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Upland Brewing Teddy Bear Kisses returns this winter

Upland Brewing Teddy Bear Kisses

Upland Brewing Teddy Bear Kisses, a Russian Imperial Stout aged on fair trade cacao nibs, returns this winter. Clocking in at 10%, this high ABV winter seasonal is oak aged on cocoa nibs for four weeks, giving it a slightly sweet and bold chocolate flavor with dark caramel and vanilla notes.

“Teddy Bear Kisses is aged for four weeks on cacao nibs to provide an intense chocolate flavor and aroma, like sipping on cup of hot cocoa. A roasty bitterness balanced by moderate sweetness provides incredible drinkability for this style.” -Matt Wisely, Innovation Lead

This seasonal release, Teddy Bear Kisses, hits shelves starting this week in 4-packs and draft within Upland Brewing distribution.

Style: Russian Imperial Stout (Oak Aged. Chocolate.)
Availability: 12oz Bottles. Draft.
Release: December 2016

10% ABV

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Stone Espresso Imperial Russian Stout On Its Way

The wait is almost over. Stone Brewing’s 2013 Odd Beer for Odd Years offering, Espresso Imperial Russian Stout, is set to launch on Monday along with it’s buddy, the original Imperial Russian Stout. This year’s version isn’t that crazy compared to other years, but definitely shouldn’t be written off. They brewed this beer with espresso from their friends at Ryan Bros. Coffee in San Diego and the beer boasts quite a huge flavor.

“We’ve been producing IRS since 2000. The recipe is timeless, yet, being the never-satisfied, forward-thinking-to-the-point-of-dreaming craftspeople we are, we can’t simply rest on our laurels and just stick with the tried-and-true. 2013 Stone ESPRESSO Imperial Russian Stout bursts with intense added roastiness that serves to magnify underlying flavors. Think of it as an amplifier for all of those symphony instruments.”

Style: Russian Imperial Stout (w/ Espresso)
Availability: 22oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: April 15, 2013

11% ABV 

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Stone Imperial Russian Stout Ready to Return [VIDEO]

Considered to be one of the foremost representations of the style, Stone’s Imperial Russian Stout is ready to launch this Monday, April 15 2013, making tax day was more awesome.

“This obsidian wonder is also adept at eclipsing palates, smothering taste buds with a sensory overload of flavors. Dark chocolate and heavy roast come on strong up front and are granted graceful support by nuances of toast, anise, juniper berry, pepper, sassafras, molasses and more. It’s a symphony in a glass, where every member of the troupe is properly tuned to produce one outstanding symbiotic performance.”

Style: Russian Imperial Stout
Availability: 22oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: April 15th 2013

10.6% ABV 

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Stone Odd Year Release: Espresso Imperial Russian Stout

Stone Espresso Imperial Russian Stout

Another addition to Stone’s Odd Beers for Odd Years Series surfaced today – this time around – Stone Espresso Imperial Russian Stout.

Style: Russian Imperial Stout (w/ Espresso)
Availability: 22oz Bombers

11% ABV 

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HA! Holland Oats! Get It?

Stillwater Holland OatsBecause it’s brewed it Holland!  A new collaboration featuring Stillwater Artisanal and Emelisse. A dutch amber ale, brewed at Bierbrouweij Emelisse (going out on a limb and saying with oats?)

Stillwater is based in Baltimore, Maryland- a gypsy brewer much like the famed Mikkeller.  Emelisse’s popular offerings include Russian Imperial Stout, and Espresso Stout, available in 12oz bottles & draft.

You KNOW this song is in your head, so why not right?