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Monday Night Brewing Preps New IPAs

Monday Night Brewing (Atlanta, GA) has three offerings in their current arsenal. Eyepatch IPA, Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale, and Fu ManBrew. Two more brews are in development I’m told by the brewery.

First – a coffee based IPA, initially dubbed Blind Pirate using Batdorf Coffee. Casks of this beer can be found around Atlanta now.  Also, be on the lookout for an imperial IPA release too. No dates on these releases yet.

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One thought on “Monday Night Brewing Preps New IPAs

  1. About time they got more adventurous with their offerings. If they want to compete with the creativity being shown by Terrapin, Sweetwater and Red Brick, they need to branch out. Otherwise they’re just targeting the ‘bro market who thinks they’re cooler by drinking a MNB instead of a mainstream beer.

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