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Cigar City/ Bruery Dos Costas Oeste Variation: Grapefruit Wood

Cigar City and The Bruery have another collaboration coming out, following Marron Acidife – ”Dos Costas Oeste.”    Translation: Two West Coasts. (Bruery in Cali, Cigar City on Florida’s west coast in Tampa.) The saison is brewed with coriander, ginger, and sweet orange peel.  Aged on cedar spirals.  Above is Variation #2 – aged on grapefruit wood spirals.

Dos Costas Oeste is the result of a collaborative brewing effort between Cigar City Brewing of Florida’s Gulf (West) Coast and The Bruery of Placentia, CA.Like the breweries involved with its creation, this ale cheerfully meanders off the beaten path.  Join us in celebrating this West Coast to West Coast collaboration.To be bottled by Cigar City.

Style: Saison
Availability: 750ml bottles, tap room draft?
Arrival: TBA

9% ABV