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Georgia Sunday Sales Bill Slows

For a couple of weeks now, it seemed as if Georgia was making headway on allowing Sunday sales of beer wine.  Georgia is one of 3 states that prohibits sales of beer & wine off premise on Sunday.

Today – 2/16/11, S.B. 10 bill could have hit the Georgia Senate floor.  The bill unfortunately didn’t move, as there is some opposition is “brewing”; yes – pun intended.  The Georgia Christian Coalition has ramped up it’s opposition to the bill, placing pressure on members of the Georgia Senate to prevent passage.

Link—> Georgia Christian Coalition Fights Sunday Sales

As I mentioned earlier, today the bill seemed go nowhere.  Looks like the pressure from the Coalition – the biggest opposition to Sunday Sales looks to be paying off.

Link –> Sunday Sales Update 2/16

For those law readers I have a question.  How is it possible/constitutional for a law to apply to some, but not all i.e – On premise vs. off premise?

One thought on “Georgia Sunday Sales Bill Slows

  1. There is no difference.

    Its just another excuse, and a bad one at that, legislators are using to hold off acting on the issue.

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