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Stone Wraps Up The “Epic” Series with 12.12.12

Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, CA) will officially wrap up the Vertical Epic Series this year with the release of 12.12.12. The series spanned 12 years, and various styles meant to be cellared until this year. The last release is a Belgian dark ale with an array of spices.

epic (ep’Tk) adj. (1) Heroic and impressive In quality. (2) Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size. (3) Of, constituting, having to do with, or suggestive of a literary epic.

The final chapter in an “epic” series.

As with any good epic, herein hen the promise of larger-than-life experiences, heroics, and twists & turns as the adventure unfolds. This bottle-conditioned’ ale is chapter eleven. Now is the time to enjoy it in a “vertical” tasting side by side with its ten Stone Vertical Epic Ale brethren! Each one unique to its year of release. Each with its own “twist & turn” in the plot line. Each one released one year, one month and one day from the previous year’s edition. To remind you, the release dates were:

02.02.02 03.03.03 04.04.04 05.05.05 06.06.06 07.07,07 08.08.08 09.09.09 10.10.10 11.11 .11 12.12.12

This year’s Stone Vertical Epic Ale is the very last one. Yep, this is it, The final chapter. Or as they say on the last slide in some old films: “Fin.” No worries though; this edition is particularly well suited for prolonging the experience, as it as Cellarable as any in the sexes, or more. In this, the final edition, you can expect a perfectly balanced *womp* of spices: cinnamon, ginger, allspice, sweet orange peel, clove (only a little!) and rosehips, all in the context of a dark Belgian style abbey-ish beer…but not as sweet. Dry even. Stone style. Thanks for coming on this Epic Stone-style journey with us! You can rest assured there will be new adventures to come…

Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale (w/ Ginger, Cloves, Allspice, Candied Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Rose Hips)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: Early December, 2012

9.4% ABV