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The first beer can was sold on this day in 1935

Today is a big day in beer history. January 24th marks the anniversary of the first canned beer sold in the U.S. thanks to the American Can Company. It was their innovation that ultimately led to the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company releasing “Krueger’s Finest Beer & “Cream Ale” in a new steel can format (we were still years away from traditional aluminum). The New Jersey brewery test marketed 2,000 cans in Richmond, Virginia for the first time 83 years ago.

Interestingly, the American Can Company started this whole process back in 1909. Unfortunately, the 80 pounds of pressure per square inch needed to maintain carbonation caused the first cans to explode. Despite American Prohibition, the company continued their research in hopes of the day beer was legal once again.

As crazy as it sounds now, the sale of beer in cans wasn’t easy. Adoption took time. Gottfried Krueger was founded in 1858 and was pretty set in their brewing ways and pretty much dismissed the idea of canning when American Can approached them in 1935. That was, until the canning equipment was offered for free.

As it turned out, Krueger’s Finest Beer and Cream Ale sales swelled thanks to the steel can sales, prompting Pabst, Schlitz, Stroh’s and Anheuser Busch to adopt canning just to regain market share.

Beer canning in the United States was put on hold for a few years due to a resource strain during World War II. The heavy steel can only had a few years left in use when canning resumed in 1947, as the more modern aluminum can was ultimately introduced in 1958.

Here in 2019, the United States has swelled to a record-breaking 7,000+ breweries. According to 2016 IRI Worldwide Data, canned beer accounts for more than 50% of beer (all beer) sold in the United States. 

In the craft beer segment, Brewers Association economist Bart Watson has found a continued increase in market share by cans, seeing more craft breweries adopting at least a mix of cans and bottles.

To think Krueger turned down the idea. Within three months of the first release, Krueger’s newly adopted can format was in the hands of over 80 distributors (which was a lot back then).

Sadly, two years after Krueger’s 100th birthday, the company was sold and the Newark, New Jersey plant was closed. While the brand may be gone, their aluminum efforts have set off a canned revolution that is only growing in American beer today.  Of the Top 25 largest breweries in the U.S., from Anheuser-Busch, Pabst, and MillerCoors to Boston Beer, Sierra Nevada, Founders, Bell’s Stone and Brooklyn Brewing – all can at least some of their lineup.

That number just keeps growing every year.

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Our Star Wars post Strikes Back

Star Wars is a religion to us. You might say we love it more than beer. (Might.) If you are a Star Wars fan it’s a great time to be alive. Today is May the 4th and we’ve been geeking hard since the sun came up.

So, here’s is our annual Star Wars post, updated with some new stuff, spanning beers that are real and fake. Reminder – whether light side or dark side, drink beer. May the force be with you.

Fresno, California based Tioga Sequoia is releasing The Last JeD.I.P.A in honor of Star Wars Day 2017.

Garage Project Lack of Faith

New Zealand’s Garage Project has a black IPA called “Lack of Faith”. The “lack” of it in our fridge is disturbing. Image: Garage Project

Toppling Goliath Light Speed

Toppling Goliath boasts a “Light Speed” pale ale, brewed with Millennium and Falconer’s Flight hops of course. That’s light speed kid.

Below – got a little drunk few years ago on Star Wars day. Been to the gym three or four times since then.

Stormtrooper cannonball. #StormtrooperDayOff #WeekendAtVaders #starwarsday

A video posted by Beer Street Journal (@beerstreetjournal) on

The most epic Star Wars themed beer out there. This is the old label, before Lucas sued over the image. Later they added the Groucho Marx glasses to the helmet. 

This was/still is a prototype for what we think is the most badass flask in the world.

Han Solo Blaste

2016 Star Wars day with our good friend Zoe. The helmet got foggy. 

Just an epic name.  The force is strong with Sierra Nevada. 

Terrapin Beer Co’s Dark Side. Imperial indeed.


Actually a real beer. Brew Kettle is in Ohio. Ok, that’s more like  Spaceballs. 


Heady Shot First. Bought this Life Size Greedo bust at Star Wars Celebration.

Not Real. Just Funny. “It’s a Trappist!”

Hans Solo. I knew that scoundrel was German. 

Beer for the Light Side?

Of course it would come in a can. 

Very much real. I’ve seen it. 

Not real. 


Close enough. The bottle opener is the most epic in our repertoire. 

Firestone Walker Wookey Jack

Westbrook Dark Helmet. (Ok, more Spaceballs, but we count it.)

Westbrook Dark Helmet

Oskar Blues loves them some Star Wars.

Vader drinks on the Dark Side. 


Brewdog takes care of some insolence.


Epic. And real. 


Sorry Garfunkel. We don’t hock Trek here.  

Probably the most epic pic ever taken in the Brick Store Pub cellar.  The Oompa Loopas are the Watts family from Terrapin Beer, Augustus Gloop is Kevin from United Distributing, tall guy is Lee from Liberator Distributing. (Stormtrooper is obvious.)

And a really big infographic.   

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There’s a Fallout Beer made by Carlsberg

Fallout Beer

Fallout 4 hit shelves at midnight (we were there, then up all night, naturally). Despite sleep deprivation, Fallout has a beer. At least in the United Kingdom.

The game’s producer Bethesda recently partnered with Carlsberg to great Fallout Beer to follow with the game’s tone. In this case, it’s a nuclear explosion, with the tagline – Inspired by Vault Tie Industries.

The beer is a pilsner that is just 4% ABV, so you can keep your gaming sessions going. The flavor is hoppy, with a floral aroma.

Fallout Beer is only available in the UK, and available in Amazon (for UK customers).

As for the U.S. folks, there is a Fallout inspired soda that apparently is available starting today. Nuke-Cola Quantum, which takes inspiration from Fallout 3. Looks like that won’t be an easy get either, as folks have accused Target employees of buying cases to put on eBay.

Nuka-Cola Quantum

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Oskar Blues Launches Coffee Roasting Company

Oskar Blues (Longmont, CO) announced the launch of Hotbox Roasters, a coffee roasting company this week. The new business will offer fresh roasted premium beans in 32oz “crowlers”.

Hotbox Roasters is offering three different fair-trade roasts from Kenya, Boliva, and Indonesia. Additionally, they plan on working with brewers around the United States to provide custom-roasted beans for craft brews.

“Canning the coffee seals in the flavor more effectively than in a bag, not only when we produce it, but also when you reseal it at home,” explains Chief Coffee Dude and Head Roaster Derek Palmer. “If you’re going to be fair-trade, you should also be fair to the planet. This is why our packaging is infinitely recyclable. Plus, it’s easier to seal and store a can on a camping or bike trip than a bag—and that’s how we roll.”

The three offerings boast names like Boliva Newton John, Frank Sumatra, and Kenya Dig it. Hotbox Roasters is available nationwide through a tiered subscription service starting at $15.95 a month. [Hotbox]

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Carlsberg Introduces Beer Beauty Series For Men

Danish brewer Carlsberg recently introduced a line of beer beauty products geared towards men.

The line, features beer shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Because beer is the base ingredient, the Carlsberg products are touted to be naturally full of things like Vitamin B and silicium. That’s good for your hair and skin.

Erik Lund, head brewer, brewing science and technology at Carlsberg first thought it was a joke. Using around 16 ounces of Carlsberg Lager, the beer is frozen down in liquid nitrogen. The carbohydrates, proteins and minerals left behind are used in the lotions and shampoos.

The brewery did some research to find that 65% of United Kingdom men are daily groomers. (What?) 98% groom 1-2 times a week.

The first round of products have sold out. The kit runs around $70 when it’s back in stock.

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Indiana Jones Themed Bar Coming to Disney

So the Indiana Jones movie series is getting a new sequel. That being a good or bad thing is up to you. (We are still going to geek out over it.) This fall, an Indiana Jones themed bar is coming to the Disney World Resort.

According the the Disney World blog, the Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar will on Lake Buena Vista. Jock Lindsey is Indiana Jone’s pilot, who has a pet snake Reggie. (Remember how Indy feels about snakes?)

The aviation themed lounge will have an expansive bar, vintage posters, and plane themed decor, fitting of the Indiana Jones movies. Cocktails will include the “Hovito Mojito” with Barsol Quebranta Pisco, fresh lime juice and simple syrup. No mention of the beer list. Yet.

Opening in downtown Disney this fall.

Indiana Jones Bar 2

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Islanders Fan Nails Capitals Player With a Beer [VIDEO]

Hockey fans aren’t like other fans. I hope you knew that before now.

Tuesday night after Game 4, a clearly pissed off fan hit defenseman Brooks Orpik in the head with a beer. It’s 2015, so there is video evidence of the hit.

The Washington Capitals won the game in overtime, 2-1.