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This New Guinness Spot Just Makes You Feel Good

Continuing the Guinness “Made of More” campaign, is this new tv spot featuring the ‘society of elegant persons of the Congo’ otherwise known as the ‘Sapeurs.’

Sapeurs are a group of everyday heroes from Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo.

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This Is Bill Murray in PBR Pants

In case you need a moment of zen today.

Elizabeth Campbell, a reporter for WJXT in Florida, posted a pic of her with the legendary Bill Murray golfing in the most amazing pair of pants.

Not worth missing. Cheers Bill Murray, I want to grow old this way.

Pic via @WJCTElizabeth.

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A Forensic Facial Reconstruction of Crystal Skull Vodka [PICS]

Probably one of the most unique vodka bottles on shelves is Crystal Head Vodka. The bottle is very literally a skull with a cork in the top of the bottle. The brand was founded and made famous by Mr. Ghostbuster himself, Dan Aykroyd.

A forensic scientist (still looking for the name) has done an impressive reconstruction of the skull, to render what the individual might look like. (Assuming the skull was never real?)

Your vodka now has a face. A real one. Send this over to Special Agent Seeley Booth at the FBI. [JWZ]

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Canada’s Olympic Beer Fridge Is Awesome

Canada may have just won me over a little bit with this Olympic invention. Forget speed skating, downhill or snowboarding. We are talking free beer.

Carter, apparently a photographer for CBS you know as @SideCG, tweeted the above picture of a beer fridge in the Canadian Olympic House. Those with a Canadian passport can scan it, and the fridge opens.

And the beer gold goes to…

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Now Drink Your New Belgium At 30,000 Feet

New Belgium Fat Tire Cans

New Belgium Brewing (Fort Collins, CO) just made drinking while flying a little tastier.

The brewery’s flagship amber ale, Fat Tire is now available on all Southwest Airlines and AirTran flights. What’s even better that this news? Southwest tells Beer Street Journal that the cans will retail for just $5. (Credit cards only, folks.)

AirTran, which is based in Atlanta, doesn’t even carry local craft breweries yet. Perhaps that will change once SweetWater’s cans hit shelves in the Spring.

Ed Note. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever had a beer on a plane. (Booze, yes.) Why? Not paying airline prices for the selection offered. This changes things. 

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Brewery Working On Beer Drone Delivery

Have ever been camping, snowed in a cabin, or even ice fishing and run out of beer? A tragedy when the next store is far way. Craft brewery Lakemaid Beers has a solution, the Lakemaid Beer Drone.

Wisconsin-based Lakemaid took a cue from Amazon’s drone delivery service to help get beer to ice fisherman. The idea is simple. The thirsty fisherman sends the GPS coordinates to the shop owner, the shop owner straps a case of beer to the drone, and the drone delivers.

Fun right? Up to a certain point. The most immediate issue with drone delivery is the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). There is currently a restriction for commercial use of drones. Amazon is up against the same issue, alongside flying drones in cities, and densely populated areas. Lakemaid is rurally based, basically only flying across lakes.

For now, this technology is just conceptual. There are still some regulatory hurdles to jump through before beer by personal helicopter becomes reality.

Soon, you’ll never leave the house to get your beer. (or Amazon deals.)

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