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Finally, A Beer Flavored Jelly Bean

Finally! This is what the world was missing. A beer flavored jelly bean.

Popular bean maker Jelly Belly has created the first beer flavored jelly bean after 3 years of research.  The beer jelly bean is not alcoholic, just like their other alcohol themed beans like Pina Colada, Mojito, and Margarita. The first alcohol jelly bean by Jelly Belly was created in 1977 – the Mai Tai Jelly Belly.

According to the company, the Beer jelly bean has notes of wheat and is a bit bread-like.

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What Do You Do When You Retire? Start A Brewery.

If you had asked me how many breweries were in Blue Ridge, Georgia, I probably would have told you zero. That’s not even close to true. Blue Ridge is home to three craft breweries, and its only been legal to commercially brew there in the last year.

Steve Weber and Chipley McKnight are retired. For some that means Florida, a rocking chair on the porch, everyday fishing, or tormenting their family. These guys decided to spend their golden years brewing beer.

The duo were home brewing in their backyard. Friends and family came over to drink the concoctions; and as it turns out, faster than they could brew it. The next stop was a bigger system. Then the idea to do it commercially, instead of early bird dinners and bedtime at 8 pm. These guys are having a blast doing it too. We visited Steve and Chip over the weekend and had a blast.

I expected two very grumpy old guys telling me to get off his lawn. Are they grumpy? Perhaps. Fun? Absolutely.

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SweetWater Second Helping IPA Brings Hope [VIDEO]

Atlanta lost a great chef last week, Ryan Hidinger. This story starts with Ryan, who worked at local restaurant Muss & Turners, and his wife, Jen. The two shared aspirations of opening a restaurant of their own. The duo would hold weekend supper clubs to raise money for that dream.

A few years ago, Ryan was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer and given just six months to live. Most people probably wouldn’t have blamed him for giving up. That’s not even close to what Ryan and his wife, Jen, did. The first step was getting the most aggressive treatment available. The next was to continue working towards make their restaurant, The Staplehouse, a reality.

The outpouring of support for Ryan led them (in part) to create The Giving Kitchen, a nonprofit that offers financial assistance to restaurant and hospitality workers with similar hardships.

When SweetWater Brewery learned of the cause, there was no question of their desire to help. Working with Ryan, the SweetWater brewers designed a beer based on Hidinger’s favorite style- the imperial IPA. 100% of the profits from the sale of this beer goes to The Giving Kitchen. Not only is SweetWater donating, but also United Distributors, and the many Atlanta establishments selling Second Helping IPA.

Whether or not you had the honor of meeting Ryan Hidinger, it is impossible not to be inspired by this desire to achieve his dream, and help others along with way. The world needs more people like him.

SweetWater Second Helping IPA is available on draft & 22oz bombers for a limited time. Your purchase will help give someone a second chance. Grab a few bottles. Share it with friends. Sometimes it’s not just a beer – it’s hope.

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Ordering Beer Like a Hipster [VIDEO]

Craft beer naming, or even how it’s served might be a little out of hand. Maybe that’s what makes it so good.

Order on, hipsters.


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Archeologists Find Tomb of Ancient Beer Brewer

Egypt made an announcement this week that’s of beer world interest. The country’s minister of antiquities announced that Japanese archeologists have unearthed a 3,000 year old tomb of a beer brewer in the city of Luxor.

The tomb is dated back to the Remesside period.  The later part of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties (1292–1069 BC) is known as Ramesside period, after the eleven pharaohs that took the name of Ramesses. The brewer was the chief “maker of beer for the gods of the dead.”

The tomb was located near statesman Amenhotep III, the grandfather of famous pharaoh Tutankhamun. The walls depicted scenes of the life 3,000 years ago including statesman drinking. (Presumably beer, seen above.)

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Brewery Epically Responds To Starbucks Cease & Desist

Unless you are living under the world’s biggest rock, you know what Starbucks is. I believe there is at least one for every three humans in the United States. Recently, the the mega corporation sent a cease & desist letter to Exit 6 Pub & Brewery in Cottleville, Missouri. What Starbucks didn’t know is that the story would go viral. Fast.

Exit 6 has a brewed a stout, and jokingly called it Frappicino. (Lacking the extra “c” and “u’ in Frappuccino. A drinker added it to the beer checkin app Untappd. That’s where Starbuck’s lawyers found the name.

A letter was sent to Exit 6 demanding the discontinued use of Frappicino immediately, and for the brewery to contact Untappd (a completely separate business entity) to remove the beer name. The layer further requested a reply in writing.

That is what brewery owner Jeff Britton did. His response might be the best thing you’ve read in a while.  He then wrote Starbucks (aka Mr. Bucks) a check for the profits from the three (yes 3) check in’s from the beer sales. To the tune of $6.00.

Sound off. Over the top for Starbucks? Was the brewery wrong?