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Jester King World’s Worst Twin Releases January 16th

Evil Twin Brewery (Denmark) and Jester King Brewery (Austin, TX) have teamed up on a unique, barrel aged beer, World’s Worst Twin.

The beer is inspired by Evil Twin’s Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso favorite coffee. Only, the brewers didn’t use coffee in World’s Worst Twin. Instead Jester King and Evil Twin used highly kilned malts were used in the mash. This imparted a roasty, chocolatey character, and Texas blueberries in the fermentation to provide some fruity notes and acidity. World’s Worst Twin was matured in oak barrels with native yeast and bacteria.

World’s worst twin is inspired by favorite coffee of our friend Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso of Evil Twin Brewing. If we just added it to the beer, the subtle nuances of this delicate coffee would have been hopelessly lost. Rather, we sought to re-create it’s flavors and aromas in our own unique way through wild fermentation in oak barrels with blueberries and wort brewed with Rich toasty malts.

Jester King Evil Twin World’s Worst Twin will be available in 750ml bottles starting January 16th, at 4pm. Brewery release only. Those in Austin, Texas and catch Jeppe at Jester King for the release party.

Style: American Wild/Sour Ale (w/ Bluberries. Oak Aged.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles. 1,600 produced.
Arrival: 1/16/15

5.5% ABV

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