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Carlsberg Introduces Beer Beauty Series For Men

Danish brewer Carlsberg recently introduced a line of beer beauty products geared towards men.

The line, features beer shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Because beer is the base ingredient, the Carlsberg products are touted to be naturally full of things like Vitamin B and silicium. That’s good for your hair and skin.

Erik Lund, head brewer, brewing science and technology at Carlsberg first thought it was a joke. Using around 16 ounces of Carlsberg Lager, the beer is frozen down in liquid nitrogen. The carbohydrates, proteins and minerals left behind are used in the lotions and shampoos.

The brewery did some research to find that 65% of United Kingdom men are daily groomers. (What?) 98% groom 1-2 times a week.

The first round of products have sold out. The kit runs around $70 when it’s back in stock.

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Lithuanian Court: Carlsberg Brewing “Vitally Essential To Human Life

A court in Lithuania has ruled that brewery Carlsberg lager is “vitally essential” to human life.   You’re probably wondering how a court got involved in such a decision.  The Carlsburg Brewery is currently embroiled in a dispute with a labor union.  The workers threaten to walk off the job.  The judge ruled that brewing classifies the same as the need for medical supplies, or water.  It must continue.  The workers in the middle of the battle don’t share the same feelings.    Jennie Formby, the national officer fo British Union Unite, representing 1,000 of the Carlsberg workers:

(About the ruling)  “probably the most ridiculous decision in the world”. She added: “Of course many people think beer is great but it does not save lives.”




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StarBev Sale Could Be $3 Billion

CVC Capital Partners Ltd, a British private equity firm that owns Formula One is currently considering the sale of StarBev.  StarBev is based in the Czech Republic, and brews 16 brands including Staropramen.   Three big beer players have apparently approached StarBev, including Kirin, Asahi Group, and Anheuser-Busch InBev.  Ironically, AB sold that same business to CVC back in 2009.  In that 2009 deal, AB retained the rights to purchase the company back, should CVC decide to sell.

Other Suitors

The list of interested parties don’t stop there.  Rumors are that Turkish brewer Anadolu Efes Biracilik & Malt Sanayii A.Åž., SABMiller, Heineken, Tsingtao and Carlsberg could also want StarBev.  The Wall Street Journal mentioned yesterday that the sale could come in as high as $3 billion.  [Bloomberg]

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Carlsberg 2012 Profits Look Bleak

The world’s 4th biggest brewer is expecting stalled profits in 2012.  They are blaming depressed beer markets in northern & western Europe.

The world’s fourth biggest brewer, which brews Carlsberg, Tuborg, Baltika brands said its 2012 results would be dented by the euro zone crisis hitting beer drinkers and also by a low single-digit percentage rise in its input costs.  “We have taken a cautious view for northern and western Europe, and assume a slightly declining market in 2012,” Chief Financial Officer Jorn Jensen said at an investor presentation.

1/3 of the brewery’s sales come from Russia.  Carlsberg is planning to reverse the falling market by taking full control of the Baltika brand.  The brewery owns all but 15% of the business unit.  Baltika (the official beer supplier of the 2014 Olympics) stock surged nearly 10% on word of the Carlsburg offer.  The deal is expected to be in place by May, 2012. Carlsberg is 4th largest in the world, behind AB-InBev, SAB Miller, and Heineken.  [Reuters]