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Collaboration: Cigar City & Evil Twin

Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, FL) and Evil Twin Brewing (Denmark) team up  in a new ale born from fermentation history. Before the rise and popularity of wood barrels, the Greeks aged wine in ceramic vessels amphoras (something Cantilon has done recently.) The ceramic vessels were susceptible to oxygen, and were repaired with Aleppo pine sap. The use of the sap gave the wine a unique flavor, one mimicked in this collaboration, Columella.

This ale was inspired by the origins of a Greek wine called Retsina, which was produced over 2,000 years ago. The Greeks used ancient vessels for storage and transport of the wine that were made of mostly ceramic called amphora. These vessels pre-dated the more common storage vessel of today, wooden barrels. Ceramic was susceptible to flaws and breakage, allowing more oxygen ingress into the wine. The Greeks found a solution to mending these vessels by using sap from the Aleppo Pine (which we emulate by aging the beer on spruce wood). The resulting unique aromatic character became so popular with the Grecian people that they continued this method following the discovery and dominance of wood barrels. 

Cigar City / Evil Twin Columella will be available in 22oz bombers.

Style:   (Oak Aged)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: TBA