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AJC Sunday Sales Update

AJC reported a little update on Sunday Sales today.  Bills in the house and senate are still stuck AND there are a lot of piece of important legislation.   Perhaps by the end of the session.




2 thoughts on “AJC Sunday Sales Update

  1. Actually the AJC had it wrong. Both bills have passed out of their respective committees and are currently in the Rules committees in each chamber. Theoretically, they can be called for a vote at anytime. The important day to remember though is Wednesday March 16th, which is Crossover Day (30th Day of the session). After this day legislation has to be voted out of one chamber to another or in effect the legislation is done for the current year in most cases.

    Sunday sales could be amended to another related bill at any time before the end of session (TBA).

    • Jason, good to know. You’re the inside guy with good info. It’s so easy to get info wrong with this. At least it was the AJC this time, and not me lol.

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