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Sixpoint Abigale, Their First Canned Belgian

Sixpoint Abigale

The latest can drop from Sixpoint Abigale, aka A-BIG-ALE, their first canned Belgian brew.

Expect to find classic dark fruit flavors from the Belgian candi sugar used mixed right in with non-traditional piles of American hops finished off with traditional Belgian yeast.

Now, more than a decade since our first Belgian experiments, we dug through old brewing records and recipes, consulted with monks (over beers), and revitalized the formulation. A-BIG-ALE emerges from the catacombs, captured in 12 oz slim stained-glass cans and on draft across our network.

Sixpoint Abigale is available now in 12oz slim cans across the brewery’s entire network.

Style: Belgian Pale Ale
Availability: 12oz Cans
Release: March, 2015

8% ABV, 52 IBUs