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Olde Hickory Shows Imperial Dominance

Olde Hickory Brewing Imperial Dominance

Olde Hickory Imperial Dominance unites bourbon and cherries.  While Saison Independence snubs the  “bourbon barrel” establishment”, Imperial Dominance celebrates it. Dominance is part of an emerging series by the North Carolina brewery — A Tale of  Two Barrels.

An Imperial Stout- bold, dark, powerful. Adorned with rich flavors from the bourbon barrel and seductive cherries, the imposing Imperial Dominance believes its position in the heirarchy to be unassailable. But there are rumors of another barrel. Is a revolution on the horizon?

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ CherriesBarrel Aged)

Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

10% ABV 

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A Tale Of Two Barrels: Olde Hickory Saison Revolution

Olde Hickory Saison Revolution

Introducing Olde Hickory Saison Revolution. This saison snubs it’s nose at the “bourbon barrel” establishment” giving rise to a new world. Apple brandy barrel aging. (Which, by the way makes damn good beer.) Saison Rev is part of an emerging series by the North Carolina brewery – A Tale of  Two Barrels.

A humble, earthy Saison fights for recognition in a world of imperials. Eschewing the bourbon barrel establishment, Saison Revolution  reaches toward a new future through aging in local apple brandy barrels with ardent cherries. Is it the time for the rise of a new class of barrels? 

Style: Saison (w/ Cherries, Barrel Aged. Apple Brandy)
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

8.5% ABV