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Upland Brewing Co. is shipping their sours to D.C.

Upland Sour Ale bottles

Bloomington, Indiana based Upland Brewing Co. is shipping their famed sours to the District of Columbia this month.

About a year ago, Upland opened their Wood Shop Sour Ale Brewery, allowing them to upscale production and create new sour and wild styles. Upland’s sour lineup has garnered national attention among beer fans, prompting them to begin limited distribution around the east coast.

In April, the brewery distributed a limited amount of sour and wild ales to The District during the Craft Brewer’s Conference. The lineup’s warm reception has prompted them to sign a distribution deal with Madidus to bring the lineup to the area full time.

“D.C. has one of the best culinary scenes in the country and we’ve found that our sours are very well received in these food-centric cities. We’ve partnered with a great new distributor, Madidus, and look forward to joining a thriving craft beer market in our nation’s capital.” Dusty Howe,  Upland Sour Brand Manager

Upland fans in D.C. can expect Hopsynth, Iridescent, and a limited supply of Cursed Kettles, a collaboration beer with Prairie Artisan Ales out of Oklahoma.

Launch events begin the week of May 8th at Church Key Beer Bar, All-Purpose, and Jack Rose Dining Saloon.

Image: Upland Brewing Co.

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Upland Peach Sour debuts

Upland Peach Sour

Upland Peach Barrel-Aged Sour hits shelves this month. The Indiana based brewery has been teasing this release for a little while now.

In fall of 2016, Upland soured fresh peaches from Huber’s Orchard and Winery in nearby Starlight, Indiana. Whole peaches were added to the brewery’s sour ale, barrel-aged for three months.

Gold and straw colors shine upon pouring, with zesty amounts of carbonation. Fresh peach aromas meld with floral and wine-like notes. Wonderful peach flavors follow in the taste, accompanied by refreshing tartness. Finish is dry, with mouth-watering tanginess and peach flavor.

Interesting to note, peaches were the first fruit Upland chose when starting a sour program in 2006.

Upland Peach Barrel-Aged Sour Ale will be available in 750 milliliter bottles and draft in the near future.

Style: American Wild/Sour Ale (w/ Peaches. Oak Aged.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles, Draft.
Debut: Mid-February, 2017

6% ABV

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Upland Brewing Teddy Bear Kisses returns this winter

Upland Brewing Teddy Bear Kisses

Upland Brewing Teddy Bear Kisses, a Russian Imperial Stout aged on fair trade cacao nibs, returns this winter. Clocking in at 10%, this high ABV winter seasonal is oak aged on cocoa nibs for four weeks, giving it a slightly sweet and bold chocolate flavor with dark caramel and vanilla notes.

“Teddy Bear Kisses is aged for four weeks on cacao nibs to provide an intense chocolate flavor and aroma, like sipping on cup of hot cocoa. A roasty bitterness balanced by moderate sweetness provides incredible drinkability for this style.” -Matt Wisely, Innovation Lead

This seasonal release, Teddy Bear Kisses, hits shelves starting this week in 4-packs and draft within Upland Brewing distribution.

Style: Russian Imperial Stout (Oak Aged. Chocolate.)
Availability: 12oz Bottles. Draft.
Release: December 2016

10% ABV

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Upland Latitude Adjustment, a winter escape beer

Upland Latitude Adjustment

Upland Latitude Adjustment provides a little escape from your typical winter seasonal release. Previously known as Beard of Paradise from the Upland Brewing’s Side Trail series, Latitude Adjustment is back as a seasonal release due to its popularity. This “winter escape” beer brings a tropical pale ale with pineapple and coconut into the season of malty winter favorites.

“Latitude Adjustment is intended to be a “winter escape” beer, a kind of brew that you might typically see as a summer seasonal, intended to give the drinker a psychological relief from the chill of winter by providing the impression of warmer climes. Those looking for a change from the malty winter brews will enjoy this complex and refreshing pale ale.” – Innovation Lead Matt Wisley.

Upland Brewing, based in Bloomington, Indiana, creates Latitude Adjustment by brewing with Mosaic hops and coconut. They then add pineapples near the end of fermentation.

Latitude Adjustment hits shelves in six-packs and on draught this month.

Style: Pale Ale (Pineapple. Coconut.)
12oz bottles/6-packs. Draft.
November, 2016

6.2% ABV

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Fresh Citra hops: Upland Harvest Ale

Upland Harvest Ale

Upland Harvest Ale, the brewery’s fresh hop ale, returns this week.

The Bloomington, Indiana based brewery adds fresh Citra hops picked just 24 hours prior, to a pale ale. The result is a beer with a unique, bright and citrusy hop flavor.

“We take extra steps and effort to use wet hops in our hopback because it allows the citrus and tropical fruit character of the Citra to really shine,” – Pete Batule, VP of Brewing Operations.

Upland Harvest Ale is available for a limited time in 12 ounce bottles and draft.

Style: Pale Ale (Wet Hopped)
Hops: Citra

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Latest Return: Late September, 2016

5.5% ABV, 62 IBUs

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Posted in Upland Beer, New Beers