monstro will be available at a special tap room release on October 23rd at the brewery in Charlotte in 16 ounce cans. The brewery is deciding on limits and price at the time of this article.

Style: Imperial Stout. (Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 16oz Cans
Latest Return: 10/23/16

11.2% ABV

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Wicked Weed Dark Arts 2016: Rum aged

Wicked Weed Dark Arts 2015

Wicked Weed Dark Arts, an American wild, barrel aged, imperial stout, returns again in October. This monstrous beer is an annual release, and 2016 marks just the third appearance.

Wicked Weed Dark Arts is brewed right up to the North Carolina alcohol cap of 15%. The 2014 edition was aged in bourbon, 2015 in tequila, and 2016 is aged in rum barrels. 

A barrel-aged imperial stout of such a high alcohol content can be cloyingly sweet. Head of brewing operations, Walt Dickinson, uses Brettanomyces yeast to cut down on the sweetness and dry out the beer. Wicked Weed Dark Arts is typically brewed in late summer/fall, and racked to barrels for nearly a year.

When you think about really good spirits, they are innately dry (not sweet) and without residual sugar,” adds Walt, Head of Brewing Operations. “Barrel aged stouts can be cloyingly sweet, but because we use brett, Dark Arts is a dry beer. Any residual sugar not usually consumed by traditional brewers yeast will be consumed by the brett and you won’t have to fight through too much sweetness.”

Wicked Weed Dark Arts Wild Imperial Stout will be available in 16.9 ounce bottles starting October 21st. A coffee variant, Dark Arts Espresso, will be available as well on the same day.

Style: American Wild Ale  (Barrel aged. Rum.)
Availability: 16.9oz Bottles, Draft.
Arrival: 10/21/16

15% ABV

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Avery Tangerine Quad set to join Botanicals Series

Avery Tangerine Quad

Avery Tangerine Quad is the next release the brewery’s Botanicals and Barrels Series.

To date, the series features Vanilla Bean Stout and Raspberry Sour. Each release features barrel-aging and fruit or spice. Tangerine Quad combines fresh tangerines and bourbon barrels.

Patiently aged in the finest of Bourbon barrels, this bold Belgian-style Quadrupel layers notes of rich, dark fruit, vanilla, and caramel with a burst  of tangerine peel culminating in the vibrancy of this full-bodied creations.

Avery Tangerine Quad will be a draft and 22 ounce bottle release

Style: Belgian-style Quadrupel (w/ Tangerine)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft.
Debut: Late-October/November, 2016

10% ABV