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Beer Street Journal Video: SweetWater’s 16th Anniversary

This month, SweetWater Brewing Company (Atlanta, GA) turned 16 years old. (The Sweet 16 party was rockin!) Attendees got the first taste of SweetWater’s 16th Anniversary Ale. The beer is a red wheatwine, that approaches 11% ABV. A wheatwine is like a barleywine, just brewed with lots of wheat. In this case, red wheat. This smooth, boozy beer smells has a banana/bubblegum nose, with a nice floral taste. Drink now, or cellar a few for special occasions.

The beer was bottled today and ships out tomorrow. Look for it on shelves early next week.

Style: Wheatwine
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: Now

11% ABV 

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SweetWater 16th Bottled This Week

SweetWater’s (Atlanta, GA) 16th Anniversary made it’s debut at the party over a week ago. The beer is being bottled this week. Look for the red wheatwine on shelves the first week of March. This the second “Anniversary” release by the brewery.

Style: Wheatwine
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft. Limited offering

10%+ ABV 

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SweetWater IPA Coming to 12 Packs

SweetWater IPA 12s

A new pack option is coming soon for you hopheads. SweetWater IPA will be joining 420 in 12 packs. For those really bad at math that’s 2x the size of 6 packs. Look for this by March, 2013.

Style: IPA
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft. Year round

6.3% ABV 

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Monday Night Brewing Preps New IPAs

Monday Night Brewing (Atlanta, GA) has three offerings in their current arsenal. Eyepatch IPA, Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale, and Fu ManBrew. Two more brews are in development I’m told by the brewery.

First – a coffee based IPA, initially dubbed Blind Pirate using Batdorf Coffee. Casks of this beer can be found around Atlanta now.  Also, be on the lookout for an imperial IPA release too. No dates on these releases yet.

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Meet SweetWater’s 16th Anniversary Ale

The donger need food. And beer. SweetWater Brewing (Atlanta, GA) will through down with a hella radical Sweet 16 Party this Sunday.  16 years to the date this heady folks opened. Above is your official reveal of the 16th Anniversary Ale. Ask your parents if you can stay out past curfew. The style this year is a red wheat wine. Draft debuts on Sunday, bottles after your hangover subsides.

 All growns up for now, or at least in our minds we are. Hair in new spots, lawn jobs at school, proficient in poaching 2nd story windows, and most importantly, we got a license to ride. Speaking of the ride – the last sixteen years have been a blur, but a very good blur – like driving 140 mph and trying to focus on a single tree in the forest. Yap – blumrr. All along not forgetting who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going! The speedometer ain’t pegged, cause it says 180!

For our super heady 16 year anni beer we stepped on the gas and headed down the road less traveled! Our B-day present to ourselves is a Racy Red Wheat Wine Ale Racy Red Wheat Wine Ale Racy Red Wheat Wine Ale Racy Red Wheat Wine Ale. Sucked The SSAB “not a SAAB” rips down the road at Alc.11% by Vol., fueled by a 45% wheat bomb with an afterburner hop shot of Amarillo, Willamette, Nelson Sauvin, and US Goldings that pushes this baby to the limit of sensory overload.

Get in. Sit down. Hold on. Shut up. A little older and a little less wise, even better looking (after 10 beers) and yes, still acting like 16 year olds.

Your parents out of town?

Style: Wheatwine
Availability: Draft, 22oz bottles
Arrival: 2/17/13

11% ABV

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SweetWater Sweet 16 Red Wheat Ale

While the details have yet to officially be confirmed, it sure does look like SweetWater’s 16th anniversary beer will be a Red Wheat Wine – something completely new for SweetWater Brewing. We’ll be sure to get more information out about So Fine Red Wheat Wine as soon as they are available. This is the second anniversary beer that SweetWater has brewed.

Want to enjoy a glass or two? Head to SweetWater’s Sweet 16 80’s themed party on February 17th – the exact date of their 16th anniversary.

80’s themed attire is definitely encouraged and tickets are required for entry. Other beers available during the party include Brett Raspberry Creeper, The Gimp, and Ghoulash as well as 3 unique casks just to name a few.

Style: Wheat Wine
Availability: TBA
Arrival: February 2013

ABV: ??

If you go:
SweetWater Brewing Company, Atlanta GA
Sunday February 17th 2-6pm
Pre sale tickets $16/$20 at the door if still available
Get tickets here.

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