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Nebraska’s Sour, Ugly Betty

A new Betty from Nebraska Brewing Company. This one’s ugly. Ugly Betty. If you ask me, it sounds like a barrel of Black Betty accidentally sour. Ugly Betty joins Nebraska’s Inception Series.

An outcast from  the set of Black Betty, this barrel embraces the natural sour character that can emerge from an unscripted cast of extras who invade the set of a 6 month shoot. Black Betty’s unfriended barrel – staring in her own show.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged, Sour)
Availability: 22 oz bottles
Arrival: TBA10% ABV

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note: The above is tentative.  Subject to change at whim of the brewer, the beer, or the barrel.

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Nebraska’s Sexy Betty Scheduled For July 12th

Nebraska’s newest entry into their Inception Series Sexy Betty is scheduled for July 14, 2012.  Betty, who comes in two other forms (Naked Betty, & Black Betty) spent time in 50 year old cognac barrels.  Sexy is only the 3rd release in the series, along with Microbe Rue , and Toasted Barn.

Limited to 40 cases, 2 bottle limit per person.

Location: Nebraska’s Brewpub, July 12, 2012. (Subject to change)

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Nebraska’s Sexy Betty

Remember Nebraska’s Black Betty?  She has a relative. Or at least a hot friend. Sexy Betty combines the barrel aged hotness of Black Betty, blended with 5o year old cognac barrel aged imperial stout. The blend does indeed sound sexy. She joins Nebraska’s Inception Series.

A sweet nose greets the adventurous in this marriage of our Black Betty Russian Imperial Stout and 50 year old French Cognac barrels.  An elegantly pleasant surprise wakes the palate which migrates from a hint of Cognac into the wonderfully lingering roasted malt character.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged)
Availability:  750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

10% ABV 

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Nebraska’s Microbe Rue Release

The next experimental beer in Nebraska Brewing Company’s Inception Series will debut this Saturday called Microbe Rue.  The beer will be available in 22oz bottles and only 18 cases are being released to the public.  Microbe Rue took the Nebraska brewers two full years to brew and age.

What is it you ask?  Two years ago Nebraska Brewing made a Holiday beer that was a Belgian Dubbel with Belgian Candy Sugar, cinnamon, and Nebraska City Cherry Juice.  Back then, they poured some of this beer into a brand new Missouri Oak barrel and tucked it away until a couple of weeks ago when they pulled it out and bottled it.  It is now known as Microbe Rue.

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PRESS RELEASE: Nebraska’s Inception Series Kicks Off

Nebraska Brewing Company bottles their first barrel aged beer in the Inception series.  22oz bombers, brewpub release only.  First release is Toasted Barn, a smoked porter aged in Stranahan whiskey barrels.

Papillion, NE (Aug 2011) – Nebraska Brewing Company today announces the bottling of the first barrel-aged Craft Beer in its newly formed Inception Series.

Aptly named due to the experimental nature of these beers, Inception Series beers are expected to be one-off, very small batch bottlings bottled in 22 oz. bombers. These beers will be sold at a lower price point than Nebraska Brewing Company’s Reserve Series beers. Inception Series beers are expected to be sold only in the brewpub in Papillion, NE due to the very limited supply.

It is likely that some of these beers may graduate into The Reserve Series line at some later date should they be deemed worthy of the stature of this line. At this time, all beers currently targeted for the Inception Series are aging in barrels with some going through an extended maturation and souring process.

Paul Kavulak, President of Nebraska Brewing Company stated: “Quite some time ago, we finished experimentation on a very small batch of Missouri Oak Aged Rye IPA. At the time, we felt the beer was a good beer, but weren’t sure we could include it in the Reserve Series Line and we had no other bottle format for sales back then. It wound up in a bomber, without a label and was consumed inside the brewpub only. It was later awarded a medal at the Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers. It became clear these beers needed a formal production process.”

Adding further, “We’ve since laid down a number of barrel aged experiments and when they emerge, they will now find themselves in the Inception Series as their first appearance for Nebraska Brewing Company.”

The first beer in this series, Toasted Barn, is a Smoked Porter aged in Stranahan’s Whiskey barrels. When originally brewed, Toasted Barn had a robust smoky character through the addition of 35% Smoked Briess Malt. It seemed a fitting combination at the time to send this beer through extended aging within the Whiskey barrel program used for other beers such as Black Betty RIS, and Fathead Barleywine. The resultant beer is one with a mellowed smokiness, vanilla aromatics, and oak tannins which elevate the finish into a very remarkable beer. Bottling has recently been completed and its anticipated release date is August 26, 2011 at Nebraska Brewing Company in Papillion.

Nebraska Brewing Company was formed in November of 2007 and has established itself as a Midwest Innovator of quality Craft Beers and artisanal Barrel-Aged Products. Building on a reputation for quality, flavor, and creativity — Nebraska Brewing Company strives to be a stand-out in an ever growing field.

Nebraska Brewing Company is proud to be a locally owned and locally operated brewpub in Papillion, Nebraska. Small, independent, and pushing the envelope.

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Nebraska’s Rare Inception

Nebraska Brewing Toasted Barn

Nebraska Brewing Toasted Barn

One to add to the rare beer, “how do I get it” list – Nebraska Brewing’s Toasted Barn.  The brewery released details about the Inception Series, their newest barrel aged beer.

We bottle the first of what will be our extremely limited edition barrel aged experiments which we are calling The Inception Series.

Why Inception?  Well, it’s pretty simple really.  These are 1 or 2 oak barrels of something we felt was worthy of the time and effort necessary to head down a lenghty path of maturation and flavor enhancements.  This is our unveiling and it may be the start of something very nice indeed.

Will they make it to Reserve Series?  Maybe.  Will they ever be made again?  Maybe.  Will we even bottle all of the barrel aged experiments we have in the pipeline?  Maybe (I think you get the picture at this point)

We’ll decide later but at this stage, we do know that they are truly something special.  Small batch, limited edition barrel aged efforts.  Toasted Barn is our first so watch our Newsletter or Facebook for additional information on the Series and the beer itself.

These beers will only be available in our brewpub.