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Decatur, Georgia

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A Bell Ringer: Three Taverns Quasimodo


Three Taverns Brewery (Decatur, GA) will be releasing new big bottle on April 25th, 2014 – Quasimodo Quadrupel.

The brewery plans on making this an annual release, celebrating Quasimodo Day each year.  The Belgian-style quadrupel brewed with Belgian candi sugar and naturally carbonated.

Inspired by the best of Belgium, specifically the brothers of the cloth who have devoted their lives to the brewing arts, Quasimodo is a classic, full-bodied quadrupel ale—for us, the measure of brewing perfection. Dark, savory and fruity, yet with a dry, bittersweet finish enhanced by the addition of imported Belgian dark candy sugar, Quasimodo is dangerously drinkable. Re-fermented in the bottle for natural carbonation, it can ring your bells now… or years from now.

Three Taverns Quasimodo will be released with a special bell ring at the brewery in Decatur on April 25th, at 6 pm. Bottles will arrive sometime in May.

Style: Quadrupel (w/ Candi Sugar)
Availability: 750ml Bottles, Draft

10% ABV, 30 IBUs

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Sour Program Planned at Three Taverns

Brickstore Pub Three Taverns Launch

Three Taverns Craft Brewery (Decatur, GA) has some huge news for the southern brewing scene. A sour program.

The brewery emphasizes on Belgian-style offerings, with Single Intent (Belgian Single) and A Night in Brussels (Belgian IPA) being their flagships. Most recently, the brewery launched White Hops a white IPA, and will be releasing a quadrupel Quasimodo in March.

If all that isn’t big news, soon you can indulge in sour offerings brewed in the Peach State.

No ETA on the program. Time is needed to source barrels, fermentation, & more. Think 2015 or 2016.

More to follow…

Three Taverns Honors 100 Year Old Atlanta Brewing History from on Vimeo.

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Three Taverns “Quasimodo” Due in March

Three Taverns Logo

Three Taverns Craft Brewery (Decatur, GA) is readying Quasimodo, a quadrupel for release this March.

If you have been following brewery founder Brian Purcell’s path to opening the brewery, you might have had test batches of Quasimodo.

Read More: Three Taverns News

Expect this quadrupel in 750 ml bottles and draft. As an added bonus, some of it will be released in whiskey barrels later this year.

Style: Quadrupel
Availability: 750ml Bottles, Draft
Arrival: March, 2014

?? ABV

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Three Taverns Releases White Hops

Three Taverns Craft Brewery celebrates their 5th month in operation with a 5th beer, White Hops. This white IPA is a nod a little Atlanta brewing history, as you will learn from brewery owner Brian Purcell.

White Hops is now available on draft, and will find it’s way into 12oz bottles in January.

Style: White IPA
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Year Round

6.5% ABV


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Three Taverns Releases White Hops

Three Taverns White Hops

Decatur, Georgia’s Three Taverns Craft Brewery is releasing their fifth beer this month – White Hops White IPA.

The name comes from a piece of Georgia’s brewing history, “White Hops” a beer sold under the nose of alcohol regulators. The beer was brewed by the now defunct Atlanta City Brewery. Since no one is around now to recall what it tasted like,  Three Taverns is going to take a crack at it.

Three Taverns White Hops is brewed with citra hops, spices, grapefruit peel, and most importantly, wheat. Look for it on draft initially, and 12oz bottles in January, 2014.

Style: White IPA (w/ Spices, Grapefruit Peel)
Availability: Draft (December), 12oz Bottles (January)

6.5% ABV



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Three Taverns To Launch First Big Bottles

Three Taverns Theophan the Recluse

Three Taverns Craft Brewery (Decatur, GA) will debut their first 750ml offering in December, Theophan the Recluse. The beer is already available on draft.  Recluse is brewed with a mix of eight specialty dark malts, Muscovado sugar, and a Belgian yeast strain.

Theophan the Recluse was a Russian monk known for the spiritual depth and complexity of his writings. We consider him a perfect namesake for this rich, complex imperial stout, brewed with eight specialty malts, dark Muscovado sugar and a Belgian yeast strain. Deep, mysterious, full-bodied and indefinably exotic, Theophan the Recluse is meant to transport drinkers to a place of deep contemplation, mystical insight and inspired conversation.

Theophan the Recluse launched in early October. It’s Three Tavern’s third offering.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Muscovado Sugar)
Availability: Draft, 750 ml Bottles (December)

9% ABV

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Beer Street Journal Video: Three Taverns Releases Christmas Offering

Three Taverns Brewery (Decatur, GA) is releasing their forth offering this week.

Close on the heels of Theophan the Reluse Imperial Stout, is Feest Noel a Christmas offering. The Belgian strong dark is brewed with a blend of three spices – allspice, cardamon and clove.

Atlanta (and slightly beyond) can enjoy it on draft until January.

Style: Belgian Strong Dark (w/ Cardamon, Allspice, Clove)
Availability: Draft only

9% ABV