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Saint Arnold Icon Gold Belgian IPA, a first for the brewery

Saint Arnold Icon Gold

Saint Arnold Icon Gold is joining the Houston, Texas brewery’s lineup this summer – a Belgian-style IPA.

A Belgian IPA is a first for the oldest craft brewery in the Lone Star State. The yeast is the star Belgian beers, and Saint Arnold knows this. The brewery chose Bastogne Trappist yeast for Icon Gold Belgian IPA, fermented at 66 degrees for the first few days, allowing it to rise to 72 degrees over time. Playing with temperature is all about manipulating the yeast phenolics you’ll notice with every sip.

“Beers in the Icon Gold portfolio are more focused on yeast strains. It’s the first time we have brewed this beer style, and we’re very happy with the result,” -Aaron Inkrott, brewing operations manager

Saint Arnold Icon Gold is brewed with Centennial and Cascade hops, then dry-hopped with Citra.

Icon Gold is available in limited quantities this summer in 12 ounce bottles and draft.

Style: Belgian-Style IPA
Hops: Citra, Centennial, Cascade
Malts:  Pilsner, Vienna, Honey Malt

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.

Debut: Summer, 2017

6.8% ABV, 43 IBUs


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Clown Shoes American Monastic replaces Tramp Stamp

Clown Shoes American Monastic

Clown Shoes American Monastic will replace the brewery’s Tramp Stamp offering in mid-January, 2016.

Both beers are a Belgian-style IPA. The brewery has not mentioned if Clown Shoes American Monastic is a new recipe or a re-brand.

Look for it in 12oz, 4 packs in Mid-January, 2016.

Style: Belgian IPA
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Release: January, 2016

8.5% ABV

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Stone 08.08.08 Vertical Epic Kicks Off 20th Anniversary Encore Series

Stone 08.08.08 Vertical Epic Ale could see the light of day again soon. The Escondido, California brewery is celebrating the 20 year mark with 20th Anniversary Encore Series.

The Vertical Epic Series was an 11 beer series that ending in 2012. The entire series was meant to be cellared until 12.12.12, and drank shortly after. This month, Stone marks their 19th birthday with their usual festival, and Stone Thunderstruck IPA. Later this year,  an Encore Series will bring a host of throwback beers, including newly released (re-released) Stone Vertical Epic 08.08.08.

Stone chose to bring this beer back out of nostalgia for their “Summer of the Triple” which arose after an extensive trip through Belgium.

Ah, 2008, We remember it well. ’Twas a year of Belgophila for us… especially Stone Brewmasters Steve Wagner and Mitch Steele. That year, they embarked on a tour of Belgium, sampled numerous ales and became inspired by the beery country’s overall magnificence. It’s a big reason 2008’s summer season came to be know as Stone “Summer of the Triple.” Upon their return, they churned out AleSmith/Mikkeller/Stone Belgian Style Triple Ale and a batch of our special Sawyer’s Triple (a charity beer benefitting Fight ALD, crafted in honor of our dear friend Sawyer Sherwood). Those ales were brewed in the style of Belgian triples, pale ales and IPAs. Beers that hand taken a cue from the U.S. craft brewing movement and inspired us to return. The 7th beer in the 11-beer Stone Vertical Epic Ale series was the result. Packed with floral, spicy essence from Belgian yeast plus plenty of hoppy New World character, it was impressive enough to pave the way for our West Coast/Belgian hybrid, Stone Cali-Belgiue IPA, which debuted during that Summer of the Triple and remains a staple in our portfolio to this day.

The Stone 20th Anniversary Encore Series has officially started, and runs through 2016. Stone Vertical Epic 08.08.08 is a draft, and 22 ounce bottle offering.

Style: Belgian IPA
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft.
Return: 9/21/15

8.6% ABV

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Boulevard Tasting Room Belgian-style IPA This Fall

Boulevard Belgian-style IPA

Boulevard Belgian-style IPA will join the brewery’s Tasting Room Series in fall, 2015.

The variety pack features (3) bottles of Unfiltered Wheat, along with (3) bottles of 80 Acre Hoppy Wheat or Single Wide IPA. (Each pack varies upon release.)

It’s a little bit British, a little bit Belgian, not at all Indian, and completely Midwestern!

Boulevard Belgian-style IPA will be available in the Sample Twelve mix packs in fall, 2015.

Style: Belgian-style IPA

Availability: 12oz Bottles, in Mix 12 Sample Packs
Release: Fall, 2015

5.7% ABV

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Victory Moving Parts 03 Released

Victory Brewing Company (Downingtown, PA) is ready to release Moving Parts 03, a series of ever evolving India pale ales.

For Moving Parts 03, the Victory brewers used Belgian yeast, whole flower hops, and specialty malts.

The result is a bracing, flavorful and delectably drinkable caramel-hued brew. By blending, modifying and adjusting the levels of different whole flower hop varieties, malts or yeasts and differing the fermentation and brewing process,

Victory Moving Parts 03 is available nationally in 22oz bottles and draft.

Style: Belgian-style IPA
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft
Release: February, 2015

7.1% ABV

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Terrapin Midnight Monk Released

Terrapin Beer Co.’s (Athens, GA) Monster Beer Tour’s newest, Midnight Monk Belgian-style Black IPA is hitting shelves.

Brewmaster and co-founder “Spike” based the beer off a Belgian tripel recipe, and hopped with like an imperial IPA, with a dark malt twist.

Take off your robe and slip into the night to get one step closer to the Holy Grail of all beers.  Midnight Monk Belgian-style Black IPA will have your senses juggling all the complex flavor and aroma this beer has to offer.


Terrapin Midnight Monk will be available in 12oz bottles and draft for a limited time.

Style: Belgian-Style Black IPA
Hops: Magnum, Columbus, Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo, Cascade (Dry Hop : Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade)
Malts: 2-row Pale, Pilsner, Munich, Special Aromatic, DH Carafa III, Crystal 24

9.8% ABV 88 IBUs

Also just released, Terrapin Imperial Pumpkin Porter