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Boulder Beer Scourge of the Dude Releases November 8th

Boulder Beer Scourge of the Dude

Boulder Beer Scourge of the Dude is a sequel to another rare barrel aged offering from Boulder, The Dude’s Bane. So named, because the barrels aging both beers were constantly in the brewery’s “Shipping Dude’s” way.

The dude strikes again! A sequel to The Dude’s Bane, Scourge of the Dude is the second release in our barrel-aged Dude Series. This barleywine ale was born on our pilot system, using a blend of caramel malts, toasted rye and a hint of smoked malt, then aged for eight months in first-use bourbon barrels. Although strong bourbon and oak characters from he barrel dominate up front, the Scourge opens up with subtle raison-like notes and a dry, tannic finish.

Boulder Beer Scourge of the Dude will be available in 22oz bombers, capped & waxed.

Style: Barleywine (Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 22oz Bombers
Arrival: 11/8/14

12.5% ABV


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Boulder Beer Releases “The Heckler” Cans

Boulder Beer Company (Boulder, CO) has canned a new offering, The Heckler.

The beer is Belgian-style tripel, available in 16oz cans. The beer is brewed in commemoration of the 2014 Cyclocross National Championships, taking place in Boulder in January, 2014.

The Heckler will only be available in Colorado.

Style: Belgian-style Tripel
Availability: 16oz Cans. Colorado distribution only

8% ABV


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Boulder’s “Awesome Oops”

Boulder Beer will be tapping a one of a kind brew on 2/2/12 at 4pm.  Dubbed an “awesome oops” this crazy concoction will never be available again because no one even knows exactly how it was made.  Boulder has a mistake at shift change to thank for this beer.  The first shift added 4,000 lbs of grain to a 50 barrel batch and unknowingly the second shift came in and added their own grain for a different beer to the same batch.  All this grain left brewers with a huge mess but they decided to make the best of it and added some hops.  The end result was a 12% ABV cross between Planet Porter and Mojo Risin’ Double IPA.

[Boulder Beer]

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Boulder, CO wants to encourage eating while drinking

We all know that eating while drinking can help to keep bad things from happening, but what if the law prevents it?  That is exactly what is being addressed in Boulder, CO.  Currently, laws require zoning for breweries, as well as wineries and distilleries, to estabilsh thier production and distribution facilities that does not allow food to be made on site.  Some breweries have found ways around this using catering companies or food trucks.  Twisted Pine and Boulder Beer have recieved permission from the city to serve food after a special review process.

It has been recommended by Boulder’s Planning Department that these codes be changed to allow on site restaurant operations for these facilities and is expected to go before the board on 10/20.

This would largely impact one of Boulder’s biggest craft breweries, Avery Brewing.  Avery wants to build a bigger facility in Boulder, including a restaurant, but if this change is not passed, he may be forced to move elsewhere.

Pic: Taco Mac/Terrapin Beer Dinner. Atlanta, GA