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Atlanta, Georgia

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Second Self Beer to shut down June 17th

Atlanta, Georgia-based Second Self Beer will close its doors at the end of this month after 9 years of operation.

Second Self – situation on the city’s upper westside, was the 42nd brewery to open in the Peach State. The brewery had a geeky streak, releasing beers like Maverick & Gose (Top Gun) and Triforce IPA (a legend of Zelda nod.) As the years progressed, founders Jason Santamaria and Chris Doyle pivoted the brewery to be more than just beer, with the goal of being a full “beverage company.”

Second Self released “Cirrus,” a line of non-alcoholic CBD drinks, as well as taking on numerous contract brews and beverages for third-party companies.

That pivot was successful for a while until the challenge of the pandemic and rising costs forced the contracts to fold. That was a big financial hit for the brewery.

In a phone call, Santamaria told Beer Street Journal that in an effort to potentially save Second Self, the brewery cut their taproom hours, while Jason himself took himself off of the payroll going back to his previous role at IBM.

“Everything is just so much expensive, it just kept getting more complicated,” he says.

The brewery’s last day will be June 17th, open from 1-9 pm.

On a personal note – I want to say thank you to Jason and Chris. You both have been welcoming of Beer Street Journal even before the Second Self even opened to the public. It has been an honor and a downright freaking blast covering your releases over the years, not to mention canning days, tank pulls, and nerd trivia. You are some of the kindest people I have met in the beer industry. Legend of Zelda for life.

All images: Beer Street Journal

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Second Self Totally Twobular Beermosa Sour is coming 2/22 at 2:22pm

Second Self Totally Twobular

Second Self Totally Twobular, the brewery’s 7th Anniversary beer debuts on February 22nd. 

The Atlanta-based brewery created a Beermosa-style (juice and beer) sour India pale ale and added fresh peaches. The release is a collaboration with BottleShare, a non-profit organization supporting the craft beer industry. 

Second Self hosts their 7th Anniversary party on February 26th

Style: IPA (w/ Peaches)
Availability: 16oz Cans, Draft. Limited Release. 

Debut: 2/22/22, at 2:22pm

6.22% ABV

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Atlanta breweries and restaurants shutter taprooms, furlough employees due to COVID-19

Atlanta Potential Shutdown Header

Nationally, breweries around the United States are either being ordered to close their taprooms or making the choice to temporarily close in the wake of the Covid-19 virus outbreak. Most of these breweries are keeping on a limited amount of staff to cover beer and food to-go options

In the southeast, very few breweries and brewpubs have announced closures due to Covid-19 spread.

Atlanta, the most densely populated city in Georgia with a strong list of breweries, restaurants, and bars is expected to announce widespread citywide mandated closures across the city and Dekalb County.

Jason Santamaria, co-owner of Second Self Beer has been weighing the options for his brewery for days now. “We are already closing the brewery for St. Paddy’s Day, so we don’t inadvertently draw a large crowd,” he says. As of today, the brewery has shifted production to one shift, and closed the taproom, only offering curbside beer to-go.

Nick Purdy of Wild Heaven, which has a taproom in Avondale Estates, Georgia and a brewery/taproom on Atlanta’s Westside has been taking precautions but knew a government announcement was coming. Ahead of the city’s formal announcement, Purdy tells Beer Street Journal, “While we’ve been open with careful protocols, it’s not surprising that a temporary closing of gathering places would make sense. Wild Heaven has been preparing a new pickup option for our West End location, with food, beer, and coffee available. In Avondale, we’ll offer Beer-To-Go.”

Bold Monk Brewing, a beautiful new brewpub on Atlanta’s Westside, along with sister brewpub Max Lager’s and White Oak Kitchen have closed their doors for the time being and furloughed 170 staff members. Owner John Roberts told us that he’s working on a beer and food take out plan.

Decatur, Georgia’s Three Taverns Brewery has shuttered their beer parlour only offering to-go beer, as well as Monday Night Brewing (both locations), and Atlanta Brewing. Northeast in Athens, Terrapin Beer Company and Creature Comforts have both closed their taprooms as well.

Famed beer bar Brick Store Pub has closed, evaluating a reopening day by day. The owners have set up GoFundMe account to help the staff that isn’t working right now:

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has not issued a mandate that the state’s bars and restaurants should close, as of Monday evening.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has signed an executive order that limits occupancy of restaurants, bars, gyms, cinemas, clubs, and other public gathering spots to no more than 50 people.

Atlanta is home to thousands of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, and nearly 20 craft breweries.

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Reinvented: Second Self Bleeding Heart (now with strawberries)

Second Self Bleeding Heart can

Heartbroken? Just love chocolate? Beer drinker?  Second Self Bleeding Heart Red Ale has you covered either way.

Cocoa and vanilla are the stars in Second Self Bleeding Heart, plus strawberries – new for 2019. A beer inspired by southern-style red velvet cake.

Red malts and cocoa lend the beer a festive pink color, and the vanilla is the icing on top, rounding out each sip at the end of the taste. Co-founders Jason and Chris have been developing the recipe for over eight years.

Bleeding Heart is actually part of a series of “Hearts”. Other releases have included:

  • Bitter Heart – Red Ale, extensively dry hopped. Extra hoppy, extra bitter. The real Valentine’s Day beer.
  • Wild Heart – Red Ale, gone sour.

Second Self Bleeding Heart Strawberry is available in 12-ounce cans and draft until March 2018.

Style: Amber Ale (w/ Cocoa, Vanilla. Strawberries.)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Latest Return: Early 2019

6.9% ABV, 27 IBUs

PIC: Beer Street Journal 


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Top Gun Beer: Second Self Margarita in Gose returns

Second Self Margarita in Gose cans

We honestly aren’t sure what we drink more of around the Beer Street Journal office – beer or margaritas. This release makes choosing between the two a little bit easier. Second Self Margarita in Gose is back for a second season.

Let’s address the most badass fact about this beer, the Top Gun theme. Second Self now has a “Top Gun Series” of beers, that started with Maverick & Gose last year. That beer is back in the skies (shelves) once again with an updated recipe. Since you can’t pull off an inverted flying maneuver without a partner, Second Self Margarita in Gose, aka “MIG” is here.

MIG mimics the taste of a margarita thanks to fresh orange lime juice and Florida orange peel. Those flavors, plus a touch of salt makes this gose margarita/ beer hybrid. Shots of tequila might make the perfect compliment. The choice is yours.

Second Self Margarita in Gose is available in Georgia and Alabama again in March 2018.

Style: Gose (w/ Lime. Orange Peel. Coriander, Sea Salt.)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Debut: 6/1/17
Latest Return: March 2018

4.3% ABV

Image: Beer Street Journal

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Zelda inspired Second Self Triforce IPA debuts in January

Second Self Triforce IPA can

Second Self Triforce IPA debuts in January 2018. 

The geekdom runs deep in this new India pale ale. Just like everyone at Beer Street Journal, Second Self co-founder Jason Santamaria is a big Legend of  Zelda fan. “I’ve always wanted to do something in honor of a game that I have spent countless hours playing,” he tells us. Enter the Triforce.

Much like any release of the game, the making of Second Self Triforce IPA has taken a while. “We know hazy hop-bombs are hot right now, and I wanted something like it – just a bit cleaner,” Santamaria adds.

Six test batches and one full-scale batch later, Santamaria and co-founder Chris Doyle team turned their focus on water chemistry and an aggressive triple dry-hop. This month, Jason drops us a text – “I think I’ve got it!” The quest back to the brewery began.

Santamaria didn’t disappoint. The finished beer drinks like a hoppy session beer, but is far from it at 6.1% ABV. The result is slightly hazy and very aromatic, thanks to the Ganon-sized hops in it – Mosaic, Amarillo, and Cascade. This hoppy compliment to hours and hours of future gameplay is big on tropical fruit flavors, including mango, papaya and a hint of pineapple that finishes soft, thanks to oats and wheat.

Second Self Triforce IPA will hit shelves in 12-ounce cans as well as draft starting in January 2018.

It’s dangerous to go alone, drink this.

Style: IPA
Hops: Mosaic, Cascade, Amarillo

Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Debut: January 2018

6.1% ABV

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Second Self JunIPA, the brewery’s highest rated hits cans

Second Self JunIPA cans

Second Self JunIPA debuts in cans this week. The beer first appeared at the start of 2015. 

Inspired by gin, Second Self JunIPA is brewed with the liquor in mind. The IPA features an herbal “dry-hopping” with juniper and rosemary, complimented by Amarillo, Centennial and Cascade hops.

Look for this herbal IPA in 12-ounce cans and draft for a limited time starting the first week of November.

Style: IPA (Juniper. Rosemary)
Hops: Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade

Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft. Seasonal Release
Debut: January 2015
Latest Return: November 2017

6.4% ABV, 43 IBUs