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There’s a Fallout Beer made by Carlsberg

Fallout Beer

Fallout 4 hit shelves at midnight (we were there, then up all night, naturally). Despite sleep deprivation, Fallout has a beer. At least in the United Kingdom.

The game’s producer Bethesda recently partnered with Carlsberg to great Fallout Beer to follow with the game’s tone. In this case, it’s a nuclear explosion, with the tagline – Inspired by Vault Tie Industries.

The beer is a pilsner that is just 4% ABV, so you can keep your gaming sessions going. The flavor is hoppy, with a floral aroma.

Fallout Beer is only available in the UK, and available in Amazon (for UK customers).

As for the U.S. folks, there is a Fallout inspired soda that apparently is available starting today.┬áNuke-Cola Quantum, which takes inspiration from Fallout 3. Looks like that won’t be an easy get either, as folks have accused Target employees of buying cases to put on eBay.

Nuka-Cola Quantum

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  1. It’s just relabeled regular Carlsberg sold for four times the price. I can assure you that the flavour is neither hoppy nor does it have a floral aroma.

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