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What Do You Do When You Retire? Start A Brewery.

If you had asked me how many breweries were in Blue Ridge, Georgia, I probably would have told you zero. That’s not even close to true. Blue Ridge is home to three craft breweries, and its only been legal to commercially brew there in the last year.

Steve Weber and Chipley McKnight are retired. For some that means Florida, a rocking chair on the porch, everyday fishing, or tormenting their family. These guys decided to spend their golden years brewing beer.

The duo were home brewing in their backyard. Friends and family came over to drink the concoctions; and as it turns out, faster than they could brew it. The next stop was a bigger system. Then the idea to do it commercially, instead of early bird dinners and bedtime at 8 pm. These guys are having a blast doing it too. We visited Steve and Chip over the weekend and had a blast.

I expected two very grumpy old guys telling me to get off his lawn. Are they grumpy? Perhaps. Fun? Absolutely.

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