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Sunday Sales Opponent: Jerry Luguire

Dissecting the opposition to the Sunday sales bill in Georgia requires talking about this individual – Jerry Luguire.  Luguire is the president of Georgia’s Christian Coalition, backed by the Georgia Baptist Convention.  He leads the charge against the passage of Sunday sales in Georgia.

Jerry Luguire is 72 year old resident of Columbus, Georgia.  He gave up drinking 31 years ago.  Some of his quotes on the matter:

“There ought to be at least 1 day a week that Georgians are not allowed to buy alcohol”

Judging by his replies to those who oppose him, reeks of arrogance.  Taking a quote from Neil Boortz’s blog, an individual posted a comment:

“Your branch has been very vocal in using the legislative power of government to keep an antiquated rule in place which forbids the sale of alcohol in stores. As a Christian, I find this very offensive, and I don’t believe that we should force our principles or beliefs upon anyone. I can only imagine what all of my non-Christian friends think as they watch your branch try to force this law upon the citizens of Georgia. I’d like someone to respond to me to let me know exactly why this is such an important issue to your organization, and why you feel the need to support such an action.”

His reply:

“Maybe you should find some Christian friends.”

As a Christian person myself, I find that offensive.  Regardless, his pressure on Georgia lawmakers seems to be paying off.

His contact info – [email protected].  Writing to him won’t change his mind, but will most likely get a snide, arrogant response.

Links on Luguire —> Neil Boortz,  Ledger – Inquirer
Pic credit: Ledge – Inquirer

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  1. 100% Bufoon. I think there should be at least 1 day when people can’t go to church by law…….I choose Sunday.

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