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Oskar Blues Launches Coffee Roasting Company

Oskar Blues (Longmont, CO) announced the launch of Hotbox Roasters, a coffee roasting company this week. The new business will offer fresh roasted premium beans in 32oz “crowlers”.

Hotbox Roasters is offering three different fair-trade roasts from Kenya, Boliva, and Indonesia. Additionally, they plan on working with brewers around the United States to provide custom-roasted beans for craft brews.

“Canning the coffee seals in the flavor more effectively than in a bag, not only when we produce it, but also when you reseal it at home,” explains Chief Coffee Dude and Head Roaster Derek Palmer. “If you’re going to be fair-trade, you should also be fair to the planet. This is why our packaging is infinitely recyclable. Plus, it’s easier to seal and store a can on a camping or bike trip than a bag—and that’s how we roll.”

The three offerings boast names like Boliva Newton John, Frank Sumatra, and Kenya Dig it. Hotbox Roasters is available nationwide through a tiered subscription service starting at $15.95 a month. [Hotbox]

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  1. Fresh coffee beans naturally emit CO2. Bags address this by having a one-way gas valve built-in (it’s the circular hole-looking thing you see on all sealed whole-bean coffee bags). I guess cans are designed to contain high pressures (i.e. carbonated beverages) so I guess you should expect a similar “pop” when you open this can of beans – and if it doesn’t pop, that means the beans weren’t fresh when canned.

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