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Upslope’s Barrel Aged Brown Ale Launched

Upslope Brewing Company (Boulder, CO) launched a new 19.2 oz can this week, Upslope Barrel Aged Brown Ale.

Barrel Aged Brown Ale joins the Lee Hill Series, a quarterly release that kicks off with this offering.  The beer is aged in Leopold Brothers Maryland Rye Whiskey barrels.

“Upon building a second Boulder brewery, our plan was to retain our original location at Lee Hill to continue the legacy of innovation, collaboration and experimentation that has brought us to where we are today,” said Founder Matt Cutter. “The introduction of the Lee Hill Series allows us to showcase the best of what has emerged from this brewer’s playground.”

Cans are on sale in the tap room for $10, limited four per person.

Style: Brown Ale (Barrel Aged. Whiskey)
Availability: 19.2 oz cans

7.6% ABV