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Sixpoint Puff

Sixpoint Puff

Sixpoint Puff

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Sixpoint Abigale, Their First Canned Belgian

Sixpoint Abigale

The latest can drop from Sixpoint Abigale, aka A-BIG-ALE, their first canned Belgian brew.

Expect to find classic dark fruit flavors from the Belgian candi sugar used mixed right in with non-traditional piles of American hops finished off with traditional Belgian yeast.

Now, more than a decade since our first Belgian experiments, we dug through old brewing records and recipes, consulted with monks (over beers), and revitalized the formulation. A-BIG-ALE emerges from the catacombs, captured in 12 oz slim stained-glass cans and on draft across our network.

Sixpoint Abigale is available now in 12oz slim cans across the brewery’s entire network.

Style: Belgian Pale Ale
Availability: 12oz Cans
Release: March, 2015

8% ABV, 52 IBUs

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Sixpoint Planning 24 Ounce “Silo” Cans

Sixpoint The Crisp 24 oz

The can population is growing exponentially, and I don’t hear anyone complaining.

Craft breweries have adopted everything from the 12, 16, and the 19.2oz cans. Sixpoint, which already has the slim can, is poised to make a foamy splash with the 24oz “Silo” can.

Artwork has surfaced for a 24oz can design for The Crisp, Sixpoint’s German-style pilsner. For those really bad at math, that’s a full 2 ounces more than the ever popular bomber.

Ball Corporation (One of the largest aluminum can makers) produces a 24oz can, alongside a 25.4oz and 32oz option in the category. The 24oz is seen on the left.

Ball Can Sizes

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Sixpoint Global Warmer Headed For Cans

Sixpoint Global Warmer

By the looks of it, Sixpoint Craft Ales (Brooklyn, NY) last released a beer dubbed Global Warmer around 2008. Even then, it was draft only. This edition is about 7% ABV, a little over 2% lower than the last release.

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.

Style: Winter Warmer
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft
Arrival: TBA

7% ABV

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Sixpoint Apollo Returns

Summer draws closer with the return of Sixpoint Apollo. Brewmaster Jan Matysiak trained at Weihenstephaner Institute in Germany, a brewery well know for hefeweizen. The result is one of the best wheat beers you will find in a can.

The unmistakable flavor of a Bavarian Wheat, but with a clear golden brilliance and a Sixpoint twist. An entirely unique canned offering for the sun-worshipping ale lovers.

Style: Kristalweizen
Availability: 16oz cans
5.2% ABV, 11 IBUs 

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