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Heady Topper Will Have Canned Company Soon

What you may or may not know if that The Alchemist makes more than the (now famous) Heady Topper IPA.  Since the brewery suspended operations in their retail location, some of these other offerings have been released on tap in their Waterbury, Vermont home.

The Alchemist Focal Banger American IPA was first brewed at The Alchemist pub before it was destroyed by flood. Not only will Focal Banger be available on draft around their hometown, but it will soon be the brewery’s second canned offering ever.

Don’t get too excited just yet. The Alchemist laments that they aren’t 100% ready to go all out on the second canned offering. The world will see Focal Banger in a series of “pop up” sales leading up to regular release in the future.

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