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Dark Lord Day Tickets On Sale March 17th

3 Floyds Brewing has announced that tickets go on sale for Dark Lord Day 2011 on March 17th, 2011.  Time TBA.

For the impending April 30th event, a ticket will be required for admittance to 3 Floyds.  No exceptions.  The ticket also guarantees your bottle allocation.  Ticket limits, and bottle schedule is still being discussed by 3 Floyds.  Bottle limits to also be decided once the 2011 yield is figured out.

For more info check out 3 Floyds Dark Lord Day Website

2 thoughts on “Dark Lord Day Tickets On Sale March 17th

  1. Wait…is there somewhere I can get 3 Floyds down here? (I’m originally from NW Indiana — been in Atlanta 16 years — plus my sister and her husband are investors, so it’s a pilgrimage whenever we go home…)

    • No unfortunately. Dark Lord and Dark Lord day is only at the brewery. There actually are a few people that make the trip for the beer release…

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