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Brewery Epically Responds To Starbucks Cease & Desist

Unless you are living under the world’s biggest rock, you know what Starbucks is. I believe there is at least one for every three humans in the United States. Recently, the the mega corporation sent a cease & desist letter to Exit 6 Pub & Brewery in Cottleville, Missouri. What Starbucks didn’t know is that the story would go viral. Fast.

Exit 6 has a brewed a stout, and jokingly called it Frappicino. (Lacking the extra “c” and “u’ in Frappuccino. A drinker added it to the beer checkin app Untappd. That’s where Starbuck’s lawyers found the name.

A letter was sent to Exit 6 demanding the discontinued use of Frappicino immediately, and for the brewery to contact Untappd (a completely separate business entity) to remove the beer name. The layer further requested a reply in writing.

That is what brewery owner Jeff Britton did. His response might be the best thing you’ve read in a while. ┬áHe then wrote Starbucks (aka Mr. Bucks) a check for the profits from the three (yes 3) check in’s from the beer sales. To the tune of $6.00.

Sound off. Over the top for Starbucks? Was the brewery wrong?

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