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Bridgeport’s 1st Ever Box Set

For the first time ever, BridgePort Brewing Company will release a 12-bottle variety pack with 4 different beers.  The Beervana Brewer’s Box, will include BridgePort IPA, Hop Czar, Kingpin and a seasonal selection.  According to a recent press release, once Kingpin Double Red Ale was released- they knew it was time.

“The Beervana Brewer’s Box will be distributed nationally and will feature three bottles each of:

  • IPA: Our award-winning IPA is brewed with a blend of five hop varieties
    (Cascade, Golding, Ahtanum, Crystal and Chinook) and presents a floral, citrusy aroma and full hop flavor, while downplaying the bitterness. The beer pours smooth in the glass, emitting its signature golden glow.
  • Hop Czar: An Imperial India Pale Ale brewed with over two pounds of whole leaf hop cones in each barrel. The Emperor of IBU’s, Hop Czar is triple hopped with four varieties (Nugget, Chinook, Centennial and Cascade) to produce an aggressively bitter, yet drinkable flavor.
  • Kingpin: This triple-hopped red features rye and caramel malt yielding a deep red color. Kingpin uses a rarely-grown Willamette Valley Hop varietal known as Liberty Hops from fourth generation hop farmer John Annen of Annen Bros. Farm in Silverton, Oregon.
  • Winter Seasonal, Dark Rain: Black Wheat and Dark Crystal Malt add dense color and mild smooth flavors to this intensely hopped Black Ale. This ale has a very drinkable, mid-level alcohol and bitterness that starts with roasted and hoppy aromatic notes and finishes with the dry hop character of the Nugget hop varietal. A Chinook, Crystal, Centennial and Cascade blend is used in our hopjack to provide full flavored background hoppiness.

Availability: 12oz Variety Box Set
Arrival: First Quarter, 2012

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Bridgeport Dark Rain

Bridgeport Dark RainA stormy offering coming soon from Oregon’s oldest brewery Bridgeport.  The beer is Dark Rain.  Billed as a black pale ale with a “drizzle” of roasted malt.

The Pacific northwest’s rain is almost a famous as it’s beer.  Dark Rain, an intensely hopped, yes surprisingly smooth black ale, will shower your taste buds with roasted malt and chocolate flavors derived from black wheat and dark crystal malt.  Enjoy the darkness

Style: Black IPA
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft.
Arrival: TBA

5.6% ABV 

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Bridgeport Hop Harvest 2011

Bridgeport  Brewing’s Hop Harvest 2011 is on shelves.  Fresh hop lovers will love the juicy hop flavors in this American IPA.

IN A WORD… HOPULENT! Bushels of fresh hops in every batch… any fresher and you’d have to pick them yourself.  This triple hopped, imperial style ale gets its most important ingredient from Willamette Valley aroma hops. Caramel malt joins forces with a touch of wheat to produce a deep amber color with a cloudy veil.  The result is an ale that will turn even the most pretentious hop fans jolly.  

Style: American IPA (fresh hopped)
Taste Expectations:  Citrus hops, fresh and chewy. Followed by a nice caramel backbone.
Availability: 22oz bombers. Fall seaonal.

6.56% ABV

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Bridgeport Hop Harvest Ale 2011

Bridgeport Brewing Company (Portland, Oregon) Hop Harvest Ale 2011. Triple Hopped Imperial Style Ale.

Style: Imperial IPA

Availability: 22oz bombers

6.56% ABV


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Bridgeport Is Raven Mad. Or At Least Brewed It

Bridgeport Brewing’s future Big Brews release is Raven Mad, an imperial porter.  This release is 50% barrel aged.   50% in whiskey, 50% with oak. Oak chips? Quoth the raven: Nevermore.

This is a blend of whiskey barrel aged porter with a batch of unbarred stout. It has a maximum of roasty malt flavor, hop bitterness, wood/oak overtones and bourbon vanilla notes.

Style: Imperial Porter (Barrel aged, Oak aged)
Availability: 22oz bombers
Released: December, 2011

7.5% ABV

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Bridgeport’s Summer Squeeze

The name is catchy enough.  Bridgeport Brewing is adding “Summer Squeeze” to their seasonal lineup.  The beer features Yuzu, a fruit that looks like an yellow orange originating in China.  The fruit grows on a small thorny tree.  Flavor of the Yuzu is tart, with some resemblances to Mandarin orange.  Yuzu is used in a lot of dishes where lemon would have been present.  Lemongrass, the second ingredient featured in this upcoming release is native to the Philippines.  Lemongrass is very citrusy.  There’s a reason Bridgeport calls Squeeze a “Bright Ale.”

Meet your new Summer Squeeze.  The refreshing brew infused with lemongrass and yuzu, the exotic asian citrus fruit.  The result is bright and crisp with a complex citrus finishe. Perfect for hot days.

Style: Pale Ale?
Availability: 12oz/6pks. Draft.
Arrival: Summer, 2011.

Tagline: This is one summer crush you won’t soon forget.

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Bridgeport Stumptown 2011 Deets

The 4th edition of Bridgeport Brewing’s Stumptown Tart is upon us.  Bridgeport released details about this years edition today.

What You Need To Know:
2011 edition is infused with 2,000 pounds of Oregon strawberries from local growers at Willamette Valley Fruit Company.  Brewed with Saaz hops, so as not to overpower the strawberries.  These berries are sweeter than other strawberries. Touted to have a higher “brix” count, or higher nutrient content.  This makes these strawberries of the highest quality, and red all the way through.

Release Party is planned for June 2nd,2011 at the Bridgeport Brewpub.  Attendees will get to meet Ms. Stumptown aka Bernie Dexter.

Availability: Limited edition 22oz bottles.

Fourth Generation Stumptown Tart Uses Strawberries from Willamette Valley Fruit Company

PORTLAND, Ore. – April 4, 2011 – BridgePort Brewing Company, Oregon’s oldest craft brewery is releasing its fourth generation Stumptown Tart on June 2. The new brew is a Strawberry Ale infused with 2,000 pounds of Oregon strawberries from local growers at Willamette Valley Fruit Company. Brewmaster Jeff Edgerton used Czech Saaz hops, most often found in pilsner or American Lager, to allow the taste of the Willamette Valley strawberries to shine through.

“Earlier this year I was able to sit down and talk with Jeff Dunn from Willamette Valley Fruit Company,” commented Brewmaster Jeff Edgerton. “It became evident pretty quickly that using strawberries was the way to go, especially after hearing more about the varietal unique to Oregon and the Willamette Valley.”

Oregon strawberries contain a higher “brix” count, when compared to other growing regions across the world. The higher the brix reading on a strawberry indicates a higher nutrient content and, in turn, a sweeter berry. This unique quality also means that Oregon strawberries are red all the way through, adding more flavor, as opposed to water filler.

BridgePort will host a Stumptown Tart release party Thursday, June 2 at 5:30pm at the BridgePort BrewPub in the Pearl at 1313 NW Marshall St. Free and open to the public, attendees can be among the first to try free samples of the new brew while supplies last and purchase a limited-edition 22-ounce bottle of Stumptown Tart. Guests will also be given the opportunity to meet the Stumptown Tart herself, bottle model Bernie Dexter, as we celebrate another year of this tasty brew. Bernie will be at the BrewPub to sign bottles, posters, and provide festive eye candy to all in attendance.

BridgePort’s Stumptown Tart Stats:
IBU’s: 15, ABV: 7.75%, Color: Reddish-Pink, OG: 17.3

Ingredients: Barley malt, German Saaz hops and 2,000 pounds of Oregon strawberries.

Description: A strawberry Ale infused with Oregon strawberries. A strong, fruit driven beer with hints of strawberry and a light, refreshing finish.

About BridgePort Brewing Company
Oregon’s oldest craft brewery continues to evolve from a microbrewery to a regional leader in the craft brewing market, while remaining faithful to its commitment to producing high-quality, innovative craft ales. The BridgePort family of ales includes IPA, Hop Czar, Blue Heron Pale Ale, Kingpin, Café Negro and a list of seasonal releases. BridgePort Brewery is located at 1313 N.W. Marshall St. For more information, call 503-241-7179 or visit