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Three Taverns Pomethus, aka Sour Asylum #5 returns in cans

Three Taverns Pometheus

Three Taverns Pomethus, aka Sour Asylum #5 will be available in cans at the brewery starting today.

The Decatur, Georgia based brewery’s Sour Asylum Series features various Lactobacillus fermented beers, sometimes with spice and fruit additions. Three Taverns Sour Asylum #5’s fruit of choice is pomegranate.

Pomethus is a facto-fermented sour brewed with pilsner and wheat malts and matured on pomegranate. Known to ancient traders as the “fruit of paradise,” the sacred pomegranate’s tartness and touch of sweetness are a delectable delight.

Three Taverns Pomethus was originally released last April in 750 milliliter bottles. 12 ounce cans are available as a to-go option on the tour starting today.

Style: American Wild/Sour Ale (w/ Pomegranate)
Availability: 12oz Cans. Draft.
Release: 4/29/16

4.5% ABV

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Three Taverns Third Age, aged in sherry kicks off the new year

Three Taverns Third Age

Three Taverns Third Age, a barrel-aged old ale, will debut in January.

The strong ale has been aging in PX Sherry barrels, resulting in a very “intense” flavor experience according to the brewery.

…rich with the aroma and flavor of dark fruit, caramel and the intense complexities of sherry and oak.

Earlier this month, Helm’s Deep, another strong barrel-aged beer was released on a special tour at the brewery.

Three Taverns Third Age made a preview appearance at Atlanta’s Strong Beer Fest. 750 milliliter bottles will be available on a ticket tour at the brewery on January 14th, 2017.

Style: Old Ale (Barrel Aged. Sherry.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Debut: 1/14/17

11% ABV

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Three Taverns Cranberry Sauced will kick off taproom can series

Three Taverns Cranberry Sauced

Three Taverns Sour Asylum 2 is back in action for the season, and for the first time – cans. This sour is basically Thanksgiving dinner in your mouth.

The Decatur, Georgia based brewery kicked off the Sour Asylum Series with Sour Asylum 1, a Lactobacillus kettle soured beer fermented with the brewery’s house lager yeast.

The second edition took that beer a step further with the addition of cranberry juice, cinnamon and clove. A perfect Thanksgiving sour beer. They call it “Cranberry Sauced” for a reason.

At this point, Three Taverns is at capacity. This is preventing them from putting another release into full production right now. With what little time they have to spare, the brewery is launching a taproom only series of can releases.

Cranberry Sauced is the second in our new series of lacto-fermented sour ales. Spiced with cranberry juice, cinnamon, and clove in the fermenter, and balanced by a pleasing acidity from the lactobacillus strain added to the kettle, this unique beer is your perfect companion to the Thanksgiving season.

Three Taverns Sour Asylum 2 is on tap the brewery starting today, September 1st. You’ll find it on tap in market in October.

Style: Berliner Weisse (w/ Cranberry Juice, Cinnamon, Clove)
Availability: Draft, 12oz Cans (Taproom)

Latest Return: November, 2016

5% ABV

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Three Taverns Feest Noel returns November 3rd

Three Taverns Feest Noel 2016

Three Taverns Feest Noel, the Decatur, Georgia based brewery’s Christmas offering, returns this week.

Brewery founder Brian Purcell always had a vision for this beer – family. Something that echoed the flavor of this (coming) time of the year, meant to be drank with family and friends. After a few dozen bottles of this big seasonal, we think Purcell and his team have done it.

This Belgian-style quadrupel uses dark roasted malts, imported Belgian dark candy sugar, and spiced accents of cardamom, allspice and cloves. Make this rich ale a part of your holiday celebration.

Three Taverns Feest Noel is available in 750 milliliter bottles, and draft.

Style: Quadrupel (w/ Cardamom, Allspice, Clove)
Availability: 750ml Bottles, Draft. Seasonal Release.
Latest Return: November, 2016

10% ABV, 30 IBUs

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Spotlight: Three Taverns Hoplicity, the brewery’s hoppiest

Three Taverns Hoplicity cans

Three Taverns Hoplicity was canned this week by the Decatur, Georgia brewery. Not only is the beer one of the hoppiest in their arsenal, it is also one of the most expensive to brew.

Three Taverns Hoplicity debuted last fall. The recipe is anything but a whim. Brewery founder Brian Purcell has been saving up and trading hops in preparation of this monster. Last fall the stars (or hops in this case) aligned. 3T had enough El Dorado,  Amarillo, Simcoe, and Galaxy to brew Hoplicity.

Logically, our next question asked how the brewery arrived at this recipe. Surprisingly, Hoplicity was a shot in the dark. Their Belgian brewmaster Joran Van Ginderachter, didn’t create many aggressive, American, hoppy beers while brewing abroad. Night on Ponce IPA was his first, and a homerun at that.

Hoplicity is a blgger, bolder beer, based loosely on Ponce. At nearly 10%, it is indeed aggressive. Besides beer, music is a big love and inspiration for founder Brian Purcell. Miles Davis classic album Boplicity inspired not only the name of this dank offering, but the feeling of improvisation that brought this beer to light.

Hoplicity carefully crafts a steady backbeat of alpha acids and transitioning layers of resinous, citrus, and tropical hops into a rich textured ensemble. This is our hoppiest beer and promises to leave your palate stunned, erratic, and eager for more.

Three Taverns Hoplicity is a seasonal 12 ounce can and draft release, through winter 2016.

Style: Imperial IPA
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Debut: October, 2016

9% ABV, 85 IBUs

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Three Taverns Inceptus: The second appearance

Three Taverns Inceptus, will make a second appearance this month. This beer was the Decatur, Georgia based brewery’s first ever sour ale release last year.

Three Taverns Inceptus has a story, as every beer does, but this one is a little different. On the rare occasion Atlanta gets snow, it grinds the city to a complete halt. Joran Van Ginderachter, Three Tavern’s brewmaster, went to work. He’s Belgian. He loves beer. That’s what he does.

As it happened, Joran walked into the brewery that day with an ear-to-ear grin. The crisp, frigid air, he announced, was clean and healthy. In sum, perfect conditions for open fermentation, a process by which wild yeast is “caught” from the air instead of cultivated.

So the brewers transferred wort into a mini-fermenter and placed it outside, exposed to the air. Over the next few days they observed the signs of spontaneous fermentation and were rewarded with a wild yeast strain that literally arrived with the wind.

In 2016, a second edition has arisen, born from the snowy day and oak aging that is now apart of both the brewery and Atlanta’s beer history.

Three Taverns Inceptus is aged in North Georgian wine barrels. Available in 12.7 ounce bottles at the brewery on Sunday, September 18th.

Style: American Wild/Sour Ale (Wine Aged)
Availability: 12.7 oz bottles.
Release: 9/18/16

6% ABV

Image via Three Taverns

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Three Taverns A Night On Ponce IPA cans hit the market [PICS]

Three Taverns A Night on Ponce can

Three Taverns A Night On Ponce, the brewery’s extremely popular American IPA, will be available in cans for the first time in August. The beer is an American spin on the brewery’s Belgian-style IPA, A Night in Brussels.

Three Taverns opened their brewery with A Night in Brussels in their lineup. Inspired by just that – an evening in one of the world’s most well known beer cities. To create Three Taverns A Night on Ponce, the brewery used the same recipe for Brussels, and swapped out the Belgian yeast to an American yeast.

The name and artwork depict one of Atlanta’s famous streets, Ponce de Leon Avenue.

A Night on Ponce IPA grafts an American ale yeast onto the same malts and hops used in A Night in Brussels IPA. The result is an entirely different beer, which announces its presence with lush notes of citrus fruit before tapering to a clean, dry finish.

Beer Street Journal spoke with the brewery’s founder Brian Purcell ahead of this release. By now you’ve heard all the reasons why a brewery made the move to cans – recyclability, cans can go places glass can’t, etc. The thing is, Purcell said years ago that he’d never release cans. As you CAN see now, you can’t accuse him of being inflexible.

This IPA has gone from debut to runaway flavor success almost overnight. The primarily Belgian-style brewery (with a true Belgian at the brewing helm) created one of the southeast’s best IPAs by just changing the yeast in a beer they were already producing. Today it finds a dual life in aluminum. The success, we hope continues.

Style: IPA
Availability: 12oz Bottles, 12oz Cans, Draft.
Debut (Cans): 8/12/16

7.5% ABV

Three Taverns will have three cans in their lineup by the end of the month – Prince of Pilsen, Night on Ponce, and Rapturous (Raspberry Sour.) All images: Beer Street Journal.