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Lost Abbey My Black Parade, On Sale October 9th

Lost Abbey My Black Parade

Lost Abbey My Black Parade, a beer boasting Mexican chocolate, is joining the brewery’s lineup on October 30th.

Lost Abbey My Black Parade is a strong ale, brewed with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon, cardamon, smoked chilies and of course bourbon oak. The label tells the story of unrequited love remembers on Dia De Los Muertos, where people make a pilgrimage to an unmarked grave. Hoping their true love shows up.

Pouring darker than a moonless night, My Black Parade begins with a deep bouquet of rich chocolate and layered hints of cinnamon and oak. Huge flavors of cocoa on the palate with notes of vanilla, bourbon, and tobacco, finishing with crisp bite from the smoked chili’s and cardamom.

Lost Abbey My Black Parade is a 750 milliliter offering. 60 cases produced, sold through the Lost Abbey website starting October 9th, 12 noon (Pacific).

Style: American Strong Ale (w/ Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Chilies, Cardamom, Cinnamon. Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles. 60 case production.

12.5% ABV

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Wicked Weed Incorangeible, a Chocolate Orange IPA

Wicked Weed Incorangeible

Wicked Weed Incorangeible, a chocolate orange IPA, is on the horizon from the Asheville, North Carolina brewery.

Wicked Weed Incorangeible is brewed with cacao nibs and orange zest. (Plus a barrage of citrusy hops.)

Lack of reform is responsible for some of our most memorable brews. Featuring bright aromas or orange zest, round notes of chocolate, and juicy flavors or citrus hop notes, Incorangeble is a non-conformist’s IPA. Hold your ground and raise your glass to the unapologetic.

Wicked Weed Incorangeible is a 16.9 ounce bottle offering. The brewery has not yet announced this offering.

Style: IPA (w/ Cacao Nibs, Orange Zest.)
Availability: 16.9oz Bottles
Release: TBA

7.5% ABV

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Founders Azacca IPA, a Bottle Potential

Founders Azacca

Founders Azacca, a new single hopped India pale ale, is on the horizon from the Grand Rapids, Michigan brewery.

The Azacca hop originated in Washington state. It’s a very tropical (citrus/mango) flavored hop, that recently has been come quite popular in the brewing community.

Named after the Haitian god of agriculture, the azacca hop has an intense tropical aroma with hints of citrus and mango. A touch of caramel meat gives a sweet backbone to support the righteous fruit character of this beer. Pouring a burnt orange color and registering at 7% ABV, your taste buds will worship the heavenly, hopped delight.

Founders Azacca India Pale Ale is a 12 ounce bottle offering. The brewery has not yet announced this release. Bookmark this page for more info regarding the beer’s launch.

Style: IPA
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft
Release: TBA

7% ABV

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Wicked Weed Dark Arts Returns in October, in Tequila

Wicked Weed Dark Arts 2015

Wicked Weed Dark Arts, an American wild, barrel aged, imperial stout, returns again in October. This monstrous beer is an annual release, and 2015 marks just the second time it has appeared.

Wicked Weed Dark Arts is brewed right up to the North Carolina alcohol cap of 15%. While last year was aged in bourbon, this year’s edition is aged in tequila barrels. 

A barrel-aged imperial stout of such a high alcohol content can be cloyingly sweet. Head of brewing operations, Walt Dickinson, uses Brettanomyces yeast to cut down on the sweetness and dry out the beer. Wicked Weed Dark Arts is typically brewed in late summer/fall, and racked to barrels for nearly a year.

When you think about really good spirits, they are innately dry (not sweet) and without residual sugar,” adds Walt, Head of Brewing Operations. “Barrel aged stouts can be cloyingly sweet, but because we use brett, Dark Arts is a dry beer. Any residual sugar not usually consumed by traditional brewers yeast will be consumed by the brett and you won’t have to fight through too much sweetness.”

Wicked Weed Dark Arts Wild Imperial Stout will be available in 16.9 ounce bottles. The brewery will be taking online pre-orders starting October 10th. Details for the 2015 release are coming aft

Style: American Wild Ale  (Barrel aged. Tequila.)
Availability: 16.9oz Bottles, Draft.
Arrival: 10/24/15

15% ABV

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Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo Headed to Bottles

Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo

Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo debuts in bottles this fall. The beer is a collaboration with Pennsylvania clothing manufacturer, Woolwich.

Before you get to know the beer, get to the name. The “Pennsylvania Tuxedo” is the stylish descriptor given to the red and black hunting outfits popularized by Woolwich, dating back to the late 1800’s.

Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo has made an appearance before, released on tap at the brewpub in Rehoboth Beach last year. In 2015, Tuxedo will be bottled as well, destined for a larger Dogfish Head market.

When you brew an outdoorsy collaboration, you brew it with spruce tips, right? The brewery’s Sam Calagione mentions in the video below where John Rich almost died from falling off the rafters at a barn raising after drinking too much of his own spruce beer.

Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo bottles and draft join the lineup in October/November, 2015.

Style: Pale Ale (w/ Spruce Tips)
Availability: Bottles, Draft. (Waiting on size confirmation)
Release: Late October/November, 2015

?? ABV 


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Crispin 15 Men, a New Rum Aged Cider

Crispin 15 Men Cider

Crispin 15 Menthe cidery’s first ever rum barrel-aged cider, releases in early October.

Crispin 15 Men alludes to the classic tale by Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island, and is set to punctuate the taste buds with thoughts of pirates, buried treasure, and swashbuckling adventure.

The mixture of Colfax apple wine was aged in dark rum barrels, and then topped off with wildflower honey and dark candied syrup.

Crispin 15 Men is a limited small batch cider, a part of the cidery’s “Barrel Aged Limited Releases” in 22 ounce bottles beginning in October.

Style: Cider (Barrel-Aged, Rum
Availability: 22oz Bottles
Release: October, 2015

6.9% ABV

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Bell’s Hopslam 2016: Cans & Draft Only

Bell's Hopslam Cans 2016

When Bell’s Hopslam returns in 2016, you’ll only find it in 12 ounce cans, and draft. The brewery won’t be bottling it this year.

Laura Bell, president of Bell’s Brewery in Comstock, Michigan cites construction as the biggest reason you won’t find bottles of the hoppy offering in the upcoming seasonal release. The bottling hall will be too busy, so the canning line has been “tapped” to assist.

Bell’s Hopslam is an imperial IPA brewed with Michigan honey. The beer easily ranks among one of ht brewery’s most popular offerings.

Bottled aren’t banished forever for Bell’s Hopslam though. Future packaging plans will be announced sometime next year after the release, and construction are completed.

Style: Imperial IPA (w/ Honey)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Return: January, 2016

10% ABV