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Nebraska’s Rare Inception

Nebraska Brewing Toasted Barn

Nebraska Brewing Toasted Barn

One to add to the rare beer, “how do I get it” list – Nebraska Brewing’s Toasted Barn.  The brewery released details about the Inception Series, their newest barrel aged beer.

We bottle the first of what will be our extremely limited edition barrel aged experiments which we are calling The Inception Series.

Why Inception?  Well, it’s pretty simple really.  These are 1 or 2 oak barrels of something we felt was worthy of the time and effort necessary to head down a lenghty path of maturation and flavor enhancements.  This is our unveiling and it may be the start of something very nice indeed.

Will they make it to Reserve Series?  Maybe.  Will they ever be made again?  Maybe.  Will we even bottle all of the barrel aged experiments we have in the pipeline?  Maybe (I think you get the picture at this point)

We’ll decide later but at this stage, we do know that they are truly something special.  Small batch, limited edition barrel aged efforts.  Toasted Barn is our first so watch our Newsletter or Facebook for additional information on the Series and the beer itself.

These beers will only be available in our brewpub.