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Upland Sour Public Lottery: January, 2015

On January 29th, Upland Brewing Company (Bloomington, IN) will open up an online lottery for the purchase of five sour ales. Winners can purchase 2 bottles of each style.  Details on the five styles are in the gallery below.

The five releases include: Upland Blueberry Lambic, Dantalion Dark Wild Ale, Blackberry Lambic, Vinosynth White, Vinosynth Red.

The lottery opens up at 12 noon, EDT and ends February 5th, 2015. Bottles are $25 dollars each, and must be picked up at the specified location by March 4th.

Click images below for descriptions.

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  1. Is there somewhere a person can just buy the Dantalion one? I found one on a website, but the web address is www1., which seems kind of suspicious. Is there a way to just legitimately buy this beer, or what the heck

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