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Saint Arnold Icon Gold Belgian IPA, a first for the brewery

Saint Arnold Icon Gold

Saint Arnold Icon Gold is joining the Houston, Texas brewery’s lineup this summer – a Belgian-style IPA.

A Belgian IPA is a first for the oldest craft brewery in the Lone Star State. The yeast is the star Belgian beers, and Saint Arnold knows this. The brewery chose Bastogne Trappist yeast for Icon Gold Belgian IPA, fermented at 66 degrees for the first few days, allowing it to rise to 72 degrees over time. Playing with temperature is all about manipulating the yeast phenolics you’ll notice with every sip.

“Beers in the Icon Gold portfolio are more focused on yeast strains. It’s the first time we have brewed this beer style, and we’re very happy with the result,” -Aaron Inkrott, brewing operations manager

Saint Arnold Icon Gold is brewed with Centennial and Cascade hops, then dry-hopped with Citra.

Icon Gold is available in limited quantities this summer in 12 ounce bottles and draft.

Style: Belgian-Style IPA
Hops: Citra, Centennial, Cascade
Malts:  Pilsner, Vienna, Honey Malt

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.

Debut: Summer, 2017

6.8% ABV, 43 IBUs


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Saint Arnold Icon Red Sorachi Ace Released

Saint Arnold Icon Red Sorachi Ace Dubbel

Saint Arnold Brewing Co (Houston, TX) releases Icon Red in the market this week.

As the name suggests, Saint Arnold Icon Red Sorachi Ace is a Belgian-style dubbel, that highlights this historical hop.

“We wanted to use the classic Dubbel style as a baseline and throw in something interesting and unique to make it more relevant for Texas craft beer fans seeking new and innovative beer,” said Brewer Eddie Gutierrez, who cut his teeth as a home brewer before jumping from a career as a mechanical engineer in the oil patch to brewing professionally. “We did a blind taste test comparing the test batch side-by-side against many of the classic Belgian Dubbels that craft beer drinkers love and our batch did really well, so I think people who appreciate the style will really enjoy this fresh take on it.”

Sorachi Ace was developed over 30 years ago for Sapporo [Brewery] in Japan. Saint Arnold Icon Red Sorachi Ace will be available in 12oz bottles and draft for a limited time.

Style: Belgian-style Dubbel
Hops: Sorachi Ace
Malts: Pils (Base), Munich, Honey, Chocolate and Caramunich malts

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Limited Release
Arrival: Thanksgiving Week, 2014

8% ABV


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Saint Arnold’s New Icon: Texas Common

About every three months, Saint Arnold Brewing Company (Houston, TX) releases a new offering the “Icon” series. For this release, the brewery chose to honor Anchor Brewing’s Steam, and California common style beers with a “Texas Common.”

Saint Arnold Texas Common is a slightly hoppier take on the style, fermented with “San Francisco Lager” yeast.

Our Texas Common is a red amber beer that holds a nice creamy head with an aroma full of tropical fruit. The flavor starts with a pleasant combination of fruit and malt and then goes to a long, dry bitter with just a hint of malt hanging on all the way.

Saint Arnold Icon Texas Common is available in 12oz bottles, and draft for a limited time. 

Style: California Common
Hops: Mosaic

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft

6.7% ABV, 52 IBUs