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Sour, wild, a ton of oak. SweetWater The Woodlands in pictures

SweetWater the Woodlands

It all started with Pit and the Pendulum, SweetWater’s peach fruited wild ale. What was supposed to scratch an itch for funky brewing, blew the door wide open for The Woodlands.

Coming in January is SweetWater’s Through the Brambles, the first release from the completed Woodlands Project. The inaugural release is nothing short of fantastic. Fresh raspberries were added to a light sour base (one of which will serve as the brewery’s “mother” beer), in oak barrels.

In place now are 500 oak barrels ranging from red wine to rum and bourbon, 15 puncheons (larger wine casks), and six oak foudres. The 37,000 square foot facility signals a new era of sophistication for the brewery.

Get to know this names if you don’t know them already. Mark Medlin, Troy Montrone, and Chris Meadows. That is the funky bunch that is making Lactobacillus, Brettanomyces, oak and fruit, work for tastebuds affections. Once you taste Through the Brambles, you’ll find out they are off to one hell of a great start.

The Woodlands will be open to the public in January, 2017.

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SweetWater Pulled Porter (tastes like bacon) returns in cans

SweetWater Pulled Porter cans

SweetWater Pulled Porter is returning the Atlanta, Georgia brewery’s lineup this week. The beer debuted a year ago as a part of the “Dank Tank” Series.

Pulled Porter unites SweetWater and Atlanta food icon Fox Brothers BBQ into one neat little pint. Sure, you could order some German smoked malt and brew up a rauchbier. That’s the easy way. The brewery is based in The South, land of barbecue. SweetWater’s head brewer Nick Nock took some of Pulled’s base grain to Fox Brothers and had them smoke the malt the same way they smoke their highly sought after pork and brisket. (See images below.)

While smoke beers might not be your style, Pulled Porter might just change your mind. The smokey flavor is very savory; reminiscent to flavors of cooked bacon, and less like a hot house fire. The remaining unsmoked malt gives this beer a touch of chocolate. Basically, a backyard BBQ beer that doesn’t get your hands sticky.

Not only is Pulled Porter back in action once starting this week, it is available in 16 ounce cans for the first time.

On the farm way too long, ol’ McDanko began showing some worrisome tendencies. Following a solid session in the hot box smoking malt, he was overcome by a methane cloud emoted from the herd. Ya heard? Reaching for the hops, he goofed and grabbed porky by the e-i-e-i-oh and plopped her in the brew kettle slow and low —that is the tempo. Knock knock —who’s them? It’s McDanko’s inbred neighbor, Geri Reynolds, swinging by delivering his deliverance with some fat back hem and some fat back them. Stepping out past some Foxy brothers picking a banjo on the porch to sample his wares, McDanko, doubled over the chopping block and squealed like a pig – wieii wieii — proclaiming this to be the most bodacious bacon beer brewed this side of the Chattoog-a!

Important to note, meant was not used during the brewing process. However, some of the malt was smoked in commercial smokers which IS home to  meat for hours every day.

SweetWater Pulled Porter can be found on tap and 16 ounce cans. Expect cans on shelves across the brewery’s lineup sometime in December.

Style: Smoked Porter
Availability: 16oz Cans, Draft.
Latest Return: December, 2016

7.7% ABV

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A look inside SweetWater’s massive sour expansion [PICS]

Atlanta, Georgia’s SweetWater Brewing is putting the finishing touches on a massive new barrel house at their home on Ottley Drive. The brewery hopes it will be among the largest of it’s kind in the United States.

First, let’s start by acknowledging the fact that wild and sour beer production is on the rise in America. (read: On fire.) You’ll find few people upset over this trend. Sour and wild beer production comes with two big drawbacks that need to be overcome if you are going to really go all-in on the styles. The first – keeping the sour and wild beer separate.

Yeah, wild ales are great, but so is SweetWater 420 and IPA. Best practice says those beers need to grow up away from each other. The second is space to let your wild beer sit in peace for long periods of time. Both these problems are most easily solved with more room. Anytime the brewery has needed more space, they just buy the empty building next door.

They’ve done that very thing again. Introducing The Woodlands, SweetWater’s new wild and sour facility, and event space.

The 37,000 square foot space is tacked onto the warehouse end of the brewery. It will house 11 foeders (6 are in place in the images below). The barrel storage area can house around 1,000 wine and spirits barrels.

Back to the discussion of keeping things separate. The new facility will house their own packaging line for bottling and canning.

Let’s face it. Barrels are sexy. For that reason, The Woodlands will serve as an upscale event space, for your beer-forward, stylish events. Care was taken to design the taproom with a grand staircase, detailed lighting, exposed brick, and more.

SweetWater’s Mark Medilin and Troy Montrone will oversee the sour expansion. Beer Street Journal is told the first release is slated to be a raspberry sour ale. Hopefully two releases in 2017, and up to four a year going forward.

SweetWater The Woodlands should be open to public in in January, 2017.

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SweetWater LowRYEder IPA back from retirement for the winter

SweetWater LowRYEder is out of retirement. At least for now.

This beer got its start as a hoppy rye offering known as Crank Tank, a charitable beer brewed to benefit Camp Twin Lakes. That release was so well received, the brewery upgraded it to LowRYEder IPA.

Not long after, LowRYEder won a gold medal at The Great American Beer Festival. In true SweetWater fashion, the beer was retired shortly after. That’s what happens when a recipe wins a medal SweetWater. Retired. Don’t try to understand it.

The fans voted this summer, and the clear winner is the spicy rye beer you came to know and love a few years ago. Available only in the Winter Variety Pack in 12 ounce bottles and on tap at the brewery.

Style: IPA (/ Rye)
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft. Seasonal release, Winter 2016. 

6.2% ABV, 45 IBUs 

Pic: SweetWater’s head brewer Nick Nock holds the “infamous” GABF gold metal, aka the kiss of death. 

SweetWater LowRYEder BSJ

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First Look: SweetWater Squeeze Box, the brewery’s new grapefruit IPA

SweetWater Squeeze Box can

SweetWater Squeeze Box, a new India pale ale brewed with grapefruit, is headed to shelves.

As far as craft beer is concerned the IPA category is king. Has been for years and it’s not slowing down. The fruited segment of the IPA world is very much on fire as well.

Already having one of the southeast’s most popular IPAs in their lineup plus the overwhelming success of this summer’s Goin’ Coastal Pineapple IPA, enter SweetWater Squeeze Box, an IPA with grapefruit.

This beer is indeed juicy, like that juice box you had as a kid, SweetWater Squeeze Box features fresh grapefruit in the brewing process. How did it come out? Dangerously drinkable. Everything you love about SweetWater’s IPA is made new again, thanks to Squeeze Box. The grapefruit pops, and finishes with a bit more sweetness then you’ve come to know in the year-round IPA. A great follow-up to this summer’s hit seasonal, Goin’ Coastal.

Slice open citrus heaven with this grapefruit laced IPA. Bright and crisp with five tropical hop additions and dosed with a shot of grapefruit, it’s a refreshing new squeeze.

SweetWater Squeeze Box is a 12 ounce bottle and draft release. Should be on all of SweetWater’s shelves by November, 2016.

Style: IPA (w/ Grapefruit)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Release: Late October/November, 2016

6.1% ABV

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Widespread Panic to headline SweetWater 420 Fest 2017

SweetWater 420 Fest Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic will headline SweetWater’s 420 Fest in 2017. The band will play two nights, and a total of 4 sets.

The 3-Day festival kicks off on April 21, 2016. in addition to Widespread, Trey Anastasio Band, Slightly Stoopid, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Dark Star Orchestra, Anders Osborne, Twiddle, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, and Hip Abduction will also play.

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The past few years have seen Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, The Roots, 311, Kid Rock, Primus, and George Clinton on stage.

More acts will be announced in the near future as contracts are signed.

The 2017 SweetWater 420 Festival is April 21-23. “Early Bird” 3-Day General Admission and VIP tickets go on sale Tuesday, September 20, at 10 a.m. EST at www.sweetwater420fest.com.  General Admission pricing starts at $89 and 3-Day VIP pricing starts at $243.

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SweetWater Hash Session IPA: year round & 15 packs

SweetWater Hash Session IPA can

SweetWater Hash Session IPA launched in February this year. The popular was nearly instantaneou. The fan love has prompted the brewery to make it a year-round offering.

Today the brewery is launching 15-packs of Hash Session, headed for retailers next week. For those times with a 12-pack just won’t due. The low alcohol by volume India pale ale features Amarillo hops hash, good for all day drinking.

READ: SweetWater retires Hash Session.

Even though Hash Session is going away, SweetWater Hash Brown is back on shelves again for fall, 2016. The base beer is a brown ale brewed using the hash blend.

Cooling out on the dock, jamming tunes and popping tops, wait for da rod to bend. Gist of the grist is mellow at 4.2%, laying down the base to showcase the blazin’ Amarillo hop hash sunset.

SweetWater Hash Session iPA is now available in 12 ounce bottles, cans, and draft, year-round

Style: IPA
Hops: Amarillo, Bravo

Availability: 12oz Bottles, 12oz Cans, Draft.
Release: February, 2016 (Year-round)

4.2% ABV

SweetWater Hash Session 15 Packs