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New Half Acre/3 Floyds Collab: Anicca

Half Acre has once again teamed up with 3 Floyds to bring you Anicca India Pale. Anicca is single hopped and features the fruity Mosiac hop. This beer will only be available on tap at Half Acre. No growlers.

Style: IPA
Availability: on tap only
Arrival: March 1st 2013

7.3% ABV

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Donkeys In Space Double Daisy Cutter

UPDATE 8/11:  Goes on sale 8/19. Bombers, $9.99, Growler Refill $17, New Fills $21. 6 bottle limit per person.  On sale at 12 noon.

Half Acre Brewing (Chicago, IL) just brewed up a new version of Double Daisy Cutter – Galactic Double Daisy Cutter.  The regular edition of Daisy Cutter is a hoppy American pale ale.

From HA:

We’ve brewed a variant of Double Daisy Cutter we’re calling Gallactic Double Daisy Cutter. This version highlights Galaxy hops, a bruiser grown in Australia specifically to make pallets numb.

 We’re giving this one some time to relax in the tank, but it’s looking like it will land in our brewery store on August 12th. Should that change in any way, then we’ll let you know. We will be selling bombers and growlers. We’re even going to throw some wax on this one…

 The label, seen above, is particularly galactic. What you can’t see here is the metallic silver that will print in the gray areas. Two headed donkeys never looked so good.

Arrival: TBD

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Half Acre Collaborates With Shorts Brewing

Half Acre Brewing (Chicago, IL) announced today they are collaborating with Shorts Brewing (Bellaire, MI).   Having just acquired some saison yeast – Half Acre is stepping up to the plate with 2 saisons.

Captain Fantasy

This is the collaboration with Shorts.  Both breweries will brew identical recipes at each of their locations, with their own labels.  The saison is brewed with pears and Soriachi Ace hops.   22oz bombers, growler fills.   Brew day is this Friday in Chi Town.

Dripping Saison

Half Acre’s in house departure from their saison house strain yeast.  Dripping is meant to be an easy drinking summer beer, of lower abv.  They threw the term session out there.  This beer will be draft only.


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Small Animal…Big Machine

Half Acre Brewing
(Chicago, IL) just brewed with Pipeworks Brewing (Chicago, IL) and De Struise (Ostveleteren, Belgium). The beer is called “Small Animal…Big Machine”.  Not entirely sure the name origin, but the beer is brewed with cherries & currants.

From HA:
This beer is called Small Animal Big Machine. I would say that each influence had a chance to impact this beer and the result will be something of its own. We did a traditional sour mash, used Urbain’s yeast from Belgium and are incorporating a slew of fruit. This beer will be here soon.

Availability: 22oz bombers.  Chicago area.

8.5% ABV

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Half Acre Announces A Meat Wave In May

Half Acre Brewing
(Chicago, IL) is releasing some new beers in the coming weeks.  The first of what is sure to be some interesting brews celebrates Chicago Craft Beer Week 2011.  The week runs from May 19th-29th this year. The beer?  Meat Wave.  Half Acre talks suds:

We’re going to release a number of beers in the coming weeks, but for one we aimed at capturing the essence of what Chicago is and how it’s people do what they do. Clearly our city hosts all kinds of interests, but we combed the fabric of this town and came back with: Pigs. Chicago has been romancing pigs and their tasty bodies in ways like never before. Pigs are hot, totally trending, and part of what we do. Chicago popular culture is running rampant with our succulent friends, while our history is steeped in pork parts. What we’re saying, is that Chicago has been entrenched in the pig for ages and we’re about to climax. Meat Wave is an english-bent India Pale Ale that will be our Chicago Craft Beer Week beer. Earthy delicious, this meat centric offering is for you, Chicago.

Style: English IPA
Availability: 22 oz bombers, Draft. Chicago area only.
Arrival: Late May, 2011

T-shirts commemorating Meat Wave available too…

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The Half Acre Ginger Beer Discount

Half Acre Brewing will be releasing Ginger Twin India Style Red Ale on Friday.  This hoppy red was first released in 2010 by the Chicago based brewery.  And if you happen to be of the ginger persuasion, you are eligible for some special discounts.  Check out Half Acre’s stipulations:

Ginger Discount:
*Anyone with God given red hair will be granted an 8% discount on Ginger Twin purchases.
**Anyone with God given red hair and a Longshoremen’s beard will be granted a 10% discount on Ginger Twin purchases.
***Identical Twins will be granted a 15% discount on Ginger Twin Purchases
****Identical Twins with God given red hair will be granted a 25% discount on Ginger Twin purchases.
*****Identical Twins with God Given red hair and Longshoremen’s beards will be granted a special treat (each) and 50% off additional Ginger Twin purchases.
(The Ginger Discount only valid at the Half Acre Beer Emporium located at the Half Acre Brewery & World Headquarters. 4257 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL)

6.5% ABV

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Half Acre Pays Tribute To Marty Stouffer

Half Acre Brewing (Chicago, IL) is brewing up a tribute beer due out by the end of March.  As Half Acre mentions, it is the breweries first tribute brew.  Marty Stouffer will will be immortalized in the form a barleywine dubbed “Marty Stouffer’s Wild America.”

Marty Stouffer had a tv show in the 80’s & 90’s on PBS.  If you haven’t seen the show,  he travelled around North America showing kids wildlife.  The guys over at Half Acre Brewing grew up watching the show and thought a big beer was fitting.  Marty Stouffer is completely on board with the beer release, even taking the time to send over some box sets to the Chicago brewery.

Check out the whole story at the Half Acre Blog.

Arrival: Late March, 2011.  Chicago & surrounding area.

Great Quote by HA – We brew this tribute beer because 1. A bunch of us at Half Acre watched these shows as kids and really enjoyed seeing these things. And 2. Because there’s a lot of paths you can take when deciding what to do with your time, and deciding you’re going to chronicle yourself raising a bear cub is pretty awesome.