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AJC Sunday Sales Update

AJC reported a little update on Sunday Sales today.  Bills in the house and senate are still stuck AND there are a lot of piece of important legislation.   Perhaps by the end of the session.




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Sunday Sales Opponent: Jerry Luguire

Dissecting the opposition to the Sunday sales bill in Georgia requires talking about this individual – Jerry Luguire.  Luguire is the president of Georgia’s Christian Coalition, backed by the Georgia Baptist Convention.  He leads the charge against the passage of Sunday sales in Georgia.

Jerry Luguire is 72 year old resident of Columbus, Georgia.  He gave up drinking 31 years ago.  Some of his quotes on the matter:

“There ought to be at least 1 day a week that Georgians are not allowed to buy alcohol”

Judging by his replies to those who oppose him, reeks of arrogance.  Taking a quote from Neil Boortz’s blog, an individual posted a comment:

“Your branch has been very vocal in using the legislative power of government to keep an antiquated rule in place which forbids the sale of alcohol in stores. As a Christian, I find this very offensive, and I don’t believe that we should force our principles or beliefs upon anyone. I can only imagine what all of my non-Christian friends think as they watch your branch try to force this law upon the citizens of Georgia. I’d like someone to respond to me to let me know exactly why this is such an important issue to your organization, and why you feel the need to support such an action.”

His reply:

“Maybe you should find some Christian friends.”

As a Christian person myself, I find that offensive.  Regardless, his pressure on Georgia lawmakers seems to be paying off.

His contact info – [email protected]  Writing to him won’t change his mind, but will most likely get a snide, arrogant response.

Links on Luguire —> Neil Boortz,  Ledger – Inquirer
Pic credit: Ledge – Inquirer

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Meet Sunday Sales Supporter Chip Rogers

This is the blogging form of a retraction.   Chip Rogers actually supports Sunday sales – and even co authored the bill.  The response I received on Sunday Sales supporters mentioned Senator Rogers as an opponent.  I spoke with his office this morning and found out otherwise.  My apologies for that.  Senator Rogers WAS a part of the closed door meeting that killed S.B. 10 from moving forward.  I wish I was a fly on the wall in that meeting.

Below is his contact information.  Perhaps a little extra encouragement could bring this bill to a vote this session.

His contact information:

Capitol Office:
314 B Coverdell Office Building    Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 463-1378
Fax: (404) 463-1385

Email: [email protected]

Website: Chip Rogers


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Sunday Sales Rally Planned Today

Today at 12 noon, supporters of S.B. 10 aka Sunday sales bill will rally at the capitol building in downtown Atlanta.  Last week, the bill was not brought to a vote due to “lack of support”.  Special interest groups have pressured Georgia lawmakers not to bring the bill to vote.

Today supporters rally to show lawmakers there is support for this bill.   Georgia is the last of 3 states that banned on premise sales of beer & wine.

Read the press release about the rally here —> Rally Press Release

See you at the capitol at noon!

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ATLANTA: Sunday Sales Rally Planned

Last week the wind was taken out of the Sunday Sales (like what I did there??) when S.B. 10 was basically declared dead.  Due to outside pressure, the bill will not go to the floor for a vote.

On Wednesday, a rally is planned at the Georgia Capitol building to attempt to push the bill to a floor vote.  I had mixed emotions about this, but @AtlantaBeer made a good point to me.  To use a football reference – it’s a 4th down situation.  The bill is there, and being discussed now.  Even though there might be other potential legislation more important than buying beer on Sunday, the bill is in the lawmakers hands at this moment.  Good point.  Act now before the bill gets forgotten.  Georgia’s new governor Nathan Deal said he would sign the bill if brought to his desk.  The issue is just getting to Govenor Deal’s desk.   Read the press release here:

Atlanta, GA — Georgians for Sunday Sales, a grassroots, bipartisan organization, will hold a press conference and rally on Wednesday, February 23 at 12 pm on the Capitol Steps (Washington Street side) to urge passage of a bill to allow local communities to decide whether local retailers should sell alcohol on Sunday.

Georgia is one of only three states in the country that does not provide some option for the off-premise sale of beer, wine, or liquor on Sunday.  Because Georgia is the only state in the Southeast with a total ban on Sunday sales, we are at a distinct economic disadvantage.  For many Georgians, the current law defies common sense.  “The state allows us to drive to a restaurant on Sunday to buy alcohol, but the state won’t let us go to the corner store to buy beer to drink in the safety of our own home,” says Zak Koffler, one of the organizers of the rally.

Moreover, shopping patterns have changed in Georgia.  Sunday is now the highest volume shopping day in many areas throughout Georgia.  Yet customers who enter a retail store on Sunday are prohibited from purchasing alcohol.  “As a busy mom, Sundays are the best days for me to do my family’s grocery shopping since our Saturdays are filled with soccer games, birthday parties, and other family activities.  Yet, I have to make a separate trip to buy a bottle of wine,” says Stephanie Stuckey Benfield, a state representative from Decatur and mother of two.

Two bills to allow local communities to vote on Sunday sales are currently pending in the Georgia Legislature, Senate Bill 10 and House Bill 69.  Both measures are being held in committee.

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Georgia Sunday Sales Dead

I know everyone had the hopes up, but S.B. 10 – aka Sunday Sales bill has died in Georgia today.

In the end, the special interest groups put enough pressure on lawmakers for them to decide that there isn’t enough support to move forward with the bill.

Draw your own conclusions.

Georgia is one of 3 states that don’t allow sales of beer & wine on premise on Sunday.

Link —> Athens Banner Herald
Link —>

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Georgia Sunday Sales Bill Slows

For a couple of weeks now, it seemed as if Georgia was making headway on allowing Sunday sales of beer wine.  Georgia is one of 3 states that prohibits sales of beer & wine off premise on Sunday.

Today – 2/16/11, S.B. 10 bill could have hit the Georgia Senate floor.  The bill unfortunately didn’t move, as there is some opposition is “brewing”; yes – pun intended.  The Georgia Christian Coalition has ramped up it’s opposition to the bill, placing pressure on members of the Georgia Senate to prevent passage.

Link—> Georgia Christian Coalition Fights Sunday Sales

As I mentioned earlier, today the bill seemed go nowhere.  Looks like the pressure from the Coalition – the biggest opposition to Sunday Sales looks to be paying off.

Link –> Sunday Sales Update 2/16

For those law readers I have a question.  How is it possible/constitutional for a law to apply to some, but not all i.e – On premise vs. off premise?