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Bridgeport’s New Spring Seasonal: Smooth Ryed


This spring Bridgeport Brewing will bring out something new – a full-bodied hoppy ale using rye malt and whole leaf hops aptly named Smooth Ryed.

“This recipe creates a smooth, solid base for a big load of hop aroma from Oregon Centennial hops. We source the malts from Great Western Malting just across the river in Vancouver and the hops from good friends at two local farms about 35 miles south of Portland,” commented brewmaster, Jeff Edgerton. “We use only Centennials in the hopjack so that the consumer will get the wonderful full flavor and aroma that only those hops have.”Smooth Ryed will be available in all states where BridgePort is distributed starting in late December and early January.

Style: Rye Beer
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: January, 2013

6.3% ABV

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Bridgeport Preps Old Knucklehead Bottling #13

Bridgeport Old Knucklehead

Bridgeport Brewing Company (Portland, OR) recently released Enchanted during the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado.  Enchanted is a special barrel treatment of their popular Stumptown Tart. Every so often the Portland, Oregon based brewery releases Old Knucklehead Barleywine. The above label would be bottling #13.

The tradition continues with the 13th revival of our craft brewing roots. This barley wine style ale is aged with oak and offers a big taste experience. The deep ruby-colored brew kicks off with heavy malt sweetness, finishing with notes of oak, vanilla, toffee and rich cherry. 

Style: Barleywine (Oak Aged)
Availability: 22oz bombers
Arrival: TBA

9.2% ABV

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Bridgeport Debuts “Enchanted” This Week

Oregon’s oldest craft brewery Bridgeport Brewing unveils a new, limited brew this week for the Great American Beer Festival. They took the 2012 edition of Stumptown Tart, a fruit beer beer with 2,000 lbs of raspberries and aged it in oak barrels for two years. The result, a blend: 50% Belgian tripel aged in wine barrels for a year, 50% raspberry Belgian tripel.

“This is a special one for our team,” commented brewmaster, Jeff Edgerton. “The 2010 Stumptown Tart was a favorite not only amongst our loyal BridgePort fans — but also amongst our brewers. The only way to up the ante on that beer was to let it age in oak barrels for two years. The result is something surprising and pretty unforgettable.”

Style: Framboise (w/ Raspberries, Wine Barrel Aged)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Wax capped

7.7% ABV 


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Bridgeport Crafts Fairy Tale “Enchanted” (PR)


New Bottle Aged Brew to be Released at This Year’s Great American Beer Festival, Oct. 11-13

PORTLAND, Ore. — October 10, 2012 — BridgePort Brewing Company, Oregon’s oldest craft brewery, is set to premiere its newest beer, Enchanted, at this year’s Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colo. The new, very limited brew is an aged version of the brewery’s ever-popular Stumptown Tart from 2010. Enchanted is a Belgian Style Framboise infused with 2,000 pounds of Oregon red raspberries and then aged for two years in oak barrels.

“This is a special one for our team,” commented brewmaster, Jeff Edgerton. “The 2010 Stumptown Tart was a favorite not only amongst our loyal BridgePort fans — but also amongst our brewers. The only way to up the ante on that beer was to let it age in oak barrels for two years. The result is something surprising and pretty unforgetable.”

Enchanted has been described by the limited few who have tried it as presenting with an obvious berry wine taste and then finishing with the mellow flavor of oak and some extra-sparkling carbonation. This reserve beer will be available in limited quanity in Oregon only.

BridgePort’s Stumptown Tart Stats:

IBU’s:      14             ABV:        7.7%        Color:       Reddish-Pink     OG: 17.6 

Ingredients:            Pacific Northwest pale malted barley, Pacific Northwest malted wheat, German hops, 2,000 pounds of Oregon Red Raspberries, Belgian yeast.  50% Belgian Tripel aged in wine barrels one year blended with Belgian Tripel and Raspberries.

Description:       A Belgian Framboise style Ale infused with Oregon Red Raspberries and aged in oak barrels for two years.   A strong, fruit driven Framboise with hints of raspberry, oak and spicy Belgian yeast flavors with a light, refreshing finish.

About BridgePort Brewing Company

Oregon’s oldest craft brewery continues to evolve from a microbrewery to a regional leader in the craft brewing market, while remaining faithful to its commitment to producing high-quality, innovative craft ales.  The BridgePort family of ales includes IPA, Hop Czar, Kingpin, Witch Hunt and a list of seasonal releases.  BridgePort Brewery is located at 1313 N.W. Marshall St.  For more information, call 503-241-7179 or visit


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Bridgeport Releases Witch Hunt This Fall

Bridgeport Brewing will release a new fall seasonal – Witch Hunt this August. The beer is a “spiced harvest ale.”  Bridgeport is Oregon’s oldest craft brewery, founded in 1984.

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES. The thirsty townsfolk are gathering in mobs for a taste of the Witch Hunt, BridgePort Brewing Company’s new fall seasonal. This Spiced Harvest Ale offers a deep caramel color and rich mouth feel coming from a unique blend of caramel and Melanoidin malts. With an intense dry hop character, Witch Hunt finishes off with subtle hints of cinnamon and nutmeg spice. Get your hands on this wicked brew while you can, it’s only a matter of time before the Witch Hunt is over. 

Style: Herbed/Spice Beer
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: August, 2012

5.8% ABV, 40 IBUs 

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Bridgeport Kingpin Gets 22oz Upgrade

Bridgeport Kingpin 22oz

Bridgeport Brewing (Portland, OR) Kingpin Red Ale looks to be headed to bomber 22oz bombers in 2012.   Kingpin was released about a year ago in 12oz 6 packs, and will be a part of the the brewery’s first mix pack – Beervana also debuting next year.

KINGPIN is a full-flavored, red-colored ale that uses a rarely-grown Willamette Valley Hop varietal known as Liberty Hops from fourth generation hop farmer John Annen of Annen Bros. Farm in Silverton, Oregon. Jeff and his team of brewers also used rye and caramel malt leading to a unique flavor profile; triple-hopped for bitter aroma and a unique dry-hopped character.

Style: American Red Ale

7.5% ABV


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Bridgeport Dark Rain: January 1, 2012

Bridgeport Dark Rain

BridgePort Brewing Company will release its newest winter seasonal ale, Dark Rain, on 1/1/12.

“Dark Rain is that link between darker, maltier beers and the highly-hopped pale ales that our fans might be more accustomed to,” explains Bridgeport’s brewmaster, Jeff Edgerton. “While using the bold flavors that come from very dark roasted malts is not new to Bridgeport, this is the first time that we have layered these flavors with five distinct hop varieties — all from the state of Oregon.” From a recently press release.

Style: Black IPA
Hops: Nugget, Chinook, Crystal, Centennial, Cascade
Malts: Dark Crystal, Dark Wheat

Taste Expectations: (Per Bridgeport) Black Wheat and Dark Crystal Malt add dense color and mild smooth flavors to this intensely hopped Black Ale. This ale has a very drinkable, mid-level alcohol and bitterness that starts with roasted and hoppy aromatic notes and finishes with the dry hop character of the Nugget hop varietal. A Chinook, Crystal, Centennial and Cascade blend is used in our hopjack to provide full flavored background hoppiness.

Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft.

5.6% ABV, 60 IBUs