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Georgia Sunday Sales Dead

I know everyone had the hopes up, but S.B. 10 – aka Sunday Sales bill has died in Georgia today.

In the end, the special interest groups put enough pressure on lawmakers for them to decide that there isn’t enough support to move forward with the bill.

Draw your own conclusions.

Georgia is one of 3 states that don’t allow sales of beer & wine on premise on Sunday.

Link —> Athens Banner Herald
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5 thoughts on “Georgia Sunday Sales Dead

  1. Who are these special interest groups and what argument can they have when all polls of GA citizens point to full support of Sunday sales?

  2. so tired of these freaking bible humpers killing these bills… Who says christians cant drink beer or alcohol? nobody. Who says they DONT drink? nobody.

    Separation between church and state

  3. It’s not just the Jesus-folk. Liquor store lobby didn’t want it either because it’s 52 more days of wages to pay.

    • i can understand and actually respect that. But that is the great thing about this country.. if you (i dont mean you personally) dont agree with sunday sales at your liquor / beer store.. stay closed. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is your business and you get to pick the rules and hours that you will run your business by.

      It is up to that store to do as they please but to not allow it by law is just insane… It is just incredible to me that we still have to suffer with such outrageous laws 🙁

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